Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Rafting, No Poutine, No Strippers

I was watching Sights & Sounds at the Reverb last night and was pretty distracted thinking about my friend Paul's bachelor party in Montreal mid July. His wedding is the first week of August in Ottawa. I can't go to the bachelor party. It just doesn't make sense on so many levels. I can't afford it being the main one. I talked to Mike W on the phone and he understood. He's flying to Montreal and then he's coming to Toronto. Hopefully we can go to the wedding together cause it would be fun and we could save on travel(I get a ViaRail discount).

it's nice to bring myself back down to earth and not think beyond what is possible (till Burning Man).

I see all these dudes at the gym with cartoonishly large arms, I think they must be on the juice. I'm not down with that, I want to look natural.

I went to get beers with Cayen in preperation for Canada Day. I saw some stupid idiots cross Queen St. right in front of an ambulance causing it to slow down. Stupid Trendy Tards. Cayen went to pick up Blue Jays tickets for tomorrows game.

I met up with Mom and my brother Paul for dinner and beers. Paul is going to come out to the game with us tomorrow.


I kept dreaming I was on a quest to collect pieces of a Karaoke song. Strange indeed.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Fit

I have a ton of Howard Stern shows downloaded, and now I have to put then in a bit more order in my iTunes.

I have been powering though bike rides at the gym listening to Stern. Even the classic episodes from years ago are still gold and laugh out loud funny.

I have been trying to do the Brad Pitt Diet thing under Ian's instruction. It's so tough cause I love candy and double cheeseburgers dressed like a mac. I have cheated a bit but I know I have reduced my fat and sugar intake. I am really seeing the results. I can feel the leftover fat breaking down on my abs. The muscle underneath now shows and I'm spending more time checking myself out in the mirror. I need to get someone at the gym to show me some of the machines I haven't learned yet.

I went to see Cayen and the band he is running with at the Reverb. Sights & Sounds were great, I'm glad I got to see them. Cayen hooked me up with a T-shirt and a CD.

Cayen wants to go see the Jays on Canada Day, I'm down unless I get some work as an extra on Scott Pilgrim.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream Cycle

I wake up quite often throughout the night. sometimes it's because some Jackass I live with makes a racket coming home at 5am, sometimes I wake because of the call of nature, but often I just find myself awake for no reason, alone in the dark, and I go back to sleep. My dreams seem to continue, often some type of quest, and I usually only remember the gist of it.

Last night I was in some type of Shania Twain Fan Club with a group of concert goers or bootleggers, whatever.

When I wake up and then go back to sleep its the same dream.

I wish I could remember more stuff about it but it wasn't very important.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Go back to Cincinnati you inbred piece of shit!"

I got a phone call from Scotiabank. Scotia bought a controlling interest in Cineplex Odeon-Galaxy-Famous Players-Monopoly Cinemas, and wants me to get a bank account with them in exchange for 4 free movies. I like going to the movies but I'm happy with my bank. Scene points can be exchanged for free movies and I rack them up quite quickly. Free movies don't impress me much, cause I go to one show and stay for two more if I want to anyways. I told the guy I didn't apreciate being soliceted, he assured me I wasn't being solicited. I just don't want to be ion the phone with you, jackass.

I went to the gym and on the way I got a text from Dee. I kinda hoped I would catch her at the gym but I was too late and didn't. I'm probably better off cause I have a hard time concentrating when I watch her work out.

I ran into Kensington to pick up a burrito and some bread(for tomorrows sandwich). Cayen and Shawna showed up just as I got back with a few Steams and some Luckys(of course). We rocked some outdoor bong hits before heading down to the SkyDome.

Cayen is a brother to me and absolutly loves the Blue Jays, it's always a riot to go to a game with him.

The Blue Jays got some Homers! They always do, and it's so fun to watch. They beat Cincinnati Reds 5-7. Ken Griffy Jr. didn't play at all, which we had been looking forward to.

I know the Jays are gonna go it all the way soon...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bassquarter is a Carnivore

I skipped the gym when Cayen texted me, he is back in town. On my way out the door Bassquarter, our house kitty was disposing of another murder victim by eating it right up.

It was good to see Cayen after his long trip across Canada with Sights & Sounds. We caught up over some beers (It was a hot one today). Shawna came home early and we went to Vallhalla for postcards and then to Kensington for BBQ fodder. We made plans to go see the Jays tomorrow.

