Thursday, October 24, 2013

Peaches spins Lee's Right Round

Peaches treats the Lee's Palace audience to some champagne
I have added another notch to my Peaches belt.

Last week my Google cellphone suggested that I might be interested in the fact that Peaches was playing at Lee's Palace. Some might say that it's creepy for my phone to know me so well, but I'm willing to have a robot scour my search queries and perhaps this very blog to learn about my love of Peaches and warn me of an upcoming show.

Peaches is the kinda that you wanna
What a show! I have seen her almost a dozen times and her performance has constantly evolved. In the beginning she sang to music played off her minidisc recorder. Now she is a full-fledged DJ and raps to her own tracks mixed in with other bumping filler. If she has a signature DJ move, it's adjusting knobs with her ass to the audience like this picture below.

It was a short set, but she hit most of her career points, the crowed responded the loudest to Kick-It (probably recognizing it from that Sumo Subaru commercial) For the encore Peaches climbed into a giant penis costume and proceeded to pull a white-semen scarf from the tip like a naughty magician.
Peaches in her Vest of Many Titties