Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Go back to Cincinnati you inbred piece of shit!"

I got a phone call from Scotiabank. Scotia bought a controlling interest in Cineplex Odeon-Galaxy-Famous Players-Monopoly Cinemas, and wants me to get a bank account with them in exchange for 4 free movies. I like going to the movies but I'm happy with my bank. Scene points can be exchanged for free movies and I rack them up quite quickly. Free movies don't impress me much, cause I go to one show and stay for two more if I want to anyways. I told the guy I didn't apreciate being soliceted, he assured me I wasn't being solicited. I just don't want to be ion the phone with you, jackass.

I went to the gym and on the way I got a text from Dee. I kinda hoped I would catch her at the gym but I was too late and didn't. I'm probably better off cause I have a hard time concentrating when I watch her work out.

I ran into Kensington to pick up a burrito and some bread(for tomorrows sandwich). Cayen and Shawna showed up just as I got back with a few Steams and some Luckys(of course). We rocked some outdoor bong hits before heading down to the SkyDome.

Cayen is a brother to me and absolutly loves the Blue Jays, it's always a riot to go to a game with him.

The Blue Jays got some Homers! They always do, and it's so fun to watch. They beat Cincinnati Reds 5-7. Ken Griffy Jr. didn't play at all, which we had been looking forward to.

I know the Jays are gonna go it all the way soon...

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