Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Now!

Man last night sucked. I felt like I was gonna puke, and my mind was rolling for hours. I let Bassquarter the cat sleep on my bed, and watched her sleep for a bit. I watched a Chernobyl documentary on PBS. I finally downloaded some Howard Stern and listened to that till about 7:30 am and fell asleep for about 2 hours.

Deidra came over on her was to work to drop off my carry on luggage.

I shouldn't censor myself but I maybe shouldn't be so bitter and jealous in the future.

I looked for my metropass for like 2 hrs. I had to go over to Granny Mo to help grandpa Andy move a huge heavy piece of wood for their kitchen renovation.

I stopped by the CNIB to get a replacement metropass, which apparently I need to report missing and then wait 30 days for a new one. The receptionist, Steve was nice enought to just let me have it "this time".

I made it to Grannie's house and helped Andy carry up the wood. G-mo made me some soup, I asked what was in it, and she told me. One of the ingredients was "meat", which is not specific enough. All animal flesh is "meat", it's really important to identify the animal. By the way, the answer is Kelbasa.

Got home and had a sandwich. Man I can't wait till next week and I'm eating sandwiches from Sweet Chinitos.

Loaded my shuffle with Mellon Collie and went to the gym. I did weights listening only to the rockers. It was a good one, cause I'm sore as hell.

Ian had the idea that I should quit smoking pot for this week, till I get to the City. It's a good idea, since I don't have any money. I'm sure it would have been easier to sleep last night had I smoked a bowl. I'm in overdraft till the first and I've missed visa payments, so my card was declined at the Beer Store the other day. I can't even get any US currency, so I have to show up in Cali like a broke hobo.

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