Sunday, August 08, 2010

So that happened.

Ian and I saw Flash Gordon at the Toronto Underground Cinema, as part of Edgar Wright's Wright Stuff program. It was not as bad as I had expected, still very camp but not bad. Afterwards we went out for beers.

This was a very cool night. I had a fucking awesome time.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs Toronto

Jason Schwartzman, Michael Cera and Edgar Wright  

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is fucking great! I saw the Toronto premiere at the Elgin, thanks to my good friend Ian. When it was over I felt like I had just spent 8 hours in the basement playing Super NES, sure that a seizure was around the corner. It was so fast-paced. If you were born in the 80's you have to see this movie. I will write a better review opening weekend, but I'm drunk now and need sleep.

Of course I went to the party afterwards at the Courthouse. It was fucking awesome! Kid Koala was performing on stage all night, a true master of turntableism. I'm a huge fan and I told him just that while he was with Bryan Lee O'Mally (the creator of Scott Pilgrim).  I spoke with Edgar Wright and congratulated him on the excellent movie. Ian introduced me to Michael Cera, he was such a nice guy. I saw Edgar later while I was getting a drink and I realized I was literally brushing shoulders with one of the hottest directors in Hollywood, I kind of laughed to myself a little.

I am so glad to see all that work and creative energy all those talented people put in has resulted in such a fantastic film. SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD AUGUST 13TH

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