Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jorrell Simpson-Rowe Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder

Jorrell Simpson-Rowe, Coward, Prison Bitch

I was working at Sam The Record Man on Boxing Day when this asshole and a bunch of his pussy friends murdered an innocent girl caught in a retarded shootout. I can still remember the bullets ringing out. They killed that girl. I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison, and he will, apparently having been sentenced as a adult.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kosmo's Bad Trip

Kosmo opened my door Jurassic Park styles came in and licked me awake. He had chewed up my rolling papers again.

Kosmo and I watched Snatched, in which a bunch of criminals look for a huge diamond and a dog swallows it.

I went over to Matt and Kubi's place while San took Linsey out for dinner. When I got back Mike was heading to the airport to pick up Vanessa so I went with him.

I got back to the house and Kosmo didn't show up to greet me.

This morning I woke up and San was still here, Kosmo had gotten sick the night before and they had brought him to the animal hospital. San found a bag Kosmo had been chewing on, but it was pretty empty to begin with, we were surprised it had messed him up so much. Then we found the chewed up piece of plastic container that yesterday contained a dice sized chunk of hash. Kosmo had eaten the hash just like the dog ate the diamond in Snatch. It was not a good time for Kosmo, he went on an involuntary intergalactic voyage. He was wobbling and swaying and just not having a good time. Most people would think it was funny but it really wasn't. Weed does not effect dogs the same as humans, and the dose he took! We spent the day coddling him and by dinner time he was fine again.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yog's Trademark

Facebook makes me laugh like crazy sometimes. My good friend Jagger has enjoyed this beverage as long as I have known him. When cleaning up after a crazy night of Bowlaroos, the empty Beatrice Chocolate Milk carton meant Jagz had been by (Although I do believe he has a preference for Farquhars).

Monday, April 20, 2009

This is Four Twenty

4:20 Origins:Weed Wolverine

It's April 20th, the Stoner New Year. I hung out with Kosmo and watched last night's episode of the Simpsons and rolled up some doobies for the day. San came home from work early and Matt swung by with Kubi to take us to Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. Traffic was a bitch and for some reason Matt thought he would find parking close to the park. Haight Ashbury was packed full of stoners and not being the punctual type many were looking for parking as the magic hour aproached. We found a spot in the nick of time and blazed a cannon as soon as we got out of the sweltering sardine tin.

On the hill we found tons of like minded stoners of all walks of life, old and young(I think your toddler is getting a proximity buzz). We found a spot in the shade(the sun tries to burn me). It was great to be at this historic counter culture spot on this occasion, with such good friends. We blazed a few more joints and walked around, checking out a drum circle jam session for a bit.

The heat started to get us and we retreated to more shade. We finally got too thirsty and had to leave the park all together in search of beverages.

We walked back to the car stopping at a gas station for some gatorade.

Turns out San left his phone at the gas station so we (San and I) went back after grabbing Burger Joint, and waiting for traffic to die down. San has a two seater convertible and its a sweet ride through San Francisco on a warm night with the top down.

It was a memorable 4/20, and I'm glad I had some "good buds" and great friends to celebrate with.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Scotch Stained Sweedish Furniture

Woke up early with a cough. It seems to get worse at night. The simple answer would be to stop smoking weed but it doesn't help. I'm allergic to Kosmo and the cats(Kosmo not so much after a bath, his not mine). I took a claritin and later under San's recommendation had a scotch. Linsey went downstairs to get us all coffee. We all hung out and had a nice cup of coffee before Linsey headed off to work.

San and I attempted to beat a particularly difficult motorcycle chase on GTA4, to no avail.

More productive was the assemblage of an Ikea futon, that's right, I'm off the sofa and sleeping with class tonight, and maybe Kosmo too, he sneaks between sleeping with San and Linsey to sleeping with me. I love this dog.

