Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gone to Burning Man

I will be in Black Rock City for the next week. We are leaving at 3am. See ya!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

One more day till Burning Man.

I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow.

While we are on the Playa the best place to get up to the minute news is the
Shadyvil Blog

Go ahead Mom, click on it and bookmark it.

For crazys, Matt has internet at Burning Man, not for porn, or so he says. So we can update the blog with goings on. I can also use this to update my blog, which I may do, but will not make any promises. I was kind of thinking I should take some notes. Although I will state at this time that I have made an arrangement with my Attorney to have all documents, photographs, recordings both audio and visual, filed, catalogued, and summarily destroyed.

We shopped some more, I spent some more money.

Tomorrow I will shop some more and spend more money.

Everything in it's right place

Radiohead, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA 08/22/08

Went to see Radiohead with Kubi last night.

Most of our Burning Man group are super-fans, but couldn't be there because they are already on the Playa preparing for the Burn. Kubi and I were the lucky ones so I couldn't miss this show.

We rolled a couple of doobs(I did good). We took a cab to the park and walked the rest of the way(once we hit the huge crowds). I still had to buy my ticket so Kubs went in with the plan to meet before the show started(not likely).

The quwe was like disneyland, you could not see the end. It took an hour so I missed Beck. I would have liked to see Beck(esspecially after dishing out 90$).

I got to the mainstage a few minutes before the show started, Kubi and I did not meet up till after.

The show was great(except for two, that's TWO audio cut outs) The band was awesome. Thom York even apologized later in the show for the technical dificulties, "...but it's about the music, right?".

Some standout songs Talk Show Host, Fake Plastic Trees, Videotape(all of the In Rainbows tracks were awesome).

I had to block my deaf ear because some jackass beside me wanted to mumble along to Karma Police, it has words asshole.

I just closed my eyes and absorbed the vibes being sent my way from the band. I like to rock out at shows, which can be awkward for the mannequins standing around me.

They closed of course, with Everything in it's right Place, amazing. There was a giant screen behind them that scrolled EVERYTHING across over and over.

I met up with Kubi after the show and we burned a doob, trainwreck.

The crowd was insane. So many people, it was impossible to get away after, the crowed can only move in one direction (or swim in the ocean).

in TIFF08 news,
Thanks to NewsAskew I was able to move quick and score this:
Order Confirmation # 9******

Zack and Miri Make a Porno 09/09/2008 03:00pm
(2) General Admission

I am now guarenteed to go!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Burning Man is so fucking close!

We loaded the truck at the storage space yesterday. Today we loaded everything at the workspace(Bikes, stripper pole, Shower tower of doom, all that booze!). Its all on it's way to the middle of the desert for Burning Man. I really can't wait.

Kubi and I will leave for Burning Man on Sunday night or early Monday morning.

We went to Costco to get supplies. Yes we probably will need 5 lbs of gummy bears(which Matt observed was almost enough to fuck). I got a 60 of CR. Weird. In Canada we use metric and here they use imperial, but for booze they say 1.75L and we say 60 oz.

We keep running in to people all around town who are going to the Burn. It is crazy.

When we were in the work space people would pop their heads in the door looking all puzzled asking "what is going in here?", to which we would tell them "It's going to be a barbecue restaurant", and they look at the crazy shit we are doing with lasers and faux fur and stripper poles, and say "BARBECUE!?!". The we tell them that we are using the space for Burning Man and it all makes more sense.

Radiohead is playing in Golden Gate Park tomorrow. Can't miss that. Ian Gibson went to see them at the Molson Amp last wek and said it was awesome, like Dark Knight awesome(If you know Ian you know that is huge).

I dont really have much left to get for Burning Man. I would like to go downtown tomorow, find some postcards and maybe something for Dee;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Booze & Brownies

I have been working hard getting ready for Burning Man.

These Brownies taste kind of funny

This is not a Playa bike

Bill and I went to get the booze, he only went 1000$ over budget(boxes are stacked).My Playa bike, finished(of course it has red neon lights in the basket)

Yesterday we loaded the truck, I got covered in Playa dust(I guess I'd better get used to it).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wheel

You know on Wheel of Fortune, when they have the last puzzle, and they give the contestant the letters RSTLNE, what if the answer was Goosebumps author R.L. Stine, that would be super easy, just buy an I.

