Sunday, May 24, 2009

Terminator: Salvation

I went to see Terminator Salvation with Ian and HP at the AMC. It was pretty fun, although Ian and HP didn't like it so much. Having had a full weekend of movies Terminator was easily the most bang for your buck. It was better than T3, for sure.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peaches Rocks the Pheonix

I went to see Peaches, and she was fantastic! It was probably the best Peaches show I have seen since I first fell in love with her at the El Mocombo. I only wish I had been a bit closer, but it would have been so hot n' sweaty maybe I'm better off.

I went with Deidra, and it was a lot of fun. We had some Steamwhistles. I haven't seen her or really talked to her in a while, so it was good to catch up. I miss her so much, but, like she said, its totally different now.


I'm going to see Peaches with Deidra.
I'm nervous cause I haven't seen her in forever.

We haven't been to a show together since Ben Folds, aghh.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hit a Homer! You're a Bum!

My good friend/brother Cayen came to town this weekend so we did some hanging out. He is going on tour with a band as thier road manager. I saw my first game of the season on Sunday. The Blue Jays beat the Chicago White Sox 8-2. It was a great game, we had some beers and called players "bums" from the 500 level. After the game we had a tasty BBQ at Shawnas(Cayens Cousin). Cayen lives in Timmins and the Cinema 6 sucks so bad, I had to take him to AMC (he was excited to see Star Trek, and I didn't mind seeing it a third time). Seeing Star Trek 3 times puts me in a class of geek in which I do not belong.

Seeing Cayen was great. We were such good friends in High School and years later a lot has changed but we are still best buds. I'm looking forward to seeing him again when Sights and Sounds roll through Toronto next month.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bad blogger, do better

I've been a pretty shitty blogger lately. But I have been going to the gym and eating healthy. Yesterday I met up with Mom and Paul, we had some good shwarma and had some laughs. I've been listening to lots of Howard Stern. Dude fucking rocks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cut Like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Ian and I took a late night post-Pilgrim drive. We talked about fitness, he said if I wanted to get cut like Brad Pitt in Fight Club i just need to eliminate sugar.

I found a website that talked about his fitness regimen for Fight Club, and now I'm thinking maybe not since he only has 5%-6% body fat. That is not healthy. I'm thinking Brad Pitt in Snatch is probably better, when he played the Pikey, he was at 8% body fat.

Eat a ton of protein and workout all the time, that is the plan.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Late Show

Paul called me last night, it was about 9. I told him if he got to my place quick we could go see a movie. He came over quick, we rolled up and burned one, then went to the Scotiabank Theatre. We saw Observe and Report. It was really funny, and dark. I love Seth Rogen. I missed this movie when it came out last month (no one in San Francisco wanted to go to the movies with me).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Someone has to pay for all this Pyro.

Yesterday I sent off my Low-Income Ticket application for Burning Man. Tickets for Burning Man range from 210$ to 300$, depending on which tier you buy. It was a hassle to get together cause my printer isn't hooked up so I had to go to the library. Then i got fucked around at the Post Office because the Bank had some daily limit on my ATM card. Fixed it all up and sent off the app. I hope they still have the discount tickets left and that they deem me worthy. It is very expensive to get to San Francisco(our Burn's base of operations), so I really need this cheap ticket.

I'm anticipating the FedEx guy to ring my bell in a few weeks and then I will freak out!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Snow in Toronto & Bassquarter Kills, and again.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is shooting in the Bloor/Bathurst area(Sonic Boom, Pizza Pizza). Just when you think winter is over you walk onto a movie set.

A few days ago I caught Bassquarter the Cat looking mischievous. I thought she had cornered a mouse, and I moved some stuff so she could get to it. Turns out it was a rat!

Then when I left the house again today same situation, i moved the mop for kitty and she pounced on another rat! I barely had time to get my camera out.

