Saturday, May 31, 2008

Montoya Family Vacation

10 years ago, I went to Niagara Falls with Mike Showler for May Run. While we were visiting his cousins, we made a short film to entertain our Grade 10 English class, here is that film.

The Stormalongs new recordings have finally been mixed. All the songs sound really good. I want to post Death Swan, an epic almost 16 minute rocker, but Colin says it needs way more guitars to be as terifying as it should be and I totally agree. But I have been talking about these guys so much I just have to share this song with you.

Missiles Through the Floor.mp3

Please download this song, and let me know what you think.

Happy Birthday Wesley, We Miss You

Wesley Willis was a rock and roll superstar, an incredible artist, and a chronic schizophrenic.

Today would have been your birthday, we miss you Wes. Rest in peace, no more demons, no more hellrides, just a sweet everlasting harmony joyride!

Rock over London, Rock on, Chicago!
Beef, it's whats for dinner.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Zack & Miri Make a Porno Teaser NSFW

Here is the teaser for the new Kevin Smith film Zack and Miri Make a Porno.
This is Kevin's first film since Clerks 2. It will be in theatres this fall with a possible appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. This would be Kevin's first time at TIFF and if it does happen I can assure you I will be there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Burning Man

First thing, Burning Man is not a music festival. It is an experiment in a temporary society 100 miles from Reno in the Nevada desert.

Please go here, read, look at the pictures, read about the theme camps.

And yes, I am going. It was my friend Matt Stone's idea, he and Bill and Kubi and Jas went last year, and he got me all hyped for this amazing experience.

It will be completely insane, our camp is described here.

I don't have a job, and I can't really afford the flight to San Fransisco(Arg! Sunny J loves SF). I checked Air Canada(my airline of choice) and the flight was 229$ each way, but with taxes and surcharges it was 700$. Then I remembered to check my Areoplan points, see how much it would take to get me there. Turns out, not only can I fly, but I could fly executive class! It took 40,000 points, but I had enough, and when I checked how much it would cost, holy fuck, 1,889$,EACH WAY, PLUS TAXES AND FEES! So I booked it! I'm flying YYZ to SFO on July 30th (Burning Man is the last week of August). I'm going early cause I need some time to chill in the City, and get my shit ready for the Burn (need a crazy bike, fo sho). I will get back on September 4th, just in time to attend the 33rd annual Toronto International Film Festival.

I really can't wait. Mom is going to help me with my costumes (she can sew anything). The theme this year is the American Dream (as a Canadian, I'm really intrigued).

I'm sure I will write a lot more in the next 3 months leading up to the Burn. But if you have a question, leave it in the comments.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones and The Saucer Men From Mars

I saw Indy on Thursday with Ian.

George Lucas won't be happy until he has made everything suck. His jowls have grown fat off of Star Wars and Indiana Jones films. If he wasn't wasting his time trying to figure out a story arc for Jar Jar Binks in those shitty fucking prequels he could have worked on this, instead this movie is just 10 years too late. Where the fuck are the Nazis!?! I go to see Indiana Jones because I want to see some stupid Nazi get bull-whipped in the face, not Cate Blanchett's Soviet Bitch look for moose and squirrel. There are a bunch of stupid CG monkeys, if I wanted monkey I'd have ordered the chilled monkey brains. It's still worth going to see, but so much is coming soon, who has time for so-so.

My brother Marc was in town and we went to see the Blue Jays trounce the Royals 7-2! Then later we saw Speed Racer, which was fun and the only thing missing was a ton of magic mushrooms (this movie was trippy as hell).
I'm glad to see the price of oil has not affected the cost of Shortty-Longbacks.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weezer Video Rocks Youtube!

Weezer has a video for their new single Pork and Beans, and in true Weezer fashion, it's hilarious!

weezer's red album is out on June 3rd.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

waiting for red records

Weezer's Red Album has leaked. Last night was agonizing, I was so tempted to download it, but I'm gonna wait. You have to be strong, wait till the cd is out and you can hold it in your hands. This will be the record to rock my summer and I can wait 3 weeks.

At the gym, I ran for what I think is a mile(it can't be a km but I'm not really sure) on the treadmill. I start to sweat and feel super intense. I did some weight training, and then went on the bike for a bit. Working out kicks ass and I feel so much better about life, seriously.

I went to see Baby Mama with Deidra tonight. It was a very funny movie, but not as good as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was just nice to go out with Dee and have a good time, she works so hard all the time. There was a trailler for The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, I think I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

Shawna called after and I met up with her and John Cayen. Shawna is opening a clothing store in Timmins called Sugar. She is getting ready for her opening (May 22)and is getting John ready too. Cayen and I lived together in high school and I consider him to be my literal brother. It was great to have some beers and catch up.

