Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank You RoboHead, For my sweet new Android G1

Matt gave me a Android G1, a Google phone! I have wanted one forever, and everyone at Google got one for Christmas, so Matt gave me his extra one. Last year, everyone in my gang was beta testing a unit so I got an itch for one watching them play around with em nonstop. Now I see what all the fuss is about.

It is super cool, I already fell asleep using it last night, just like a kid at Christmas.

I have been downloading some sweet apps for it. Shazam is wicked. The barcode scanner is the coolest. I will have to get a data plan when I get back to Canada (Fuck you and your rotting corpse, Ted Rogers). I can't wait to use it as my everyday phone.

my blog is a whore

San went to work to tie up loose ends. I stayed here and kept the home fires burning (heh heh). I figured I should try and make a buck where I can so I added Google Adsense to my blog. It puts ads up around my blog, so when I write about being here in San Francisco, you might see a related ad like "Compare Flights To...". I will probably make a cool 3 cents from erectile dysfunction ads (Note, start blogging more about erectile dysfunction). I guess this means I've sold out my blog. The user agreement seems reasonable, I don't blog hate speech or religious intolerance, so I'm ok there. Thankfully I don't blog promoting pornography, or I would be in trouble with that. I don't blog about ilicit drugs (only medical ones), so we don't have a problem.

San got back and we went to Jim's for lunch. Jim's is a classic dinner style place on Mission. I was thinking club sandwich, and so was San. The sandwich was so good I had to twist San's arm and we tried the apple pie. Delicious!

I went over to Kubi and Matt's place. They have a huge projection screen set up. The neighbours frome below came up to play some FIFA soccer on Xbox, dressed like they were going outside to play soccer. I laughed inside. Even on a big screen, watching people play scoccer sucks (close behind watching a game on TV or even worse watching a game live).

Monday, March 30, 2009

missed that burrito taste

San met me at 24th/Mission and helped carry my bags back to his place. I met Kosmo, he is gonna take a few days to get used to me.

We went for burritos, delicious.

Bill came over to drop off a backpack for San's trip. Great to see ol' Billo, my playa buddy.

Watched Caruso save Miami in HD and then pooched out.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flowers in your hair. YYZ to SFO

I am going to San Francisco. I'm in the Air Canada lounge right now, sipping a double Crown and Coke. I formatted my hard drive before I left. I have nothing to watch so I'm downloading some episodes of Cops. I pretty much tossed my Itunes. I have nothing to listen to except Beatles and Pumpkins, and a few recent Howard Stern shows. I'm sure to kick myself in a bit. I'm actually in the mood for some weezer, but 4 gigs of it are back on my drive at home.

Customs had a line but it was a breeze. Just one question after I handed over my documents.

How long are you staying?

A month.


The lounge rules. No screaming kids. Tons of booze.
In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree

My download has slowed right down. I'm probably not sitting in the sweet spot. Aborted. Whatever. Air Canada has a kick ass pvr, so I will have lots to occupy me in flight.

I'm going to do some writing this month, I hope I'm productive. it's going to be tough with the sheer amount of pot I'm going to smoke. I will take lot's of pictures and blog every day. It would be nice if I could get some comments.

Switched to Canada Dry n' Rye
A line up in the Air Canada lounge can mean only one thing,
SOUP IN ON! I had a bowl of Smoked Turkey Soup and it was delicious.

Anyways, putting the laptop away to commit to some serious pre flight drinking. See you in another time zone.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birhtday G-Mo!

One of my housemates woke me up this morning looking for the blender. It's my blender, I usually make a smoothie every morning. Yesterday I told him how to make one but left out the part about cleaning the blender afterwords. I always clean the blender right away because:

a) It's easier to clean right away.


b) I'm going to use it the next day so I want it to be clean so I can just make my breakfast and don't have to wash dishes.

So yesterday afternoon I found my blender in the sink with dried smoothie on it. So I cleaned it out and put it in my room.

He was really shocked that I wasn't going to let him use it. I explained why and he still didn't seem to get it. Forget the fact this asshole is waking me up before 9 on a Saturday. He is a nice guy, but he can't clean up after himself when he cooks or even put food away when he's done cooking. I'm glad to get out of the house for a month. I'm sure to come home to rotting food on the counter.