Here are some non rat related videos

This is a great song

Mmm...Happiness Pie

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To the lady who birthed me, and got me through Cancer and poverty(maybe not so much the poverty),

To the lady who stayed strong and suffered so much for us, her children,

And especially:

To the only person who consistently reads this blog and leaves comments.

Mom, I love you so much, Thank you for everything, Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Star Trek

Ian picked me up and we went to get MoMo. Then we picked up HP and headed to Mississauga to see Star Trek on Imax. For some reason AMC has been getting all the new releases, first Wolverine and now Star Trek. Ian wanted to go see it on Imax so we had to go all the way out to the Colesium at Square One.

The movie was great. All your favourite charecters reintroduced for an action space adventure that beats all the Next Generation movies hands down. JJ Abrahms is a flashy dude. So many flares on the screen at some points, and some crazy cuts and camera moves. It was easy to understand and never boring, which cant be said for all Star Trek movies.

Make sure you watch this Onion News story.

Blanche, The hot one.

Ripped from the pages of Facebook

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Peaches - I Feel Cream

The new Peaches record I Feel Cream came out Tuesday. I bought the Itunes bonus track version(2 extra tracks and 6 bucks cheaper). I don't mind saving the 6$ and I hate for my money to go to HMV.

Peaches is from Toronto but based in Berlin, her sound is called electroclash(electronic/rock/rap/punk). If you have not heard of her before, check out Peaches Myspace.

This is peaches fourth record, and she gets back to her electro roots(her last record was way more rock). This is the most professional sounding Peaches has ever been, and the least filthy. Peaches can get quite vulgar, but she seems to have moved past dirty song titles(or ran out of them). Talk To Me is a good track, Billionaire is more hip hop, and the title track I Feel Cream blew my mind. I Feel Cream is probably the most accessible track she has ever made, it's a bumping club track that only becomes apparent as a Peaches song when she starts to rap. I love Peaches and I'm really happy with this record. I can't wait to see her live again in a week and a half with Deidra.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gurgle Gurgle

This is Tracy Morgan at Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco. It's not the same show I saw, but he does some of the same material, hilarious!


I never ask Happy Hardcore to turn his music off, just down. But he always gives me attitude like I'm trying to tell him how to live his life. YOU LIVE WITH OTHER PEOPLE ASSHOLE, SHOW A LITTLE RESPECT. All I want is to be able to watch TV at a reasonable volume in my own room, why should I be forced to hear his musical vomit?

At least when I asked him he agreed to turn it down, and did. I don't think I'm being unreasonable.

I'm going to move out of here for sure, but in the meantime I will try and spend as much time out of the house as possible.

I went to the gym today for the first time since I got back. It's been a month and it's pretty obvious.

In San Francisco Matt said something about people with fit bodies (muscular and trim) actually having a better time at Burning Man. I was pretty shocked, cause I had had a great time last year. I wondered could I have a better time if I was fit and muscular? "Yes.", says Matt. I think he might be equating having a good time with getting laid.

So I want to see what the big deal is and get in shape. I still don't think it makes me one of "the beautiful people", I don't see myself getting laid any more than zero.

"Ewwww Sandy Vagina."-Scott

Monday, May 04, 2009

Mobile City

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and the Silver Snail went all out.
From Drop Box

Paul and I went to Mom's place for steak and potatoes, but did not stay the night(he had to work and I have been away from home for too long). Mom was looking better and hopefully she will be able to stay well enough to go back to work at the end of the month.
From Drop Box

I went to Kensington Market today to finally get some food. I must have really learned my food groups as a kid, cause I covered em all: Meat, Cheese, Bread and Fruits and Vegetables.