I don't have any pot. Man, that really sucks after some beers. I really wish I could smoke a joint right now. I can go without weed, but not after a beer. I would so much rather be high than drunk.

I have to see a guy about a thing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Praying for an Indie Rock Holocaust

The Stormalongs are on the standby list for NXNE. That means if one of the bands can't make it, or breaks up, or someone overdoses, or set themselves on fire in a Great White inspired pyrotechnics display, then The Stormalongs will get to play at Canada's biggest music showcase next month.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Wiiware games are now available from the Wii Shop Channel. These are downloadable games developed for Wii that cost between 5$ and 15$ depending on the game. I bought a game called Pop. Bubbles float across the screen and you pop them with the wiimote. Popping the bubbles gets you points and adds time to the clock, when you miss a bubble you are penalized. It's pretty fun but I think it will be a riot playing with friends(up to four).

I haven't been playing my Wii much since I beat Super Mario Galaxy. I wanted to get the new Smash Bros. and Mario Kart but I have been holding out in anticipation of WiiFit, which I have to get(May 19). These new Wiiware games are great because they are cheaper and new ones will come out every Monday, which should keep me playing my Wii.

Weezer's new self-titled red album will be out 21 days sooner than originally planned. The record will be out June 3rd. This is going to be the album of the summer.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To my Mom

Everything I ever asked, you answered. I get so many Simpsons jokes because of what you taught me about history and pop culture.

You helped me beat Cancer. You were always by my side and you never spoiled me.

You raised us by yourself. You worked hard, our clothes were clean, our bellies full.

You went to nursing school so you could better provide for us. When you got out of school, and there were no nursing jobs you got a job as a waitress so we could eat.

We are so lucky to have such a strong, intelligent woman raise us in a home with so much love.

Thank you mom, Happy Mother's Day, I love you so much.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Excessive scatting will cause polyps finds Spin Doctors study

Stromalongs got a final two hours of rehearsals in before tomorrows recording session. They worked on:

Days Alight

Missiles through the floor
Death Swan

Tomorrow is the big day. The Stormalongs plan on recording 10 songs, at Backroom Studios.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Shaken Monkey Syndrome

The Stormalongs @ Kathedral Toronto Ontario 05/08/08

Kathedral has no liquor license so it sucks. Paul was there to record the show and I will put it up here when he sends it to me. We had a good time and the guys got to show off the new songs, the setlist was:

Days Alight
Missiles through the floor

It was the last show before they go in and record the new songs. Here is an Olde Tyme Stormalongs Tale I picked up hanging around the band.

While on tour in the eastern block, Colin needed a new killer riff to play on Europe's most influential pop program Ihr Geschmack ist Schei├če, diese Musik ist gut . As he paced the back alleys of Hamburg he came upon a small capuchin monkey dressed like one of the Village People(Unfortunately it is not important for the purposes of the story which Village Person the monkey was dressed as). Colin thought this strange, so he followed the monkey down a narrow path that led to an open area where an Organ Grinder was cranking his Organ. A small door on the Organ box flipped open and the monkey climbed up the man's leg and into the box. The man continued to played a tune that overtook all of Colin's senses. The music sounded incredible, it felt like a backrub, it smelled like fresh baked cookies, it tasted like Poutine from Chez-Nous, and it looked as if Colin would have to beat this man to death with his Organ and steal his riff....

Well the Stormalongs played the show and the song was a great hit and we all got strippers for each day of the week(which was confusing because some of them were named after days of the week so we were often late for gigs after that).
Sadly the monkey died of rare affliction known as Shaken Monkey Syndrome.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I am Iron Man

I went to see Iron Man with my auntie Chrissy tonight. It was really good. Robert Downey Jr. is cool as hell. Somone sat beside us with two kids who were about 5 an 6 and not ready to be taken out to the movies. We had to change seats cause the little shits just wouldn't shut up(But Auntie Chris talked a bit too, which is not something I like to do when I go to the movies).You have to stay till the end of the credits to see a kick ass extra scene.

Ian sent me this picture of Billy Corgan from the Iron Man premiere.

Before the movie there was a trailer for The Incredible Hulk. This is a screenshot in which you can clearly see Sam the Record Man.

Just for Laughs

I have always wanted to go to Montreal for the Just Pour Rire comedy festival. My dad recently moved there, so with a place to crash I'm out of excuses.

Two shows jumped right out at me

Apatow for Destruction
Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and more!

Just For Laughs brings you Hollywood’s hottest dream team this summer! Don’t miss a unique night of stand-up comedy as writer/director/producer Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) assembles a veritable all-star team with one of Canada’s biggest exports, Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Pineapple Express Superbad), Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express, The Office), Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and a line-up of some of the most buzzed about film and TV stars in comedy in a very special Just For Laughs event.

