Sunday, May 03, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Saw Hugh Jackman get all Wolvie Berserk Style in X Men Origins: Wolverine last night with Ian. It was a rocking good time and marks the beginning of the blockbuster movie season. Ian And I will be seeing a lot of flicks over the next while, and Xmen Origins was a great way to get started. The story was well told, we finally get Wolverine backstory (told only in trippy flashbacks in the firs X-men movie). This movie also has Gambit, which was a major flaw of the other X-Men films. he was pretty cool. The action was cool and the effects were cool, until you get to the end.
Spoiler Alert!
If you know X-Men of course you know Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavire. And true to continutity he apears at the end of the movie to save the escaping mutant children Wolverine rescues. But for some reason, they use some kind of crazy CG face replacement to have him in the movie for 2 seconds. Ian and I couldn't even tell if it was new dialoge, or just split together from the previous 3 movies. I cant begin to explain laughable this effect was. Why couldnt Patrick Stewart show up for half a day of shooting for this movie. It's crazy bad. Go see this movie, enjoy it, then ask why the hell they tried to pull that shit on you at the end.

Star Trek comes out next week which should be interesting. Ian thinks JJ Abrahms is Jesus but I think we will see about that. Fingers crossed.

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