I updated my Twitter from Kensingon, I got my Android G1 working on Rogers thanks to a post on this blog

I am so blown away by this phone, it is so customizable, last night I downloaded a new clock widget which I can see much better.
From Drop Box

This is one of Toronto's new garbage cans. It doesn't have ad space which I think is cool, for a while they were going to go with a huge bilboard style recepticle that didn't hold much waste.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Saw Hugh Jackman get all Wolvie Berserk Style in X Men Origins: Wolverine last night with Ian. It was a rocking good time and marks the beginning of the blockbuster movie season. Ian And I will be seeing a lot of flicks over the next while, and Xmen Origins was a great way to get started. The story was well told, we finally get Wolverine backstory (told only in trippy flashbacks in the firs X-men movie). This movie also has Gambit, which was a major flaw of the other X-Men films. he was pretty cool. The action was cool and the effects were cool, until you get to the end.
Spoiler Alert!
If you know X-Men of course you know Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavire. And true to continutity he apears at the end of the movie to save the escaping mutant children Wolverine rescues. But for some reason, they use some kind of crazy CG face replacement to have him in the movie for 2 seconds. Ian and I couldn't even tell if it was new dialoge, or just split together from the previous 3 movies. I cant begin to explain laughable this effect was. Why couldnt Patrick Stewart show up for half a day of shooting for this movie. It's crazy bad. Go see this movie, enjoy it, then ask why the hell they tried to pull that shit on you at the end.

Star Trek comes out next week which should be interesting. Ian thinks JJ Abrahms is Jesus but I think we will see about that. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

We are here, We are high, get used to it!

This is Kosmo Playing with his rope, I'm missing him already.

I walked right through my Chucks in San Francisco, so it was high priority to get a new pair(I own 1 pair of boots, gym shoes and dress shoes, so I can't fall back on them). I checked Queen West, which I should have known would be a waste of time. I'm not going to pay 70$ for Converse when I can custom build my own pair from the website.

I met up with my brother Paul, we blazed and caught up for a short period. Then I went to MoMo's for some pizza and beer(I have been missing Steamwhistle in California). Thompson showed and we headed to the jam space. The Stormalongs are going to be playing the launch party for Jerry Levitan's book: I Met the Walrus; How One Day with John Lennon Changed My Life Forever. So the guys have been rehearsing thier Lennon covers, and they sounded great. This is new teritory for the Stormalongs the band does not normally cover other artists, but everyone loves the Beatles, so it's really exciting.

Stormalongs Trivia:
Q: Colin played his first Horseshoe show solo, debuting Stormalongs songs and playing a cover of which Paul McCartney sung Beatles track?

A:(I've just seen a face)

I went to the Global Marijuana March. I have been going for many years, but this was the first time I took part in the actual march. This happens in cities all over the world, but the bigest event is here in Toronto. Usually we sit around Queens Park just getting blazed, but I was alone this time, and hearing the pleas of Marc Emery to join the march, I decided to take part. It was way more fun than just staying in the Park. Thousands of people parading across Bloor Street to Yonge, getting high as hell. I had my Travel pipe and packed numerous bowls on the route. Squares stare at us from Holt Renfrew, not knowing what to think. I start a chant, "We're Here! We're High! Get Used to It!". The police line the parade route, but just to keep us stoners out of traffic.I let this kid use my lighter and ended up hanging out with him till 4:20. He was giving drirections to his friend on the phone "Follow the music, I'm by a tree, and a stage".High Times took a picture from the stage at 4:20, but I was off to the side. This is not fog but smoke over everyones heads.

It felt good to excercise my freedoms, smoking pot in public. I wish I could have found Marc Emery, but I have met him a few times and I'm sure I will see him again(As long as he is not extradited to the USA).

I took some video I will cut together and post here.

Friday, May 01, 2009

May Begins

I just avoided April, by spending the whole month in California, hanging out with my good friends, watching Kosmo (and falling in love with him too). I woke up this morning landing at Pearson YYZ, ready to start the month in my home sweet Toronto. Still logey, I took a nap. Now its time to put food in the fridge, gotta get a haircut, need a pair of Converse to walk around in. Also, I need to see a guy about a thing.

I'm excited and feel revitalized.