I went to a Deep End party with Matt and Ray. The Deep End is one of the coolest camps at Burning Man and always has tons of good beats and smoking hot babes. At one point I counted seven blondes posing for a picture nearby, I felt like The Count form Sesame Street, "Seven Blondes AH HA HA! I was pretty drunk and Matt took us to a much bigger party at a club (with a 30$ cover, thanks Matt!) It was a bumping party, and we grooved to the music. Lot's of ladies around us dancing til thier boyfriends showed up. We left the club and went back to Matt's I passed out on the sofa.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Nightman Cometh

Once the codes get put in Grand Theft Auto 4 stops being about the missions and advancing in the game and becomes a chaotic murder cluster fuck with helicopters and bazookas. San watches me play and passes out from jet lag about the time Linsey gets home. Her and I have a glass of spanish red wine and some cheese pizza and talk.

I went over to Matt & Kubi's. Watched some It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Great show. We did some Volcano bag while Matt tried to finish or get an extension on his taxes. It was the last day to file taxes here in the States. I helped Kubi a little with some botany, planting a little baby, she's gonna grow big and strong and make Daddy real proud one day.

I went back home to San's place, let Kosmo out for a wiz. He came and slept at the end of the sofa for a bit. So cute. Except when he starts licking himself in super slobber mode, cause it sounds like somone is getting a blow job at your feet.

We can't get away with playing video games all day today, so we got some chores to attend to.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

aged 18 years

Glad to have San back. Kosmo was so excited. San brought a tasty 18 year old Scotch whiskey and we had a glass and checked out photos and listened to tales of Europe. It sounds like he and Linsey had a great time on their honeymoon.

I went over to Matt & Kubi's and watched NOTORIOUS, the Biggie Smalls movie. So bad, and a totally irredeemable character. I had a burrito from Taqueria Cancun. I'm actually starting to get my fill of them, I've had many burritos on this trip. I had a brownie for dessert, booya.

I slept on Matt's sofa and awoke to the bells of St. Kubi's alarm clock. I was early enough for Sweet Chinito's breakfast croissant, picked one up for San as well and went home.

San is pretty jet lagged. He's been watching me play GTA4 most of the day.

I'm starting to miss my home, I want to blaze with Ian and see Paul. I really want to rock the gym hard when I get back, from day one.

I want to talk to Deidra.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Only one Peach with a hole in the middle

San called last night from the Barcelona airport. Checking to see what I wanted from Duty-Free (my friends know I'm crazy about Duty-Free). I just told him to get me something we can drink together.

They get home tonight, so I'm cleaning up my two week mess. Taking out the recycling and washing the stink off of Kosmo.

I sent Paul money to buy me a ticket for Peaches in Toronto May 20th. Deidra gave me a heads up about the show via txt(and on my blog, thanks). We both love Peaches and have a very personal connection to her music. Peaches has a new record out on May 5th called I feel Cream.

The month is half over and I'm almost done with my dogie responsibility. I can't wait till San gets back and we can have some fun. I'm starting to miss Toronto and my friends and family a bit.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama! Obama!

Saturday night was crazy times. Mike and I went to a Party for one of his co-workers. We didn't know anyone except Tim and Nan so we talked to them all night. After the party I walked back home with Mike, and dropped a pill on the way.

When I got to the Great Star Theatre, there was no one outside, but a door popped open and I found Bill as soon as I walked into the main area. Towards the back of the theatre at the visuals booth I found Jas and Ray. Matt showed up and we went up to the balcony to do a J. The visuals from up in the balcony looked stellar, with panoramic images blasting across the entire area of the theatre and the laser beaming back at us, cutting across the sky. I was rolling pretty good by then, it was really clean. We finished smoking the joint and, boom! Party is over, the cops shut it down, probably on account of it being totally unlicensed.

Matt packed up his gear, Bill drove me to a gas station for a beverage and some gummie bears. The doors were all locked, you had to tell the attendant what you wanted and he would go get it, then you had to pay through a drop box. A line had formed at the window and a group of guys were cutting in line to get "swishers"(looked like Sunny D to me). The lady behind me was getting pissed cause every guy that was cutting would allow the next guy to cut in line as well. She started asking them nicely to respect the line and they started calling her a "white bitch" and shouting "Obama! Obama!" as if a black president means they can act like assholes. I just avoided the whole situation, on account I was fully rolling.

