Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day at Sandy's

I'm moving. This is the last post I will write from this room that I have lived in for over 3 years now. I'm so sick of that bastard Happy Hardcore I can't wait to leave. He had a party on Tuesday night that went into the 3am zone. I wouldn't give a shit if I wasn't volunteering but I am. I can't deal with this shit anymore and now I don't have to. Matt is on his way over with a van and I'm getting some more helpers throughout the day. I cam't wait to be in my new place with my brother Paul.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Man in black for tiff

I'm going to my first shift as a volunteer for the Tiff Bell Lightbox. I will be working at the theatre end, but I'm not sure what my duties will be. I'm up to dress code, all in black, wearing my nice new clothes (Thanks Gmo). I'm very excited about the opportunities this position could bring if I work hard and get noticed. I sure will get noticed if I'm late, so I had better be leaving now.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kevin Smith's Red State Coming Soon

Kevin Smith's new movie Red State is out next year, premiering at his alma mater the Sundance Film Festival. It's his first attempt at horror, and I can't wait to see it. Kevin has been auctioning off the movie poster to the highest bidder (funds going to charity), which would get any blog or website many thousands of hits. This first winner was Giant Fire Breathing Robot, you can click here to see the first poster. Smitty is now accepting bids for the next poster, but since I can't afford it I thought I would just post these great videos I took of Kevin Smith. I really need a HD video recorder.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tron Legacy Toronto sneak-peek, TRONopoulos!

Torontonians following @Strombo on twitter were lucky enough to catch an advance look at this winters day-glo blockbuster Tron Legacy at the CN Tower.

This movie is excellent! It's been almost 30 years since Disney gave us the live-acation/CG hybrid Tron. Now the Mouse House brings us back into the gird in 3D! This time Flynn's son Sam must travel into the grid to find his long-lost father. Jeff Bridges is back as Kevin Flynn, and as his program alter ego CLU. CGI Botox makes Bridges look like his 80's self, mullet and all. It's very trippy to see them together. The older Flynn gives off a serious Lebowski vibe at times, and the crowd loved it. Daft Punk pumps some sick music on the soundtrack, and has a sweet cameo in the film. I really wish I could see 3D, but since I can't I have to rely on the oohs and ahhs of the audience, which were quite plentiful. I have the strongest feeling that the Production Designer goes to Burning Man. I really recommend you go see the new Tron when it comes out next week.

this time I'm right, Tron at CN Tower

All that running around and tweeting /blogging like a madman, I find myself in line at the CN Tower for strombo's super leet tron legacy screening. I was so wrong so much,maybe I should give it a rest but I wanted to update anyone who stumbled on this blog. The next post should be a tron legacy review.
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Tron Legacy to sneak at Tiff Bell Lightbox

So I was wrong. Tron Legacy will not be at the Scotiabank tonight. @catherinefaas tweeted I might try and look further south east. The Lightbox denied any knowledge of a screening, but anonymous commented that the Lightbox was the place. Roy Thompson Hall is full of old people so I know it's not there.

I'm at a Second Cup, heading back to the Lightbox to get some answers.

Tron-onto! Strombo promises sneak-peek at new Flynn

Twitter is a great way to find out about cool things going on in your neighborhood. I'm lucky that the King of Queen W., George Strombo lives in my neighborhood, and is also on my twitter. He's hipped me to a free screening of the new Tron movie. When he tweeted:
I did the math and figured it was at the Scotiabank Theatre mere blocks from the CBC. But upon arrival I was met by a clueless employee who assured me the movie doesn't open till next week. When I told her Strombo sent me she said maybe Strombo had lied.

I'm waiting in a Starbucks next to the Scotiabank Theatre, where I'm sure the event is going down. I'm just waiting for Strombo to tweet the word.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Adam "momo" Morello is alive and well (not dead I assure you)

Momo rocking
PaincoasterThe Stormalongs have announced that Adam Morello has decided not to continue as the bands rhythm guitarist. He is however still alive. The band's recent posts may have led fans to believe that Morello had joined the ethereal plane, posting a video called "A Tribute To Adam", and otherwise eulogizing their guitarist on facebook (Guys, Youtube, please! I can't embed facebook video).

Momo will be missed. His musical talent is matched only by his rugged good-looks. I have been fortunate enough to see my friends Colin, Matt, and Mo jam together in different incarnations for more than 10 years now. I consider myself lucky to have watched the captured lightning for so long.

The Stormalongs will continue as a three piece, but are actively searching for a guitarist to fill Momo's large shoes. This would be a perfect opportunity for ME to join the Stormalongs, but my inability to play guitar would prove rather embarrassing during the audition process.

Movember is over,

Thank you so much to all my Movember supporters. Your donations will help fight prostate cancer, and build a future where fingers are only put up asses for recreational purposes (sorry Dr. Procto). A special thanks to my friend Robot Head, who made the final donation that pushed me to the 100$ mark, the bar has been set for next year. I promised a John Waters looking Mo' if I could hit my mark, so...
It turns out John Waters uses a makeup pencil to draw his mustache on. I trimmed mine and then brought it down as close as I could. I think I did pretty good for a blind guy. I'm walking around in public with this thing for now, but I will shave it off later today and say goodbye to mustaches till next Movember.
It looks better with a smile