Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Day Breakfast from 7-11

My brother Paul and I met for breakfast. We went to Avenue Open Kitchen. Our father raised us to love and respect greasy spoon eating. This place was loaded with character. Dad would love this place so we will have to take him next time he's in Toronto. I had bacon and eggs, along with some of Paul's back bacon and sausage, that makes 3 kinds of pork, salty.

I'm glad to get my day started earlier than usual. I'm adding so much to my plate in terms of responsibility. I'm taking advantage of some volunteer opportunities, but I'm still hoping to find some type of lucrative employment. But I write this from a Second Cup at 9:30 in the morning, no resumes printed, so I'm not actively seeking employment. It's more of a passive job hunt. I'm feeling extremely well caffeinated. 

I haven't been to the gym in a while, yet I'm still paying for it, which is ridiculous. I'm going today, I'm so full of breakfast. All I have to do is run home and grab my gym gear.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gone till Movember

Movember is almost over, and I have managed to raise 85$ for prostate cancer! My Aunt Rachel and my friend Jody both donated. I appreciate it so much, thanks. If I can raise at least 100$ I will shave my facial hair into a pencil thin John Waters-esque mustache. DONATE HERE PLEASE!

What was the secret to my 'stache? How did I grow such a manly mustache? The trick was to stop shaving above my lip, and it worked!

Please make a donation by clicking here, and if you already have, then thank you so much. Your generosity touches my heart (and my prostate, which I find oddly stimulating, don't stop).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins New Single Tom Tom FREE!

You can download the new Pumpkins track Tom Tom from the sidebar embedded to the right(if you don't see it you may need to clear your cache). The entire 44 track album will be released for free in this manner.

Paying customers may choose to buy the second volume of The Smashing Pumpkins epic Teargarden By Kaleidyscope album available from Amazon. It's a limited edition deluxe 12-inch vinyl picture disc with tracks Freak, Spangled, The Fellowship and Tom Tom, plus the unreleased B- Side Cottonwood Symphony. The box also includes a 4 song EP CD.

Pick it up for the Pumpkins fan on your Christmas list. (Sorry Dad, I think Mom is calling dibs on this one for me).

Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Vol. II "The Solstice Bare"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tim Burton at The Bell Lightbox in Toronto

Tim Burton at Toronto's Bell Lightbox

I just met Tim Burton at the Bell Lightbox. The director is in town to promote the opening of his eponymous exhibition and film programme. He was really nice, taking the time to shake hands and share pleasantries with those who had waited all day in line. I'm broke, so I couldn't afford the beautiful Art of Burton book and settled on the much cheaper light-up journal. I'm not quite sure what to do with a journal with Tim Burton's autograph, since I obviously couldn't write in it myself. I guess it sits on my shelf and looks cool. Meeting the man was the real prize, and I'm looking forward to the Burton Blitz, in which Tiff will screen a marathon of Burton's work this Friday.


Hide the 'STACHE, it's the FUZZ!

Still time to donate!

It's Movember! The month when real men grow serious mustaches, while the boys sprout pathetic peach fuzz. My philanthropic facial hair has so far raised 55$ for prostate Cancer, thanks to Mom, Dad and my sweet sister Shlobo. This mustache is growing on me, both literally and figuratively. I feel like a cross between Tom Selleck and Terry Fox. If I don't get rid of it at the end of the month I might have to consider a career as a 70's porn star.

You can click here to donate.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Stormalongs personalize rock

The Stormalongs played The Garrison last night for some close friends. The small crowed that was assembled before the show disappeared during the first song, driven away no doubt by the horrible feedback courtesy of a missing sound tech. The band delivered despite never having faced such a poor crowd to band-member ratio. 

A series of tubes

The internet at my house is slow and unreliable, sometimes non-existent. My landlord, who has no concept of what the internet is, signed the house up for a second rate ISP called Customer Is King. They suck and explaining this to my landlord seems futile. All the complaining is falling on deaf ears. I'm ready to get my own internet from Tek Savvy (a well-respected ISP).

I have been going to Second Cup or alternatively, the Sanderson branch of the Toronto Public Library. The book depository is nice because I don't have to purchase anything to plug in and surf the interwebs. Hobos are also wise to this fact, and use the library to seek respite from the cold. Yesterday a hobo smelled like poo, so I avoided it today.

No one smells like poo at Second Cup, but the pumped-in Christmas music is the auditory equivalent. I'm on my third coffee now getting some blogging done. I will probably chat someone's ear off once I leave here (caffeine makes me even more talkative).

Tim Burton is coming to Toronto!

The Bell Lightbox is one of Toronto's newest and coolest cultural assets. The permanent home of Tiff will host the Tim Burton Exhibition and Film Programme beginning November 26th. The broody auteur will be on hand at the Lightbox for an autograph session on Monday November 22nd from 4pm-5:30pm. Before you dust off your Frankenweenie VHS be aware Mr. Burton will only sign copies of Tim Burton Dark Horse journals as well as these three other books: The Art of Tim Burton; Burton on Burton; and Tim Burton - Masters of Cinema Series,  All four items will be available on-site at TIFF.Shop. From the sternly worded press release:

"This event is open to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. No other books or collectibles will be signed at this event and the books must be purchased at TIFF.Shop. In order to ensure that the maximum number of people are able to get their book(s) signed, autographs will not be personalized and there is a limit of two items per person."