I packed most of my shit last night. Found my American cell phone charger so I'm good to go.

My brother Marc came over and we walked down to Union to take the bus to Mom's house.

Granny Mo's birthday was a great success. She turned 75, and we celebrated by turning the lights off for earth hour. Mom did a terrific job as usual, Uncle Lewis helped out and cleaned her house all yesterday since she hurt her finger pretty bad. The place looked fantastic, and we had lots of snacks and such. Beers, Ham and Family, is good times. Paul showed up eventually,(he had been on the Island with the Stormalongs). Paul must have been tuckered out, cause as soon as he showed up he was sleeping on the floor.

Eventually Grammy and Andy went home, and Mom Lewis Chrissy and Auntie Rachel got loaded while Paul slept and Marc and I watched funny videos in the basement. We could hear laughing, then crying, then laughing, then crying, then laughing again. They tend to drink in excess.

They all went to bed, except Lewis who came downstairs to light a cigarette. We asked him to go outside and he spitefully took another drag, Paul woke up and freaked. took the smoke out of his hand. I thought shit was going to get crazy. but it cooled off.

We watched Zack & Miri Make a Porno in HD (Marc hadn't seen it).

I'm too wired to sleep, this time tomorrow I will be blazed as hell in California.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stormalongs Deported

The Stormalongs, out of concern for the structural integrity of the city of Toronto, brought their gear to the Island to record some tracks. I woke up early to help move the gear from the docks to the ferry and then to Dale Morningstar's Gas Station Recording Camp on Toronto Island.

The Studio is really cool. Dale is a great guy and the set up was a piece of cake. We had a beer and blazed (my first time since Sunday, a new record!). had a Stormalong sandwich break and then the guys started the session.

It was really moving to be able to see my friends, who have rocked me for so many years, in the studio recording. It's going to tape, and will sound awesome. I really can't wait to hear it. I hope they put it on Itunes so people can spend some money on their music (it's going to be worth it!).

I had to take the ferry back to the city to meet up with Jagger. Jags came to town looking for a wii fit, which I thought would be an easy task. We walked to Future Shop, and then up Yonge St, to no avail. I can't believe it came out in June and places are still sold out. Eventually I used my head and called Toys R us and success! We went to Duffrin Mall and picked it up. Yog's lady is going to be happy he's not comming home empty handed. Great to see Jagger again.

This was a fantastic way to spend my last day in Toronto, with some of my best friends. Tomorrow I'm going to Mom's place for G-mo's birhtday party.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fuck the QuickTax Man

Doing taxes sucks for most people, but I like to get the money owed to me by the Government so I don't mind. It's always better to get it over with, even if you owe, at least get it out of the way so it doesn't gnaw at your insides.

QuickTax sucks. I used the free online version because of it's recognizable name and that it is actually free(a lot of these online tax things look shady and then end up charging you in the end).

It took so long between page loads, it's been 3 hours and I'm just finishing now. My taxes are simple enough I could have done it quicker on paper, but I want to e-file so I can get my ca$h back faster.

Finally done. I wish I had worked last year, could have got more back. Better get a job when I get back from Cali next month.

Hanging with Treay & Baby Lu

I went to see Treya today. I wanted to see baby Lula before I leave for San Francisco. My cousin has the cutest baby, and its always fun hanging out with Trey. She had some friends visiting from North Bay, we chatted and watched some TV. A lot of people on facebook have pictures of their new babies, some are really ugly, so we looked at them and laughed. Ok, it's mean to laugh at a baby thats eyes are too far apart, but it's easy when you are compairing them to Lula Pearl. Treya's husband Andre came home from work and burned me some movies and comics while he took care of Lu. He rocks.

I didn't go to the gym today cause my sweat towel isn't clean. I use a towel cause I get sweaty, but I don't really see anyone else carry a towel. Whatever. I drip sweat when I'm rocking the gym so I need the towel and won't work out with a stinky one. I know, excuses excuses.

I'm doing my taxes. I want to get it out of the way before I leave.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Now!

Man last night sucked. I felt like I was gonna puke, and my mind was rolling for hours. I let Bassquarter the cat sleep on my bed, and watched her sleep for a bit. I watched a Chernobyl documentary on PBS. I finally downloaded some Howard Stern and listened to that till about 7:30 am and fell asleep for about 2 hours.

