Friday, June 05, 2009

Day of Rest

Yesterday I wrote about excuses not to go to the gym. Today I woke up with a great one. I guess I worked my legs harder than I thought yesterday, cause I woke up this morning with horribly sore legs. No gym today, I'm gonna use the rest of my THC body butter tonight to relieve the pain.

I got a save the date from Jagger and Ashlie. Last time he was here Jagger explained to me how save the date and invitations work like he was a Modern Bride subscriber. Getting married seems like an expensive venture.

I went to meet up with G-Mo at the Eaton Centre. We went to Yonge and Eglington, had some lunch and then went to see Up, the new Pixar movie. I usually go see Pixar movies on acid but since I was with my Grandma I went sober.

It was in 3d, but I can't see depth so it didn't do anything for me (other than having to wear the glasses so it wouldn't be blury).

What a great movie, I would like to see it again without the glasses. I had a real emotional conection to the story. Very touching.

I love my Grandma, it's so much fun hanging out with her.

I wanted to go see the Blue Jays Flashback Friday, but I don't want to go to a baseball game alone.

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  1. Hey - don't make fun of the save the dates! We're trying to make things easier for you! Jagger's being an excellent groom.