We found another party, but by the time Matt showed up the party was a bust. Some lady was yeling about the noise and said she had called the cops, so we took off. Called it a night.

Sunday I woke up late, I got a call from my mom, I called Deidra to wish her a Happy Easter but didnt get her, so I just left a message. Then went over to Matt's place. We made "special" brownies, I went back home to take Kosmo for a walk, he sniffed some dog crotch. I went back to Matt's, Kubi was back from Vegas, they had some Easter food(Ham, potatoes, stuffing). Of course I had some brownies for dessert. Good brownies.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cough Couch Ack!

I was congested from allergies and took an expectorant, and all it did was keep me up coughing all last night. Brutal. Ended up watching the end of Jurassic Park and then passed out watching The Doors. I also had a terrible dream about Deidra. So not the most restful night.

I went to Home Depot with Matt and Bill. I ran off to Target to make a special purchase. Prince has a new 3 disc CD and it is exclusive to Target, or you pay 77$ to join the Prince fan club. Matt does not support paying for music and defiantly not Prince music, so I got some flack when I met back up with the guys. The Prince cd was 11 bucks and I picked up the new Neil Young as well. It took forever at Home Depot and most of it was a crazy waste of time.

Tonight Matt is doing visuals at a rave. Should be a lot of fun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Retro Doob

Mike was still up, smoked a J and talked. Like we did back in the day. Good times, and that is why I'm here.

Careful, I've got a beverage here, man!

I have been playing GTA 4 on Ps3, my friend Jagger was right, it is a crazy game, the city is so huge. I played today after Kosmo and I did our walk. I drank some beers and smoked a J. My driving did not improve.

I went over to Matt's place hit the bong, coughed up a lung, allergies. And I still don't stop smoking pot. We went over to Bill's new place for dinner. His new Roommate was at Burning Man with us, he is cool as hell. Of course it would not be a trip to Bill's without some serious bar tending. We had drinks, and a delicious salmon.

I just wrote about wanting to go see The Big Lebowski later this month, and we ended up watching it at Bill's place tonight. I hope this doesen't fuck up my chances of seeing it again on the big screen. Matt will probably not want to go now that he has just seen it again. I don't care, I have seen it hundreds of times and hope to see it hundreds more. What a great fucking movie, man.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Electronic Funds Transfer DEPOSIT GD CX S1 CANADA

I have all the more reason to bitch about people not leaving comments on my blog, Quicktax left me a comment. The future is now! Corporations troll the interweb looking for dissatisfied customers and totaly redeem themselves with well crafted replies. It works too. I will probably give them another chance next year because they have a trusted name, not like some of the shifty free online tax sites, I can just see all my personal info going into some dudes basement.

I just checked, I got my refund! It only took 10 days, Revenue Canada rules!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

San Francisco, Somebody gonna get pregnant!

I was checking out Pollstar, the concert industry website, probably the best place for concert touring information. I wanted to get Flight of the Concords tickets a few months ago, but used restraint having purchased Pumpkins, Trailer Park Boys and 2 Kevin Smith Q&A tickets over 6 months without a job to pay for them. I'm glad I didn't buy those tickets cause the show is next week and I would have miss it since I'm here in San Francisco till the end of the month.

So anyways I found a listing on Pollstar for Tracy Morgan at Cobbs Comedy Club here in the City in a couple of weeks! Matt just got the tickets and we are tottally going! I love Tracy Morgan, his Brian Fellows charecter on SNL, Pumpkin Escobar in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and his carecture Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. Dee and I would watch 30 Rock and have to rewind his parts over and over because it was so damn funny. He will be starring in Kevin Smith's next movie; A Coupe of Dicks alongside Bruce Willis.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Clean Dog

Kosmo and I made another pilgrimage to Sweet Chinito this afternoon, I got a ham and swiss with bacon. I'm probably going to be a fat dude once I get back to Canada. We walked back up Valencia and once again Kosmo was the center of attention.