I almost finished my bike today. I asked Bill for help putting it back together after painting it. We had trouble with the chain, then the Camp meeting started and I left it in Bills hands. Ray for some reason cannibalized Kubi's chain on his bike but didn't fix mine and now two bikes are fucked. Ray is a friend of Jas and I'm glad he's not coming with us to the Burn.

The meeting went well. We discussed the workings of the camp, It was cool. I'm really excited now.

Kubi said it feels far away even though it isnt, I understand completely, feels distant but in a week I will already be there.

I bought a six pack of Sapporo botttles for 5.99$ just to make my brother Paul jealous.

Deidra sent me a txt and I gave her a call, I miss my buddy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mail From Burning Man!

Do you want me to send you a postcard from Burning Man? You know how much I love to send postcards, do I have your address? Burning Man has a post office and it's own postmark! Also you can send me mail and I will receive it in the middle of the desert(as long as you send it this week, it should get there on time). My address will be:

Sunny J (Julien Chabot)
Shadyvil, 8:45 & Dart
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

7 Days till the fire of a thousand Suns

I will be at Burning Man in one week.

The Vibrating Stripper Pole is complete and ready for the Playa.

Saturday we shopped and shopped, this venture becomes more and more expensive with every passing day. Targé, Home Despot, and a costume store in the Haight, follewed by another trip to REI(Which looks and operates just like Mountain Equipment Co-op back in Canada). I am getting a lot of help from my friends. Matt Stone has been amazing, he paid for my BM ticket, camp dues, he is letting me borrow equipment, helping me save money here and there. He is also a great source on what to expect when I get out there.

I got a brand new cruiser bike thanks to Matt and Jas, and spent all of Sunday fucking it up with paint. Today I'm gonna finish my bike and help Kubi with his.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

fuck Weezer tickets

Weezer is going to be playing Toronto on September 30th and I really want to go, but I think I am deciding against it. My reasoning behind this is:
a) The Air Canada Centre sucks balls.
b) I can't even afford the shitty seats in the acoustically challenged piece of shit venue.

I would love to see Weezer in Japan, or even at a smaller venue in Toronto(or at least one that is GA)

Weezer Early Album 5 Demos

Weezer BBC Demos

Weezer DC Demos

Weezer Glenn Sound Studio Demos

Green Album Demos

Maladroit demos 1 of 1

Maladroit demos 2 of 2

Songs From the Black Hole

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kevin Smith's Porno to Preem at TIFF08!

I will be back from California at the beginning of September fot the Toronto International Film Festival. I had been eagerly anticipating the announcement of the films that will be appearing at this years fest. I had mentioned on this blog how I believed Kevin Smith's Zack & Miri Make a Porno would be there and can now confirm:

Zack & Miri Make a Porno will have it's World Premiere at TIFF08.

I can't wait to secure my tickets.

Happy Birthday to NIM & Manimal!

It was Nim's birthday yesterday. I got a call from Kevin Flynn, KFly himself, telling me to leave San Francisco right away and attend Mark Nimroski's birthday party. I really wish I could.

Luckily I didn't really miss out on any cake, it was Matt Stone's birthday too. San & Linsey brought a cake, mike and V brought a pie, John and Pretty brought a pie too, so no shortage of sweets. Matt and Kubi and I went to 222Hyde, had some drinks, good times.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos, motherfucker!

Saw Pineapple Express again with Matt & Kubi. it is great, go see it(after you have seen The Dark Knight of course).

I'm tired of Shadyvil after yesterday's build. I just want to work on getting my own shit ready. I'm sick of watching a bunch of eccentrics fuck the dog all day.

The Vibrating Stripper pole has lights, and is almost ready for the Playa. The plan is to affix all the accouterments(faux fur and such) once we get out there. I will get a video of it working up here, before we go. I just can't make any promises I will have an atractive lady to model it(maybe just Matt in a speedo).

Friday, August 08, 2008

Go see Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is the funniest movie of the year and the greatest stoner action/comedy of all time.

Even if you don't smoke weed, go see this movie. You can pretend you are getting high off all the other people in the theatre who smell like pot. People who don't smoke always make comments when they pass by someone who is smoking pot like, "Smells like good shit/stuff". It's funny cause they think it makes them look cool, but really its the opposite.

I already saw Pineapple Express in Montreal but I am going to see it this weekend with the gang.

Last night was another even more productive night on the Burning Man front. I painted the base of the VSP black. I must have been asked 15 times why it was being painted black. I guess it goes back to my theatre training. When something is wood, paint it to not look like wood.