South Park Live

Matt Stone & Trey Parker
What began as a low-budget animated short is now considered one of the “Best 100 TV shows of all time” - Time Magazine. Join Emmy Award-winners Matt Stone and Trey Parker as they take you inside their hilarious groundbreaking animated series South Park with this uncensored, no holds-barred event complete with clips from the show and more!

So I bought tickets. How could I miss seeing my Idol Seth Rogen? And Live South Park? Crazy! I can't wait till July!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

NIN The Slip - HALO27 Free Album!

The new Nine Inch Nails record is out, and its free NIN The Slip

I'm listening to it now. The last album was an instrumental piece, and I really liked a lot of the tracks.
This one is a rocker with some interesting stuff. I'm gonna take it to the gym and let it rock my workout. I have Japanese lessons tonight. I like to go to the gym and then to class, but the later you go, the more packed it is and then you have to deal with the nasty sweat-fog around the treadmills.

There is a new Love Guru trailer. It gives a much better idea of what the movie is like than the first trailer.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Matt's Toronto Trip

My plan to meet up with auntie Chrissy and see Iron Man didn't work out, so we rain checked for sometime early this week.

Friday night I went to the airport to meet my friend Matt Stone from San Francisco, and he was delayed at immigration for 40 minutes because he didn't know my address (always know the address of where you are going to be staying when traveling abroad).

We took the TTC back downtown and had dinner and beers at Epicure by my place on Queen W. Back at my place we hung out with the guy down the hall and burned a few, had some tequila, and went to The Mod Club. We got really drunk and went out for Chinese Food. I got sick in the bathroom of the restaurant and again at home and once more the next morning.

We went to Java House for breakfast. I brought him to Kensington Market to show him the Hot Box Cafe, we got some Notorious B.I.G. blunt papers and checked out the new Canadian made Vaporizer. We ordered a smoothie and went out back, it started to rain so sat under the covered area rolled one up. Deidra called and was finnished work so we walked over to meet up with her at Queens Park. We found her and walked into the park for the Toronto Freedom Festival. The rain was light but it made the prospect of hanging out for very long unlikely. We didn't even have anything rolled! A few people had tents set up, everyone else was huddled around the trees (providing no protection from the rain). Deidra had a great idea, Why don't we get a tent!?! We walked to Canadian Tire and I bought a 4 person tent for 50$. I gave Matt my Canadian Tire money as a souvenir of his first trip to a Canadian Tire. When we got back to the park the rain was still coming down, we set the tent up quick, and we were hanging out inside in no time. Deidra was put on rolling duty. Matt Thompson showed up with some delicious apple juice. I talked to Colin and he said he was on his way down, but then he never got around to it. We forgot to bring munchies, and that sucked cause al of the vendors were gouging us cause they knew stoners can't resist the force of the munchies. Dee rolled a huge fatty for 4:20. I had the idea to get our treats after we burned. Everyone else must have had the same idea, cause the line was 70 people long! I gave up, and good thing I did, I ran into Marc Emery, Canada's Prince of Pot. I told him we had met before in Timmins and he remembered hanging out at Nim's place. He introduced me to his wife, it was cool. I totally forgot to ask him what was going on with his extradition case. When I got back to the tent, we made the call to pack up and get some food. As soon as the tent was down and packed, just as we tried to fold up the ground tarp, the wind picked up and the rain became torrential. We got totally soaked, and ran away from the park. We canceled our plans for dinner and said goodbye to Deidra.

Back at my place I threw our clothes in the dryer and Matt and I sat there in our jockeys for the most uncomfortable 45 minutes of our lives.

No, not really.

Ian came by and gave us a ride up to the Rehearsal Factory to check out the Stormalongs rock.

We finally ate at Hero Burger, Matt got a Poutine. he asked how authentic it was, I would give it a 6 out of 10. It was Poutine pour des maudit anglais, I wish I could have showed him how Chez-Nous rocks a large Quebec.

The USA does not have ketchup chips, or all dressed ruffles, or caramilk bars or crispy crunch, so we munched out on all of that junk and watched Trailer Park Boys and pooched out.

Sunday we had breakfast at Stem, shopped around Queen West. We went to see the Jays play Chicago White Sox. We got a free bobble head on our way into the skyDome. Sweet! We were in the 500 level, but our seats were right behind home plate, it was awesome. Super Sweet! We wanted to take the Steamwhislte brewery tour, so we left the game in the 5th with the jays up 4-3. The brewery was cool, we had a few brews, tasty. When we left the game had just ended and the score hadent changed, so we didn't miss anything, and JAYS WON!

We barely made it to the airport on time. It was too late to check his bag so he left me with a six pack of Steamwhistle and some maple syrup.

I had a great time with Matt, but it wasn't long enough. I'm looking forward to crashing on his sofa in the near future.