Wednesday, April 08, 2009

San Francisco, Somebody gonna get pregnant!

I was checking out Pollstar, the concert industry website, probably the best place for concert touring information. I wanted to get Flight of the Concords tickets a few months ago, but used restraint having purchased Pumpkins, Trailer Park Boys and 2 Kevin Smith Q&A tickets over 6 months without a job to pay for them. I'm glad I didn't buy those tickets cause the show is next week and I would have miss it since I'm here in San Francisco till the end of the month.

So anyways I found a listing on Pollstar for Tracy Morgan at Cobbs Comedy Club here in the City in a couple of weeks! Matt just got the tickets and we are tottally going! I love Tracy Morgan, his Brian Fellows charecter on SNL, Pumpkin Escobar in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and his carecture Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. Dee and I would watch 30 Rock and have to rewind his parts over and over because it was so damn funny. He will be starring in Kevin Smith's next movie; A Coupe of Dicks alongside Bruce Willis.

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  1. Tracy Morgan is truly funny. I have started watching 30 Rock on your recommendation and I am loving it!