Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Unkablocking of Sunny J

I took my opportunity at the Underground Cinema's screening of Kevin Smith's Red State to beg the director for his forgiveness and to be unblocked from his twitter feed. As I posted, I was ka-blocked for being an asshole, and I deserved it, but to not be "in Kevin Smith's World" was a punishment that cut deep into my soul and was too much to endure.

Kevin recognized me from a previous encounter (but not this one) and was surprised he had blocked me.   He said all was forgiven and he walked out and gave me a hug. It was overwhelming. It's hard to describe.

I woke this morning to find myself still blocked, but Meggles233 came through and then I started to get a lot of "follows" all of a sudden.  

I am now unkablocked by the man himself.