Saturday, May 02, 2009

We are here, We are high, get used to it!

This is Kosmo Playing with his rope, I'm missing him already.

I walked right through my Chucks in San Francisco, so it was high priority to get a new pair(I own 1 pair of boots, gym shoes and dress shoes, so I can't fall back on them). I checked Queen West, which I should have known would be a waste of time. I'm not going to pay 70$ for Converse when I can custom build my own pair from the website.

I met up with my brother Paul, we blazed and caught up for a short period. Then I went to MoMo's for some pizza and beer(I have been missing Steamwhistle in California). Thompson showed and we headed to the jam space. The Stormalongs are going to be playing the launch party for Jerry Levitan's book: I Met the Walrus; How One Day with John Lennon Changed My Life Forever. So the guys have been rehearsing thier Lennon covers, and they sounded great. This is new teritory for the Stormalongs the band does not normally cover other artists, but everyone loves the Beatles, so it's really exciting.

Stormalongs Trivia:
Q: Colin played his first Horseshoe show solo, debuting Stormalongs songs and playing a cover of which Paul McCartney sung Beatles track?

A:(I've just seen a face)

I went to the Global Marijuana March. I have been going for many years, but this was the first time I took part in the actual march. This happens in cities all over the world, but the bigest event is here in Toronto. Usually we sit around Queens Park just getting blazed, but I was alone this time, and hearing the pleas of Marc Emery to join the march, I decided to take part. It was way more fun than just staying in the Park. Thousands of people parading across Bloor Street to Yonge, getting high as hell. I had my Travel pipe and packed numerous bowls on the route. Squares stare at us from Holt Renfrew, not knowing what to think. I start a chant, "We're Here! We're High! Get Used to It!". The police line the parade route, but just to keep us stoners out of traffic.I let this kid use my lighter and ended up hanging out with him till 4:20. He was giving drirections to his friend on the phone "Follow the music, I'm by a tree, and a stage".High Times took a picture from the stage at 4:20, but I was off to the side. This is not fog but smoke over everyones heads.

It felt good to excercise my freedoms, smoking pot in public. I wish I could have found Marc Emery, but I have met him a few times and I'm sure I will see him again(As long as he is not extradited to the USA).

I took some video I will cut together and post here.

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