Cayen works the BBQ

This is Shawna's dog Rambo, don't let his cuteness fool you, he is a rapist.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I saw it on t.v. so it's gotta be poo

I just saw this Depends Undergarments Ad on TV.


I'm a Man and I shit my pants.

I'm a woman and I shit my pants.


Just because we both shit out pants...

Doesn't mean we want to wear the same diaper.

Depends is now available for mens and womens shapes, cause you fit and shit different.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Year One/The Hangover

I went to Scotiabank Theatre, alone, again, and got a ticket for Year One. it was really funny, Directed by Harold Ramis, starring Micheal Cerra and Jack Black. I snuck into The Hangover afterward. It was packed. Much funnier that Year One.

I love going to the movies.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Auf Der Maur @ NFB and ELMocombo for NXNE

I went to NFB to see the short film component of Melissa Auf Der Maur's multimedia project. I met Andrew outside and we chatted about shows till Melissa showed up. Before Melissa's project we watched a Sigur Ros film called "With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly", which was really cool. Melissa's OOOM was excellent, it looked fucking sick, it really has to be enjoyed on a bigger screen with some sound. Afterward she stuck around to answer questions, she seemed bitter with her former label Capitol Records, and them not knowing what to do with her multimedia juggernaut.

Melissa rocked a packed house at the ElMo. I got up nice and close and rocked right the fuck out once again. My feet are in serious pain. Andrew recorded the show and gave me a copy of his boot of last years MADM show in Montreal.
I couldn't bare to stick around for unusually late last call, my feets be killing and I'm wrecked from walking around all day and last night's late-night phone catch up with D.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Melissa Auf Der Maur @ Yonge & Dundas Square Toronto

Melissa Auf Der Maur has been absent from the live scene since March at SXSW in Austin TX, it's fitting that her first show since then is at NXNE here in Toronto. A free show at Yonge & Dundas Square, excellent!

She played two new songs off the sometime to be released OutOfOurMinds along with some rockers from her debut self titled LP. I rocked out in my typical fashion, right up front. Melissa rocks my socks.

North by Northeast is a great time for music in the city of Toronto, Queen Street bars packed full of music fans drinking through extended hours(YEAH!). I haven't gotten a wristband since I worked at Sam's (we would get them free, and this year they run 50$). I picked up a one day wristband for tomorrow so I can catch Melissa's short film at NFB and her show at the ElMocombo. I haven't been to the Elmo since it reopened, years ago.

Melissa is so fucking sexy!

I took this video but the audio is pretty blown out in parts. Andrew was there and got the whole show so a good version does exist, its just not mine.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tripple Feature

If you don't have any friends who want to hang out with you, you can afford to spend the whole day at the movies (specialy when you only pay for the first movie).

The Taking of Pelham 123
I'm not much of a Denzel or Travolta fan, but they both delivered good performances. My problem with this film is John Tuturro (You don't fuck with the Jesus). Tutturo is a great actor, and I have loved him in many roles, but I cringe at his performance in Transformers, and he phones this one in with the same character(sans funny).

Land of the Lost
Will Farrel and Danny McBride are great together in HBO's Eastbound & Down, too bad that magic doesn't show up in this movie. I guess this movie is already certified turd, it's reminded me of Burning Man in some scenes (Out of Place objects and tripping in the Desert).

Imagine That
Eddie Murphy used to be somebody. He was funny, and he was in good movies, those days have gone the way of Pluto Nash.

Drag Me to Hell
Modern horror has one Master, thy name be Sam Raimi. This movie was sick and funny. If you love horror, you need to see this movie.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I miss Kosmo

I'm looking forward to going back to California, so I can see my buddy Kosmo again.

Pixel and Kosmo are pretty good buddies and here they take a nap together.
Kosmo doesn't understand why he can't come over to Mikes place (Hint:He leaves poops)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pikmin Wii Play Control

Nintendo released Pikmin about 8 years ago on GameCube. I remember watching Jamie play it back in the Augusta days. Now Nintendo has re-released Pikmin for Wii as part of the new Play Control series, in which they add Wii functionality to GC games at a lower price($29.99).

Pikmin was really fun but kind of short. I beat it in a few days. I'm really glad I picked it up cause I had always wanted to play it but was put off by the origional controls. I hope they put out more play control games, perhaps adding a level or upgrading graphics.

I am so close to Platnum status in Club Nintendo, which would net me a sweet exclusive special gift. I need 50 more points by the 30th of June. I thought Pikmin would have have a regestration nimber so I could get some points and was happy to find it did. Unfortunatly it only gives you the 10 points for doing the survey but does not give Club Nintendo Points for the game. I guess because it only costs 30$. I'm thinking of picking up Punch-Out!

