Friday, May 16, 2014

Authentic Chicago Airport Deep Dish Pizza

Airport Pizza O'hare

I had a 55 minute stop-over at Chicago's O'hare before my connection to Seattle. I hoped it was enough time to grab an authentic Chicago Deep Dish Airport Pizza! I have had Deep Dish before in San Francisco and Seattle, both excellent, but I can't find anywhere in Toronto that makes it the Chicago Way. I found Reggios easily enough in the K terminal food court. The woman working the counter was pleasant. The pie was ready to go and still hot in the box as I reached my seat on the plane. I'm sure some passengers were eyeballing me, jealous of my 8 am Deep Dish Pizza Breakfast. I wish I had a coke to wash it down, it was greasy cheesy delicious. The crust was buttery and thin. I so enjoyed this food. I will go back to Chicago someday and eat Deep Dish every day.