Deidra came over on her was to work to drop off my carry on luggage.

I shouldn't censor myself but I maybe shouldn't be so bitter and jealous in the future.

I looked for my metropass for like 2 hrs. I had to go over to Granny Mo to help grandpa Andy move a huge heavy piece of wood for their kitchen renovation.

I stopped by the CNIB to get a replacement metropass, which apparently I need to report missing and then wait 30 days for a new one. The receptionist, Steve was nice enought to just let me have it "this time".

I made it to Grannie's house and helped Andy carry up the wood. G-mo made me some soup, I asked what was in it, and she told me. One of the ingredients was "meat", which is not specific enough. All animal flesh is "meat", it's really important to identify the animal. By the way, the answer is Kelbasa.

Got home and had a sandwich. Man I can't wait till next week and I'm eating sandwiches from Sweet Chinitos.

Loaded my shuffle with Mellon Collie and went to the gym. I did weights listening only to the rockers. It was a good one, cause I'm sore as hell.

Ian had the idea that I should quit smoking pot for this week, till I get to the City. It's a good idea, since I don't have any money. I'm sure it would have been easier to sleep last night had I smoked a bowl. I'm in overdraft till the first and I've missed visa payments, so my card was declined at the Beer Store the other day. I can't even get any US currency, so I have to show up in Cali like a broke hobo.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sleepless censor

Deidra reads my blog, should I censor myself?

I cleaned my room some more and went to the gym, with the plan to meet Deidra and go for a beer. The purpose of this rendezvous was to get my carry on luggage back but it didn't work out. I have no clue why. She is going to bring it by on her way to work tomorrow, which means I will have to feel like this again tomorrow morning.

I was running hardcore for about 25 minutes, then turned around and Dee was there. She looks really good, getting fit for her guy I guess.

I'm jealous as fuck.

I just want to be wanted. It sucks when someone chooses someone else over you. It just sucks.

I think I'm done, it can't be fixed. She makes it obvious there is nothing to fix. She is happy with her new guy (he has a satellite dish, AWESOME!), but still want's to be my friend. She likes talking to me. We can talk about our family and music and pop culture together (CAUSE WE WERE BORN IN THE SAME DECADE).

Now I'm being bitter, but I can't sleep right now. It's 5 am.

I am not a second string or back up friend.

I am the greatest man that ever lived.

Are you reading this?

If you are reading this on Facebook, please click the link a the bottom that reads View Original Post. Now you are on my actual blog. Now be a buddy and leave a comment, maybe not this post, but please, at least one post! I'm going to California at the end of this week. What is the fucking point of writing if no one is reading. I assume people are not reading, but they are.

Maybe I should watch what I say. Some people actually read my blog. Sure no one comments, but they still read it.

My Granny Mo asked me last week about "smoking bowls". She read it on my blog. I told her it meant smoking pot. She asked a few more questions, which made her sound like a narc. "How much does it cost?" and "Where do you get it?". Hard questions to answer flat out. I get it from a guy and it costs as much as I get. I get where she's coming from. Shes about to give me 40$ for groceries and doesn't want me to spend it on drugs. That's not an outrageous request for a grandparent to make.

Am I supposed to censor myself because my grandma reads my blog?

Monday, March 23, 2009

stress mess

I made it to the gym, had a good workout. Cleaned my room a bit. Fucking stressful. So much crap.

Couldn't find my metropass so I didn't go see the Stormalongs rehearsal, which is shit because they are going into the studio this weekend and I will miss it. Probably won't see the guys till next month when I gat back from Cali.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I met Matt this morning and we went to the Paprika Theatre festival. His girlfriend Anna is on the board and her Dad got a bunch of tickets, so we all got an invite. Colin brought Lex and even Paul showed up. There was a Mimosa reception beforehand, quite nice. Then the plays, which were some really good, thought provoking pieces performed by some talented young people.

click here for some info:
Paprika Festival

I missed the Stormalongs rehearsal tonight with the plan to go tomorrow.