I will be there, of course. Along with the great opportunity to meet one of the most talented filmmakers of our time is a chance to explore his work in greater detail, and catch some of his better work on one of the Lightboxes state-of-the-art screens. Tiff Members get discounted tickets, so if you haven't already, pick one up.
Frankenweenie [VHS]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bassquarter's back in the house

Bassquarter sleeping, on her spot, heated of course

So my cat Bassquarter disappears for weeks at a time in the summer, to the point where both Happy Hardcore and I both thought she was gone for good. I even wrote a post about it here. But then the cat came back the very next day. It looks like I never got around to posting that she was back, so I must have led people to believe she was still gone.

She still pops outside, but doesn't wander far and lately she has been right by the door waiting to be let back in. Now that it's colder out and the heat is on, she's likely not going back out till spring. She loves the spot behind the front door, on top of the heater. She will only leave it for food.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mo'Stache, Mo'Problems

I'm trying to raise some funds for Prostate Cancer along with millions of other dudes on facebook. Movember is so popular this year that the standard fare for Mustache rides has bottomed out. In October mustache rides were still going for the standard 5 cent rate, but now there are so many Mo'Bros that most men are now having to offer FREE mustache rides.

So far I have received some donations from my Mom and my Dad. I'm pretty happy with that, but Movember is far from over and I could probably get a couple more donations from some kind friends.


Also if your a lady and want to know what you can do to show your support for Movember check out this video:

You’re watching Have Sex With a Guy With A Mustache Day. See the Web's top videos on AOL Video

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Unstoppable was a good ride. Denzel Washinton is showing Chris Pine the ropes on his first day of train conducting when something goes wrong. It's Training Day, on a train! The lesson to be learned is never give Ethan Suplee's charecter any responsibility, ever. My gripe with this movie is the constant exposition from the news coverage. At times it's actually laughable, explaining every single point of tension, simplified for a retarded television audience. The movie was worth seeing, especially at the AMC's ETX screen (it's nice and loud, but more expensive). 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Nick Stormalong!

I'm blogging from the floor of Stomalongs jam space, deep beneath my brother's office, from which I'm ganking internets. I carry earplugs in my bag for just such an occasion, it is very LOUD.

The pre-jam ritual of beer and Pixies was on. Then, just before the rock began, Colin presented Nick with a gift of 12 year old Scotch on behalf of the band to wish him a happy birthday. Colin made note of the auspicious nature of their meeting, and that without Nick, the rock would cease to exist and The Stormalongs never would have been.

The Stormalongs will be playing a show at the Garrison this Thursday, November 18th. It's on Dundas just west of Ossington (1197 Dundas W). If you're in Toronto then please come out.

Happy BirthdaNick, from a huge fan of you and your band!

Skyline Sucks

I went to see Skyline with my cousin-in-law @ondre (wait, thats not a real relation, he is married to my cousin). As a parent, he doesn't get to go to the movies much, so I feel like an ass for making him see this sci-fi shit-brick.

Skyline is about some asshole douchebags who attempt to survive an alien invasion. It really sucked. It tries way too hard to be Cloverfield but misses, then tries for District 9 and totally fails. The directors have the most pretentious credit ever "A Brothers Strause Film", they previously directed AVP: Requiem and a Nickelback* video.

Skyline stars Eric Balfour, who you might remember from some episodes of the O.C. or 24, but I didn't since I've watched neither. It was about 2 minutes into the movie that I realized I hated looking at him.
The movie also has the nurse guy from Scrubs, and the cop guy from Dexter.

The more I thought about it, the more I really disliked this movie.

*the word "Nickelback" is to be read with a shudder accompanied the standard feeling of disgust.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Hard Sell

Normally I would avoid a blatant sales pitch here on my blog but I'm making an exception for a movie I really love. This is also probably the last chance I will have to write about Scott Pilgrim, so I'm taking it.
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is out now on BluRay/DVD combo pack, so you don't have to miss out if you are still rocking a dvd player (VHS users can go eat a day-old bag o' dicks). Both discs are loaded with special features, deleted scenes and commentaries. If you loved it in theatres, buy it. If you missed it in theatres BUY IT! If you trust my judgement in regards to film then please make this purchase you will not regret. Edgar Wright is a great filmmaker and has created a fantastic movie that truly is a treat for the eyes and ears, that you will enjoy for years to come.