No Mo Shoes

I went to hang out with Treya and Lula Pearl today. Baby Lu is getting so big, she is the sweetest!

We took the bus up Yonge St. to the Get Outside outlet store. I found a great looking pair of unique looking Converse, for 30$, I had to get them. I wont need any new shoes for a while, having bought 3 pairs of Cons in as many months.

We grabbed a slice of pizza on the walk back and stopped at the Masterminds toy store. We met up with Papa Andre and went back to thier appartment. Treya made the chilli, and it was excellent.

Treya is the coolest mom around and it's always good to see her.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Go Bayside Tigers Go!

Late Night wars are getting crazy. Conan is up against Letterman and Colbert is in Iraq, and Jimmy Fallon is in Conan's old spot.

I used to watch SBTB all the time. This is the coolest thing, to quote Jessie Spannow "I'm so excited I'm so excited, I'm so...scared".

I did the fit fix circuit at the gym today after yesterday's orientation. Feeling good, looking better.

I just saw a trailer for the new Sandra Bullock movie called The Proposal, in which she plays a Canadian buisness woman who must marry her assistant or face deportation. It's funny cause her assistant in the movie is played by Ryan Renolds(actual Canadian).

I went to FabricLand to get some ideas for Burning Man. I didn't pick anything up cause I need my Moms expert opinion. I will go back there with her this week. This looks cool though:I really like this the look of this old timey dude, I think it would be a good look on the Playa.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ba Ba Blogger

I loaded up some Howard Stern on the Shuffle and had a quick breakfast. I can't get enough Stern, it's so funny.

I had to be at GoodLife early for my Fix Fit Orientation session. A trainer goes through the machines and shows you the proper technique. I know how to use the old machines, but the newer machines at this gym are slightly different, so it was good to learn the proper form and how to adjust the machines. It went well, and I did some cardio after.

I went to Kensington to get some food. I made some spaghetti for dinner and it was good. Then Paul came over and we did a J.

I'm so tired, but I'm trying to stay up until the Colbert Report tonight, he is in Iraq. It's should be really funny.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Lew

Got my lazy ass to the gym after skipping 2 days. I ran for 30 minutes and then worked on the upper body, although I don't know how to use some of the machines, so I'm looking forward to my orientation session tomorrow morning.

I got back to my place loade a newer Howar Stern MP3 and smoked a bowl, then headed down to Union Station to catch the bus to Mom's house. It was my Uncle Lewis Birthday, so my mom threw him a party. The party went great, even if maybe Mom had one or four too many margaritas. She should probably not drink AT ALL on her medication, but I'm not a medical professional.

I'm going to go hang out with Mom this week and con her into sewing some Burning Man outfits for me.

Deidra is starting work at a new Staples location tomorrow, and I just know she is going to do awesome.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hey Mosier! How about you "Produce" another goal!

Kevin Smith's Puck U

Ian picked me up this morning and we hit the highway going west (Stopping at Hortons first of course). We were headed to Brantford Ontario, hometown of the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, for the Walter Gretzky Ball Hockey Tournament. We were there to see Kevin Smith & friends play some road hockey for a good charity.

My G1 came in handy, the Android helped us find the park (and the Beer Store in between games).

We missed the first game, but arrived just in time for the opening ceremony and the second game. It was kind of strange to watch all of these people from my favourite moviesw play hockey, the only time I've seen Mosier with a stick in his hand was in Clerks on the roof of the Quick Stop. Kevin was the goalie and did a good job keeping the net clean of puck. Mosier was on fire durring the third game, scorring 2 goals. The Ref would not call offside on pornstar Katie Morgan (for ethical reasons).

Kevin and his Producer Scott Mosier have been doing a podcast for almost 2 years now called Smodcast. I have been listening since day one and I got Ian hooked on our drive to Timmins. To end the day in Brantford, Kevin and Scott did a live Smodcast at the Sanderson Center in downtown Brantford.

