Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 ounces of Rye and I'm ready to fly

I think I figured out why I get heartburn when I fly, I thought to myself as I finished my 5th double Crown Royal and Coke.

Executive class was awesome! The lounge was great I had some apple juice and water and some yogurt with granola and a coffee. Then I started drinking.

I wasn't blitzed, just had a good buzz.

I sat beside a guy named Vince who was really nice. They had Simpsons on the PVR so I watched that while I drank Chardonnay. The meal was tasty, beef and potatos. The knife was just for show and didn't cut the meat at all. Then they brought out the hot towls, which was awesome!

San met me on Mission St. and we went to his place and burned a j. Matt came over, we burned a j.

I went over to Matt's place, stopping at Sweet Chinitos for a Turky and bacon with avocadoes and provalone on Dutch Crunch bread(My favourite).

Matt's apartment is above a vacant store and his landlord is leting him use it to build shit for Burning Man.

Four hours in San Francisco and I'm on my knees polishing pole.

We have an 11 foot srtripper pole that will soon be a vibrating srtipper pole. It's freaking brass, and it had to be polished to be up to stripper standards.

It's for Burning Man, of course. Not opening a Strip club, although that is an idea.

Matt bought a brass pole. He went to Home Depo, it went like this:

Home Depo Employee:"Is it a drainage pipe?"

Matt:"No, It's stripper pipe"

I'm really baked. We had Green Cross bring us powerful medicine. Typing is hard. I need a notebook so much is going on.

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