Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Claude Hooper Bukowski

I booked my flight to the UK for my sister Chloe's wedding. I booked through A Canadian Affair. I normally fly Air Canada but it was way more expensive. I will be flying on Air Transat, it was 200$ cheaper booking on A Canadian Affair than the Air Transat website. My direct/return flight to Manchester, taxes in, was 818$.

I get in on June 21st, a Thursday. Pear Jam will be playing, I've never seen them play but I did see them in person at the Tiff11 screening of their eponymous Cameron Crowe directed doc. It would be cool to go with Marc and Chloe and Wayne if they are interested.

I was very apprehensive about making the booking because without a job I can't really afford the trip, but I can't miss my sisters wedding and the aeroplan points on my credit card will bring me one step closer to another trip to Japan (which I also can't yet afford).