Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ian came over for a single serving coke and to say goodbye. Off to La La Land, Hollywood, his trip here having nothing to do with the film festival ironically. It was so good to see my friend.

I want to send out some postcards to some special burner friends today. I'm slowly getting addresses day by day so I'm not overwhelmed.

I've got more volunteering to do tonight as a captain liaison. I also want to fit in a movie tonight if possible. I have a ticket for Peaches Does Herself. I'm a huge fan of Peaches, and I'm not sure what to expect from her film debut save for lots of trannies and strap-ons.

I'm really feeling awesome, but I'm worried that I won't sustain. The future is so bright, going to Timmins for my Peppere's 80th, my friends San & Linsey are going to have a little brother for A.J. soon, and next year is Japan 2: Sweetboobs Returns, on top of all that I'm going back to Black Rock City, of course.

Unless plans change, which they often do. Burning Man is a great tool to focus energy on important things. I'm thinking about it more and more, even as the euphoria from the Burn slips. We keep each other going, bouncing positive messages across the internet, but we are all still so far away. Shadyvil stretches all over the world.

My friend Sarah I. said something about my blog that I've been thinking about. That I might be holding back. I wonder about that.

I'm making some bacon (oh, Bacon!) for breakfast while listening to some Fat Man on Batman, Kevin Smith's bat-tastic podcast.
The new nintendo machine, called wiiU has a street date and price: $350 on November 18th. I'm gonna get me one of those.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not everyone is cresting on a mercury surfboard

Worked my last Captain shift for the festival. From now on I will be a Captain Liaison, going from venue to venue and bringing back details of Volunteer operations to the department. It's a sweet gig and you get to meet a lot of festival volunteers.

I got some sad news from an old friend about something. I can't write about it here cause it's none of my business, but i can tell you no one died, so it has to be that other thing that makes grown-ups sad.

I have been on cloud nine since the burn, with the film festival and Mikey visiting... It was a hard snap back to the reality that not everyone is rocking out like myself.

Mike and V's awesome Festival Tower condo

Went to see Mike and V while they are in town on vacation. They are renting an amazing condo in the Festival Tower. It's the craziest place to live durring the film festival. You can see all the red carpet arrivals down the street from the balcony. The view is amazing, and it's great to see my best friend since I was four years old reaping the rewards of his success.  
I woke up early this morning. My friend Ian is coming to town on business and we are supposed to be grabbing breakfast. He works in Hollywood for one of the modern masters of cinema. Sometimes it seems all my friends become successful and move to California.

Ian is a busy guy, and he's 2hrs late, breakfast is looking more like brunch.

I'm too late now to rush the Wachowski Siblings new movie Cloud Atlas. I was looking forward to that. I will try for a different P&i(Press and Industry) screening this afternoon. Press and Industry screenings can be attended by volunteers with a voucher on a rush basis.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Start Here.

How the hell am I supposed to describe my current state. Tired. thats one but it's much more than that. I left Burning Man a week ago and I'm still blinking, trying to decipher the reality from the electric parade. 


The most San Franciscan of concepts but its real. The party doesn't stop in your mind. It spins. Depending on the Burners experience in Black Rock City it can take some time to adjust to the reality. People are wearing clothes, and  normal ones at that. The drinks cost money. The food sometimes doesn't taste delicious. There is 500% less bacon in the default world compared to Burning Man.

When a bartender gives you a drink in the default world it is inappropriate to then hug that bartender.  

Getting back to the reality of things takes a bit.

I go to the Film Festival, it helps me decompress. I volunteer. It's something I'm good at. I manage other volunteers as a Volunteer Captain. I keep really busy and it's so fast paced my mind is always focused on the task at hand.

I met Tom Green. I'm a big fan of his movie Freddy Got Fingered. I told him about the celery generals incident*, he seemed intrigued and proud that people were suspended from school. Very cool.

I'm going in to "work" today and i can't wait. I'm going to try and pick up some movie tickets too. I have already seen a few and promise to post about them soon. My dad gave me shit for not blogging.

*more on that soon.