I'm going to have a great week before my trip to San Francisco. I'm gonna do my taxes tomorrow, hit the gym, and clean my room some more. My room should look kick ass by wednesday.

I miss Deidra a lot.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jimmy leaves Smashing Pumpkins, My thoughts

Jimmy Chaimberlain has left the Smashing Pumpkins.

The press release reads:



The SMASHING PUMPKINS' guitarist, singer, songwriter and founding member Billy Corgan has announced that drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has left the group. Chamberlin joined the band Corgan founded in Chicago in 1988 and played on all their albums except Adore (1998). Corgan will continue to write and record as SMASHING PUMPKINS with plans to head into the studio this spring.

Awww! FUCK! I love Jimmy! Jimmy is the rock, and the RAWK! He was The Smashing Pumpkins drummer on every album except Adore.When I met Jimmy at HMV back in 2000, I told him "Jimmy you rock!", he said "Thanks". Then I said "Jimmy you dont understand, you fucking RAWK!" Now I think he must know that he rocks.

Billy all by himself? I love Billy, I'm sure I will probably love whatever he does. going at it all by himself he is going to have a lot of naysayers. I really wonder what kind of album billy will make. I cant even conceptualize it.

What could it sound like?

All acoustic styles like Zwan? All electro like the Future Embrace? Or like The Smashing Pumpkins Adore era?

People will tear Billy's ass open like a bag or chips if he does anything like that.

He has said he is moving forward, so it wouldnt make sense to go back to an old sound. And very un-Pumpkin, always moving forward.

I'm going to miss you Jimmy, but I'm going to listen to the new "Smashing Pumpkns" with an open mind. Jimmy can race cars and be with his family, but I'm going to expect a new Jimmy Chaimberlain Complex record in a year or two, dont let me down man!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Leaving Aninmal Crossing

I got rid of my copy of Animal Crossing for GC, I sold to Xtian, my old buddy from Sam's. His wife loves it, and I never play it anymore, so I figured I was better off with ten bucks. I deleted my game off the memory card, so it's gone forever. But I have the wii version, which I havent even started playing. Some games I have I will always want to keep, but I don't have to keep all of them. I have a bunch of games that I paid good money for and are worth shit now. I have so much stuff. My priorities were all fucked up and I bought tons of games and DVDs and games shit. I could have taken Dee on a trip or something.

Mom came to town for a doctors appointment, we went to see Treya and Baby Lula beforehand.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

9 days till I fuck off.

I can't wait till next weekend. Saturday is Granny Mo's birthday, and then I'm on my way to San Francisco. I've got shit to do between now and then.

I cleaned up my room a bit and then went to the gym. I pushed hard. I'm looking good so it's worth the extra effort. I was wrecked in the change room afterwords, had to sit and chill, ate a fruit to go bar and felt better.

Made it home and cooked dinner. Rice Chicken and Broccoli. Tasty and nutritious.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been sleeping like shit, waking up all the time cause of some stupid fucking dream I can't even remember.

Granny Mo called up, she was meeting Uncle Lew and asked if I wanted to join them. I slept for another hour exactly(FUCKING DREAM!). I didn't have anything to eat, which makes me an asshole. It's March Break, Queen W is packed with brainless cookie cutter teens. The Eaton Centre was even worse. I met up with granny and my uncle at the Apple store. At one point I almost ran to escape the insanity. Brought myself back down to earth, Lewis went and got me a ham sandwich. we had lunch and went back to the Mac store, Uncle Lew needed to replace his iPod. I checked out the new Shuffle. I use a 2nd gen Shuffle, and I love it, it holds 1 gig, and doesnt have a display, but I love it. The new one (3rd gen) is fucking stupid. Sure, it's got 4 gigs, but the controls are on the headphones, so when those get fucked so are you. I asked a guy how much replacement headphones cost, 30$ what a fucking racket.

I have been telling myself for three days that I wasn't going to go for a beer with Deidra at Java.

Today I went for a beer with Dee at Java.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fithy Fucker

I'm going to have a clean room before I leave town next week. I don't want to come home to this shit.
I was wrong in the last post. I have been out for St Patty's day before. In 07 I think, in SF, we drank Guinness at a Karaoke Bar in Chinatown. Mike W. and Matt. It was really hot out. Good times.

I can't wait till next week.

