Wednesday, May 14, 2008

waiting for red records

Weezer's Red Album has leaked. Last night was agonizing, I was so tempted to download it, but I'm gonna wait. You have to be strong, wait till the cd is out and you can hold it in your hands. This will be the record to rock my summer and I can wait 3 weeks.

At the gym, I ran for what I think is a mile(it can't be a km but I'm not really sure) on the treadmill. I start to sweat and feel super intense. I did some weight training, and then went on the bike for a bit. Working out kicks ass and I feel so much better about life, seriously.

I went to see Baby Mama with Deidra tonight. It was a very funny movie, but not as good as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was just nice to go out with Dee and have a good time, she works so hard all the time. There was a trailler for The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, I think I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

Shawna called after and I met up with her and John Cayen. Shawna is opening a clothing store in Timmins called Sugar. She is getting ready for her opening (May 22)and is getting John ready too. Cayen and I lived together in high school and I consider him to be my literal brother. It was great to have some beers and catch up.

I don't have any pot. Man, that really sucks after some beers. I really wish I could smoke a joint right now. I can go without weed, but not after a beer. I would so much rather be high than drunk.

I have to see a guy about a thing.

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