Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Full of Smokers

I like Hell's Kitchen, it's my favorite of the action-kitchen genre. I have been watching for a few years, but I'm really not impressed with the amount of smoking in the new season 6. So far, every episode (1-4) of the 9pm(Tuesday) Fox network reality program has featured it's contestants smoking cigarettes at some point in the show. No wonder these guys can't cook, they can't taste the food because of their ashtray mouths. It's pretty disgusting on a food related show.

These screencaps are all from separate shots of Hell's Kitchen cooks smoking in the first four episodes:

It seems like a lot of smoking to have on tv. I wonder if chef Gordon Ramsay cares about the health of his chefs at all?

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  1. Rachel8/10/2009

    I really enjoy that show as well. My guess is that they include a ton of smoking footage because it makes the situation appear to be more stressful for the contestants. It is nasty.

  2. I hadn't really noticed but yeah that's an obscene amount of smoking!