The live Smodcast was great. If you have never heard Smodcast before, download a few episodes for free from the podcast section of Itunes. They mostly talked about the game and brought out player from the team(His friends and regular Smodcast mosier replacements Bryan Johnson and Malcom Ingram, his wife Jen, and Zack & Miri's Katie Morgan)

It was a great day with my good friend Ian, we visited 4 different Tim Hortons on the trip and had a lot of fun. The drive back wasn't bad at all. Kevin said it went so well he was looking forward to doing it again next year, well if he does you can count on me being there too!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Day of Rest

Yesterday I wrote about excuses not to go to the gym. Today I woke up with a great one. I guess I worked my legs harder than I thought yesterday, cause I woke up this morning with horribly sore legs. No gym today, I'm gonna use the rest of my THC body butter tonight to relieve the pain.

I got a save the date from Jagger and Ashlie. Last time he was here Jagger explained to me how save the date and invitations work like he was a Modern Bride subscriber. Getting married seems like an expensive venture.

I went to meet up with G-Mo at the Eaton Centre. We went to Yonge and Eglington, had some lunch and then went to see Up, the new Pixar movie. I usually go see Pixar movies on acid but since I was with my Grandma I went sober.

It was in 3d, but I can't see depth so it didn't do anything for me (other than having to wear the glasses so it wouldn't be blury).

What a great movie, I would like to see it again without the glasses. I had a real emotional conection to the story. Very touching.

I love my Grandma, it's so much fun hanging out with her.

I wanted to go see the Blue Jays Flashback Friday, but I don't want to go to a baseball game alone.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

"King Textiles up to 80% off fabrics"

I was looking really hard for an excuse to skip the gym today. I'm excited about the new location I found, but I was feeling lazy and almost gave in and just hit the bong.


Snap out of it.

I took out my Burning Man ticket and gave it a look. I don't want to slack off all summer and then go to the desert a flabby mess.

I got my shit together and went to the gym. Got through a 30 minute run(I usually give up after 20mins) then I worked on my legs.

I met up with Mom and Paul at the GO Terminal. Mom had a dentist appointment so we walked her there. She gets nervous at the dentist, but my dentist rocks ao everything was fine.

Mom got us a slice of pizza and we sat and ate and talked. Paul went back to the dentist to get his TOOF taken care of. I walked mom back to Union, making a quick stop at KING TEXTILES. Mom has some free time and is going to help me get ready for Burning Man by sewing some outfits together for me. I found some wicked silver material that is going to make a wicked pair of shorts. I have to go back and pick up a bunch of material, they have so much cool stuff. I have never been in before, but I have been throwing out their cards for years. They have a guy on Queen St. who hands out cards and alway repeats "King Textiles up to 80% off fabrics".

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

McCaul Goodlife smells like hot ass

I met up with Granny Mo for a light lunch and some talk. We made plans to go see UP! on Friday, and I'm looking forward to it.

Deidra was right! The Goodlife gym in Liberty Village is a million times better than the one at McCaul. I can't believe I have been going to such a shitty club but I guess it was all I knew. The McCaul gym is old, all the machines are way older, it's small, and it stinks like sweat due to shitty circulation, and worst of all it's full of Squash doochebags. Liberty Village GoodLife is brand new, all the machines are new, there is tons of space, it doesn't stink and no Squash courts!

I'm really pissed off MTV.com doesent allow its web content to be viewed in Canada. Kevin Smith did an interview and all I could see was this:Ian and I are going to Branford on Saturday to see Kevin Smith and the rest of the View Askew gang play street hockey in Branford. Then the first ever live Smodcast. According to Kev it may never be released online. I would hope it does cause it would make a great souvenir of the show.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jumpman Returns

I really want to get myself into shape for Black Rock City, and the "plan" is to eat healthy and go to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY (possible) till the Burn. So far so good. The Man burns in 95 days.

Today was Nintendo's press conference at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. They announced two new Mario games! New Super Mario Bros Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. New SMB Wii is a side scrolling multiplayer platformer. Galaxy 2 is the first sequel for the plumber since his NES days. The original Galaxy was an instant classic in my book and the addition of Yoshi is a perfect fit. I can't wait till Christmastime.

Deidra sent me a txt about the Goodlife gym in Liberty Village. She said it's really cool and modern, so I'm going to check it out tomorrow. I didn't txt her back at first, I have been trying to respect her wishes and leave her alone, even though I really miss her sometimes.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Ticket to Burn

I just caught the doorbell. For some reason I knew it was the Postman, hoping that maybe my Burning Man ticket has arrived. Indeed it has! I'm so excited! I can already taste the playa dust in my beer! The ticket looks so cool, its embossed and has holograms, and the legendary disclaimer on the back of the ticket that indemnifies Burning Man LLC in case of serious injury or death even if they are directly responsible.