Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Rafting, No Poutine, No Strippers

I was watching Sights & Sounds at the Reverb last night and was pretty distracted thinking about my friend Paul's bachelor party in Montreal mid July. His wedding is the first week of August in Ottawa. I can't go to the bachelor party. It just doesn't make sense on so many levels. I can't afford it being the main one. I talked to Mike W on the phone and he understood. He's flying to Montreal and then he's coming to Toronto. Hopefully we can go to the wedding together cause it would be fun and we could save on travel(I get a ViaRail discount).

it's nice to bring myself back down to earth and not think beyond what is possible (till Burning Man).

I see all these dudes at the gym with cartoonishly large arms, I think they must be on the juice. I'm not down with that, I want to look natural.

I went to get beers with Cayen in preperation for Canada Day. I saw some stupid idiots cross Queen St. right in front of an ambulance causing it to slow down. Stupid Trendy Tards. Cayen went to pick up Blue Jays tickets for tomorrows game.

I met up with Mom and my brother Paul for dinner and beers. Paul is going to come out to the game with us tomorrow.

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