The sandwich was tasty as fucking hell.

When we got back tried to give Kosmo a bath, but when I ran the water he wimpered like a bitch. So we went outside and I used the hose on him. That worked really well and now he's no longer a stinky dog.

I went to Matt and Kubi's place, hit the bong and then we went downstairs to the BBQ restauraunt. It was Kubi's birthday, really good times. We set up for Burning Bam in this space, and now it's a tasty BBQ restauraunt. It was truly instrumental in our Burn Set up, we built the Vibrating Stripper Pole in here! Good food and the waitress was cool, the guys are there all the time and have tried almost everything on the menu (except the Steak, which they do not have).

All evidence leads me to believe Kosmo ate my pack of Smoking Masters rolling papers. Bad dog.

Kosmo laid on my lap while we watched some TV.

Encore, Sandra Bullock!

Even more Sandra Bullock when I turned on the TV last night. Miss Congeniality, which I have always referred to as Miss Con-genital Warts.

Monday, April 06, 2009

"Christ, c'est Sandra Bullock!"-Dapila

Woke up early, I guess I took too long rolling a joint and watching CNN's economic apocalypse coverage cause I was not early enough to get an egg ham and cheese croissant at Sweet Chinitos.. Damn it, Chinitos has CNN on all the time. Me and Kosmo walked down Mission to get my breakfast. I can't belive how much attention he grabs while we walk down the street, someone asked me, "how much does a dog like that cost?". Good question but I do not know. When we got to Sweet Chinitos I had to settle on a Turkey Bacon and Provalone on Dutch Crunch Bread with Avacados, since they were out of croissants. Kosmo was a total gentleman while we waited for my sandwich. This was my first time at Chinitos since October, I can't believe it took me a week to go and get a hold of my favourite sandwich in the world. I was rusty in my ordering and forgot that "with everything" includes jalapinos. Even those spicy bastards couldn't ruin the sandwich. Kosmo and I walked back up Valencia.

I'm watching the Stalone/Snipes classic Demolition Man. Snadra Bullock is fucking terrible. I'm so glad she's not in a lot of movies anymore. My Dad has a funny story about her buying some art from Dapila, always makes me laugh when I see her.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm a Lebowski, Your a Lebowski

I checked out some San Francisco Rep cinemas, The Big Lebowski is playing later this month. Right around 4/20 oddly enough. I'm totally going. I don't know if any of my friends here will want to go. Mike says he "doesn't get it", and I don't think San likes it either. Matt said he was down, so we have wheels to drive us to the In n Out. Then maybe we do a j and drink some White Russians. The only thing missing would be bowling, but I'm not down with 10 pin anyway.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dog Walk, Dog Puke.

I figured out how to use Kosmo's harness and the walks go fine now. We went out this morning and Kosmo was Mr. Popular on Valencia. Ladies and Gay dudes love him. He made a turd so big it would make Waych proud. kos is really well behaved.

When we got home I gave him a treat so I could get his collar off. I then noticed he had some weird looking shit hanging from his mouth,(he usually has some drool, which is normal, but this was yellowish). I followed the nasty drool to a pile of puke. A some in his bed and a pile on the carpet. I cleaned the mess and spent the rest of the day holding a shaky Kosmo. He was shaking the same way I do when I'm sick as fuck. After a few hours he was fine. I cleande up his bed and the rug. Poor puppy. I haven't let him out of my sight an I'm sure he is now ok. I'm just worried that San might stress about it on his honeymoon, Kosmo is fine.

Mike came home from Hawaii with V. We had some Hein-dogs and blazed a J.

Looking forward to breakfast in the morning.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Me and Kosmo!

San and Linsey left for their honeymoon in Europe early this morning.
I couldn't really fall back asleep after they left.

I spent the morning eating pop tarts and Doritos and watching TV, hanging out with Kosmo. He and I are total buddies now.

It's going to be pretty boring around here with everybody gone. I can't wait for Mike to get back this week end.

I took the ads off my blog. They were gross.