Chest Pimples

Put the gym membership on hold for April. I won't be needing it from California. It will save me 52$, I still have to pay a 10$ holding fee. I know I'm going to hit it hard once I get back.

I worked out but it sucked. I had two ingrown chest hairs, and the annoying pain began halfway through my weights. I busted those bastards in the shower tho, gross I know.

It's St Patrick's Day, and once again I'm not going out. I have got no bucks and can't afford any beers. I have never gone out for St Paddy's, I guess I'm missing out on all the loose women, but that never works out for me anyways.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bought A Jet Plane Ticket

I booked a flight to San Francisco today. I'm going to watch San and Linsey's dog Kosmo. Thank you so much San, I can't wait!Kosmo is a Shar Pei and looks cute as can be.

It will be so cool to see all my friends and hang out. I miss the gang, and the City.

It will be nice to get away from Toronto for a bit. Everything reminds me of Deidra.

I will leave next weekend, the day after Granny Mo's birthday party. My mom is a great hostess and its going to be a lot of fun.

Simpsons at Mom's house

I went over to Paul's for a bong hit and some Mortal Kombat. We went to meet Auntie Chris at Yorkdale mall. We checked out The Watchmen(again, for me). Second time around I liked it less (possibly because of the terrible shit I had to take mid movie, eww soft serve).

Sunday night and once again, Paul and I find ourselves at mom's house for dinner and Simpsons. Mom really outdid herself, usually she phones in a pizza or some Swiss Chalet, but tonight she made us a porketta and mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, even dessert. So tasty, we were all full as hell. Paul laid in a bloted food coma for a couple of hours. Mom is so sweet.

I talked to Deidra briefly on the phone today. I tried not to sound sad or upset but she could tell I was. I miss her so much, but I feel so hurt.

My friend San and his wife are going on thier honeymoon and they need someone to watch Cosmo, thier dog. San asked me if I would. It looks like I'm going to be going to San Francisco sooner than I had imagined. This dog is so cute it's unbelievable.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Miss my buddy

On a day like today, I really wish I could still talk to my best friend Deidra.

My mom is not well, but getting better. Paul and I brought her to her doctors appointment, then ran over to his place for a quick bowl.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of going to the gym(no, not every day, in fact I didn't even go yesterday). But I did go today, and I kicked ass. I'm going to start taking advantage of the classes they offer. My body is going to be kick ass at Burning Man.

I started going to the gym to support Deidra, but now I go for myself. I thought about her a lot today. It makes me feel sick in my stomach and I get pangs in my heart. At one point I accidentally almost pocket dialed her. I moved her phone number to "Z Deidra", so hopefully it doesn't happen again.

I feel alone, for sure. Ian is my best friend, but I could talk to Dee about anything.

She has my carry on luggage and I have one of her work shirts, but I'm affraid to call her and deal with it.

A Couple of Dicks

Kevin Smith will direct A Couple of Dicks for Warner Brothers. The film about two New York City cops on the hunt for a rare baseball card, stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, and is a first for Smith who has never Directed a film he has not written himself. Written by Mark Cullen and Rob Cullen the film will hit theatres in January 2010.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

early bird

I met Granny Mo early at the Eaton Centre. She bought me breakfast and we talked.

Afterwords I went to the gym. I worked on my arms, it was a good workout, listened to NIN Year Zero, and Radiohead in Rainbows.

Went home and passed out. Woke up around 4.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Watchmen, Pontypool, Scott Pilgrim

Today was loaded start to finish. Working off a tip received from Paolo the night before, I looked into Scott Pilgrim Extras casting, which was going on today. I went to the studio, filled out a form and posed for a picture. Under special skills I wrote "I am a professional concert goer, I have seen The Smashing Pumpkins 10 times". to which the dude laughed. I called Ian afterwards to see if he could grease the wheels at all(this is Hollywood we are talking about). Hopefully I can rock out to some Sex Bob-omb for the next few months, make some cash, work on a movie and literally become CONCERT GUY!

On the way back I talked to Paul. Checked the Scotiabank Theatre for Watchmen Imax, sold out all day. I was going to get Paul down but didn't, then saw the movie anyways, on a regular screen, and free since the woman did not properly do her job.

