Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pikmin Wii Play Control

Nintendo released Pikmin about 8 years ago on GameCube. I remember watching Jamie play it back in the Augusta days. Now Nintendo has re-released Pikmin for Wii as part of the new Play Control series, in which they add Wii functionality to GC games at a lower price($29.99).

Pikmin was really fun but kind of short. I beat it in a few days. I'm really glad I picked it up cause I had always wanted to play it but was put off by the origional controls. I hope they put out more play control games, perhaps adding a level or upgrading graphics.

I am so close to Platnum status in Club Nintendo, which would net me a sweet exclusive special gift. I need 50 more points by the 30th of June. I thought Pikmin would have have a regestration nimber so I could get some points and was happy to find it did. Unfortunatly it only gives you the 10 points for doing the survey but does not give Club Nintendo Points for the game. I guess because it only costs 30$. I'm thinking of picking up Punch-Out!

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