Saturday, August 02, 2008

Stuff your face at the Google Picnic

I went to the Google picnic with Matt and Kubi. It was at the Shoreline Ampatheatre just across from the Google campus in Mountainview, Ca. It was really for the kids, so we didn't do much for activities. Kubi and I jousted, he won, I took him down with me. The beer was $7.50, so I didn't have any. We ate a lot of crap. So much Sun!

Kubi and Matt in a sac race!

I had so much freaking food. I ate a corn dog(what we in Canada refer to by it's most popular brand Pogo), some Sliders(mini burgers), wicked criss cross fries, some bbq beef, cornbread and macaroni salad with corn. Lot's of corn in the USA. All the food was good and there was a buch of other stuff I didn't eat because there was no room for it. Matt and I had sno cones which were cheap on syrup.

San Francisco from the rooftop

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