Ran home for two quick bowls.

Enjoyed the movie immensely. I could not believe some people brought small children to see it since it was completely inappropriate. Bad fucking parenting.

Home for dinner, burrito supreme, I miss real burritos from the Mission. I'm going crazy to go back to California. Ian called, it's Pontypool's big opening weekend too!

Ian picked me up and we rolled through traffic blazing. I picked up the tickets and got us some seats.

Loved the movie for the second time. Go see it and support a great Canadian film.

We ended up going out for beers with a buch of Scott Pilgrim crew. Cool fucking people for sure.

Great Day.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Stormalongs Silver Dollar Rock

Stormalongs rocked the Silver Dollar Room for a modest 5$ cover. The band was great, and the crowed responded in kind.
Regimbal was cool enough to turn up with his girlfriend and another buddy. We had some drinks and watched the rock show.

Went to my old roomate Gim's party afterwards, crazy Japanese hip hop dancing. Palo and Dija were there. Good to see everyone.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Poutine and a baby

I hung out with Treya and Baby Lu today. what a cute baby. We watched some tv, changed some diapers, and had some baby smiles. Papa Andre came home with some poutines for us (no not the baby). Good times, great parents!

Next time I will remember to take a picture.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

...And You will know us by the trail of dead

I worked out really hard at the gym, rage is such a good motivator.

So pooched at the Japanese anime lecture at Ryerson, went with Paul and Dawn. Almost fell asleep. Matt called and invited me to see Trail of Dead, wasn't going to go, but felt like a YES MAN so I changed my mind and went to meet Matt.

I had to stop at Tim Hortons for a sugar infusion. The baker was loading the trays with fresh doughnuts, and the girl was going to stuff my Chocolate Cherry Bloom into a bag when the baker stopped her and told her not to put it in the bag and just lay it on top. It was overloaded with cherry filling and still warm, I have had this doughnut twice before, and those could not compare to this master stroke of doughnut artistry. The best doughnut I have ever had.

I saw ...And you will know us by the trail of dead open for queens of the stone age a few years ago, like 7 years ago at Kool Haus then known as The Warehouse. They were too loud and I didn't realy enjoy myself. Although I didn't enjoy queens that show either(no Nick, no way!).

I met up with Matt and we had some beers with his two friends
that came to the show with us. We got into Lee's Palace and saw the last few songs of the opening act. Matt and I went out to do a j, and got back just as the show started. They fucking rocked, the sound was really good and they worked the crowd so well.

I had a great time, thanks to Matt for the ticket and the beers and the j, I owe him for sure.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anywhere but here

My best friend Deidra and can't be friends anymore, she is seeing someone. She was going to just ignore me forever, then decided to tell me over coffee. On my way to meet her she sent me a text :

I gotta go meet Julien, Concert Guy to have a talk. I want to deal with this now B4 it gets more awkward. Is that ok with you?

So painful, so awkward, so cold.

I wish I had gotten a heads up, but I should have known.

I should move on anyways, she doesn't care about me.

Paul on The Border.

My brother Paul sometimes does background work. Last year he needed a suit so he could get a job on the CBC program The Border. He went to Moores with Mom. Here he is on The Border behind Patrick Mckenna.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mom's house, more Simpsons

Over at Moms again. Paul was here doing his laundry. It was nice, we had pizza and watched the Simpsons in HD. Watching the Simpsons with my family is so old school, and not just because I did it two weeks ago. For twenty years the Simpsons have entertained me and my family, and thankfully the will be doing it for at least 2 more years. I am predicting right now that it will get renewed again. It will be the longest running prime time series at 22 seasons(that's 493 episodes), too close to 500 to not make the extra effort.

Edgar Wright Presents Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz at The Bloor Cinema

Edgar Wright introduced both his films to a packed house at the Bloor. The show started about an hour late, as they tried to fill every last seat in the house.

He used the Imdb keywords to introduce both Shaun and Hot Fuzz. It was funny.

It was too packed to get away with smoking bowls in the balcony, which you could (and I did) pull off at Kevin Smith.

They also showed some killer trailers. Like Edgar's uncut Don't trailer from Grindhouse, and Van Dam's Hard Target, and Pontypool, which will actually come out this friday.