Wednesday, March 04, 2009

...And You will know us by the trail of dead

I worked out really hard at the gym, rage is such a good motivator.

So pooched at the Japanese anime lecture at Ryerson, went with Paul and Dawn. Almost fell asleep. Matt called and invited me to see Trail of Dead, wasn't going to go, but felt like a YES MAN so I changed my mind and went to meet Matt.

I had to stop at Tim Hortons for a sugar infusion. The baker was loading the trays with fresh doughnuts, and the girl was going to stuff my Chocolate Cherry Bloom into a bag when the baker stopped her and told her not to put it in the bag and just lay it on top. It was overloaded with cherry filling and still warm, I have had this doughnut twice before, and those could not compare to this master stroke of doughnut artistry. The best doughnut I have ever had.

I saw ...And you will know us by the trail of dead open for queens of the stone age a few years ago, like 7 years ago at Kool Haus then known as The Warehouse. They were too loud and I didn't realy enjoy myself. Although I didn't enjoy queens that show either(no Nick, no way!).

I met up with Matt and we had some beers with his two friends
that came to the show with us. We got into Lee's Palace and saw the last few songs of the opening act. Matt and I went out to do a j, and got back just as the show started. They fucking rocked, the sound was really good and they worked the crowd so well.

I had a great time, thanks to Matt for the ticket and the beers and the j, I owe him for sure.

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