Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hey Mosier! How about you "Produce" another goal!

Kevin Smith's Puck U

Ian picked me up this morning and we hit the highway going west (Stopping at Hortons first of course). We were headed to Brantford Ontario, hometown of the Great One, Wayne Gretzky, for the Walter Gretzky Ball Hockey Tournament. We were there to see Kevin Smith & friends play some road hockey for a good charity.

My G1 came in handy, the Android helped us find the park (and the Beer Store in between games).

We missed the first game, but arrived just in time for the opening ceremony and the second game. It was kind of strange to watch all of these people from my favourite moviesw play hockey, the only time I've seen Mosier with a stick in his hand was in Clerks on the roof of the Quick Stop. Kevin was the goalie and did a good job keeping the net clean of puck. Mosier was on fire durring the third game, scorring 2 goals. The Ref would not call offside on pornstar Katie Morgan (for ethical reasons).

Kevin and his Producer Scott Mosier have been doing a podcast for almost 2 years now called Smodcast. I have been listening since day one and I got Ian hooked on our drive to Timmins. To end the day in Brantford, Kevin and Scott did a live Smodcast at the Sanderson Center in downtown Brantford.

The live Smodcast was great. If you have never heard Smodcast before, download a few episodes for free from the podcast section of Itunes. They mostly talked about the game and brought out player from the team(His friends and regular Smodcast mosier replacements Bryan Johnson and Malcom Ingram, his wife Jen, and Zack & Miri's Katie Morgan)

It was a great day with my good friend Ian, we visited 4 different Tim Hortons on the trip and had a lot of fun. The drive back wasn't bad at all. Kevin said it went so well he was looking forward to doing it again next year, well if he does you can count on me being there too!

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