I was drinking Anchor Steam and Wild Turkey, I guess my eyes were bigger then my lungs cause the vaporizer threw me over and I puked in Matt's toilet. I crashed watching Daily Show.

I woke up tottaly needing some breakfast. I grabbed a egg & ham and swiss on a crossant at Sweet Chinito. I fucking love that place. Sweet Chinito has great breakfast croisants, and muffins and the best sandwiches anywhere, at an amazing price. The staff is so nice and friendly.

I walked along the Embarcadero to Pier 39. It was nice but it would be more fun with somone else. All my friends work, I wish Deidra was here. It would be cool to show her around the city.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nintendo Thumb

First I have to say how cool all my friends are here in California. San and his fiance Linsey have been letting me crash on their sofa(Canadians read:Couch). Linsey is really fun and I'm happy for San. They have set a date for October 31st but I'm not supposed to show up to the wedding as Batman. My best friend since forever Mike W(dubs) lives right down the hall, or just across the patio if you want to shave 20 seconds off a 30 second trip. I've got a huge blister on my thumb from playing Soul Calibur 4 on PS3 with Mike yesterday. Darth Vader vs Darth Vader. We both hadn't played before so it was the only real chance I had at beating him. I was mashing the buttons and it seemed to be a good stratigy but now I must pay the price("See what you get" said Mike).

Just down Mission St. about 20 minutes walking from San & Mikes place live Matt & Kubi, and Bill. Under their appartment in the retail space is where we are building stuff for Burning Man.

We made lots of progress last night on the build for Burning Man. The vibrating stripper pole base was sanded and painted. Jas put floodlights on the car. Kubi built the power supply box. Matt made props to hold the picket fence up. We are almost done with the camp prep, and then we will move on to costumes and personal prep stuff.
The Vibrating Stripper Pole gets painted

We ate a delicious Potato Garlic Pesto pizza. I went around the corner to the bodega and picked up a 6 pack of Anchor Steam. Matt and I had some beers, hit the Volcano and I took the bus back to San's place.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vibrating Stripper Pole nearing completion

I went with Matt, Kubi and Jas to fix up some bikes for Burning Man. Our camp, Shadyvil had everyone who went last years bike in storage. By the time we got there most had already been fixed and they didn't have any extras. So Matt and I's mission for this weekend is to find cruiser bikes for the Playa. We have El wire to totally deck them out, classy.

We went to Jas's place and checked out the crazy laser. It was insane to have such a high power laser going off in your living room. I tought I was in that fucking seizure box from Yellow Submarine. I can imagine it is even more crazy out in the desert with our minds totally twisted.

Then Matt and Bill and I got the Vibrating Stripper Pole functioning. It still needs another polish and still has to be painted and everything, but the theory has been proven.

We can make a Stripper Pole vibrate.

Like Ben Franklin in a fucking lightning storm, Matt Stone last night discovered the formula for resonating stripper poles and changed the world forever.

We are going to do some more work tonight.

In the Bout Frickin Time Dept.
Weezer has announced the dates for their upcoming tour, finally. The important one for me is Sep 30 Toronto, ON - Air Canada Center. Now when do they go on sale?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weezer in Toronto, Radiohead in SF

Weezer has been posting videos, none of which have been very informative. This new one shows a bunch of different places, you might recognize Toronto. Hopefully this is a hint about the upcoming tour.

Mike has tickets to Radiohead at OutSide Lands, Pimp VIP tickets. I'm gonna slum it with Kubi in the cheap seats ($85!!!).

Stuff your face at the Google Picnic

I went to the Google picnic with Matt and Kubi. It was at the Shoreline Ampatheatre just across from the Google campus in Mountainview, Ca. It was really for the kids, so we didn't do much for activities. Kubi and I jousted, he won, I took him down with me. The beer was $7.50, so I didn't have any. We ate a lot of crap. So much Sun!

Kubi and Matt in a sac race!

I had so much freaking food. I ate a corn dog(what we in Canada refer to by it's most popular brand Pogo), some Sliders(mini burgers), wicked criss cross fries, some bbq beef, cornbread and macaroni salad with corn. Lot's of corn in the USA. All the food was good and there was a buch of other stuff I didn't eat because there was no room for it. Matt and I had sno cones which were cheap on syrup.

San Francisco from the rooftop