I got mine, get yours!
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
Click the cover to go to Amazon and buy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sam The Record Man in Angel Eyes

Chicago, Illinois-The Windy City, Home of The Smashing Pumpkins, Sears Tower... Wrigley Field... Honest Eds...? Sam the Record Man...? It becomes quickly apparent to any Mel-Moose loathing Torontonian that Jennifer Lopez and Jim "Jesus" Caviezel are not in sweet home Chicago, but rather Sweet Toronto. Angel Eyes is the story of a mysterious man, drawn to a feisty female police officer, an unusual relationship ensues in which not everything is as it seems.
Jesus gets a Halo from Sam the Record Man's iconic neon 

When I worked in the video department at Sams it was a hobby of mine to take screenshots from films featuring my employer. I will continue to post more over the next few weeks. If you think you know what's coming take a guess in the comments.
Angel Eyes

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Coco is back, Leno Sucks

Saw this in NYC last week
Conan O'Brien is back on late night! Very late-night. Here in Canada, Conan is on after The Colbert Report Monday to Thursday on the Comedy Network at 12am and on the main CTV Network at 1am.

I tried to stay up and watch the first episode last night. I got sleepy during Colbert and rested my eyes, I only caught fleeting glimpses of Conan as I drifted in and out of sleep. I'm going to blame the recent time change and not the quality of the show. I just watched the replay streaming off CTV's website and the show was really funny. I'm glad Coco is back and I'm looking forward to tonight's episode with Tom Hanks!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Sam The Record Man in Half-Baked

Sam's iconic records reflect in the window of the Pizza Pizza

Butterstuff, Butternuts, ButterCUP across the street from Sam the Record Man

Sam The Record Man has betrayed many Hollywood films for their Toronto location. In 1998's Half Baked set in New York City, kindergarden teacher Kenny accidentally kills a diabetic horse cop outside the Pizza Pizza, across the street from Sam the Record Man.

Although the giant neon records no longer spin we are lucky to have had them immortalized in this modern stoner classic.
Half Baked (Fully Baked Widescreen Edition)

Movember Rain, Mo'Stache Status: Week One

Movember is a great way to bring attention to men's health, and it's much better than my original idea: Free Amateur Prostate Exams! So far my mustache is coming in evenly, and is an excellent example of my manliness. Facebook is full of Mo'bros, trying to raise funds through facial follicles, but my superior 'stache deserves your support. Click HERE TO DONATE! 
Thanks to my mom for her generous contribution. Click here to see my Mospace page and DONATE!

Friday, November 05, 2010

The Scott Pilgrim screenplay I should not have

"You Shouldn't have this, Edgar Wright"
"Wooow! Find this scene on BluRay, Elen Wong XO"
Bryan Lee O'Mally, circles the "L-word" scene
Edgar, Ellen and Bryan at HMV Toronto
I just got back from the Scott Pilgrim signing at HMV. Creator Bryan Lee O'Mally, Director Edgar Wright,  and actress Ellen Wong were autographing items for fans to promote the BluRay release on Tuesday. Edgar recognized me and jokingly wagged his finger when I gave him a copy of the screenplay to sign, knowing that I acquired it from a mutual friend. Fans in line got a coupon to save 10$ on the disc and they also received a pass to an exclusive Q&A screening of the film that will take place at the Bloor Cinema this evening.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
I met a cool film student named Andrew in line, while behind us I witnessed the most overt display of geek douchiness I have ever seen by a guy dressed as Dr. Who pontificating loudly on a variety of nerd-related subjects.
Bryan Lee O'Mally & Andrew

Melissa Auf Der Maur rocked Toronto's Tattoo

Melissa Auf Der Maur's rocking bass shook the core of all those in attendance last night at Tattoo Rock Parlour. The former Hole/Smashing Pumpkins bassist hit Toronto for the second date of the "Canadian" leg of her world tour (Canada is in quotes cause she's only doing Ontario and Quebec). She had a new band, which is inconsequential since everyone in attendance was there to see @XMadmX.

She played tracks form OOOM! and her debut self titled. She closed out the set with Black Sabbath's Paranoid. Some might remember Melissa's brief stint as the frontwoman for the Sabbath cover-band worshiping Hand of Doom.

I was rocking out pretty serious, which I'm sure annoyed the surrounding subdued hipsters, but Melissa said she appreciated the movement, so suck it up, Queen Street hipsters.
People take a lot of pictures of Melissa, she has some hardcore fans. I try to just get a few good ones and put the camera away. Some douche was holding up his camera trying to take a video (enjoy your blown out audio). I can however appreciate someone with a good camera taking interesting shots (as long as it's not for the whole show).
If you want to see some high res pics check out buying shots for bands, an local music blog that uses majestic plural pronouns so often its jarring.
Out Of Our MindsLive in Los Angeles

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lula loves Bobs and Lolo and a Parking Garage Playset.

My cousin Treya has a beautiful little girl named Lula, and yesterday we went to Mastermind to see Bobs & Lolo. The musical act form Vancouver are quite popular among the diaper wearing set. The music was fun and the kids were really into the interactivity, although it might be early for kids to be indoctrinated into the world of mosh-pitting. A nearby Parking Garage playset seemed to be a brightly coloured distraction to a few of the children, including Lula. It was so cool to watch her interact with other children, and to see how much better behaved she seems to be. Whenever a kid would grab a car and shout "MINE!", Lula would shrug it off and play with something else.

Lula's attention span was challenged by a nearby parking garage playset

Boogying Down did occur 
This is the sour look she gave when she saw the camera,
I assure you she was having a good time