Thursday, May 08, 2008

Shaken Monkey Syndrome

The Stormalongs @ Kathedral Toronto Ontario 05/08/08

Kathedral has no liquor license so it sucks. Paul was there to record the show and I will put it up here when he sends it to me. We had a good time and the guys got to show off the new songs, the setlist was:

Days Alight
Missiles through the floor

It was the last show before they go in and record the new songs. Here is an Olde Tyme Stormalongs Tale I picked up hanging around the band.

While on tour in the eastern block, Colin needed a new killer riff to play on Europe's most influential pop program Ihr Geschmack ist Schei├če, diese Musik ist gut . As he paced the back alleys of Hamburg he came upon a small capuchin monkey dressed like one of the Village People(Unfortunately it is not important for the purposes of the story which Village Person the monkey was dressed as). Colin thought this strange, so he followed the monkey down a narrow path that led to an open area where an Organ Grinder was cranking his Organ. A small door on the Organ box flipped open and the monkey climbed up the man's leg and into the box. The man continued to played a tune that overtook all of Colin's senses. The music sounded incredible, it felt like a backrub, it smelled like fresh baked cookies, it tasted like Poutine from Chez-Nous, and it looked as if Colin would have to beat this man to death with his Organ and steal his riff....

Well the Stormalongs played the show and the song was a great hit and we all got strippers for each day of the week(which was confusing because some of them were named after days of the week so we were often late for gigs after that).
Sadly the monkey died of rare affliction known as Shaken Monkey Syndrome.

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