Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Worst 4/20 ever

Last year I was in Golden Gate Park with my friends, this year I'm home alone. Kind of a step down. Paul came over after work and we celebrated for a little bit. A low key affair.

I once again avoided the 4/20 gathering at Yonge/Dundas. I'm glad I didn't go, since some douchebag brought a gun. Way to help out the movement.

Next year I'm either going all out on 4/20 or not even going to acknowledge it.
Half Baked (Fully Baked Widescreen Edition)The Big Lebowski - 10th Anniversary EditionBubba Ho-Tep (Limited Collector's Edition)Heavy Metal (Collector's Edition)

Monday, April 19, 2010

 My Aunt Chris drove me back into town from Mom's. We picked up Granny Mo & Andy and went to my favourite place in the whole world Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill. Grandma asked about my blog so I feel obliged to make a post. I have a backlog to go through and post this week but I figured I would start here.

I just watched episode 13 of Spartacus Blood and Sand. This show is fucking epic, you have to see it. Watch the trailer then get buy it through this handy Amazon link.

I really want to see a Jays game but I'm busted out for cash right now, I got into the sub-prime mortgages way too late. I gotta find a job, tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New album from Melissa Auf Der Maur, Out Of Our Minds! Out Now!!!

It's taken a few years, but Melissa Auf Der Maur's second album is finally available, and it rocks!  The record/comic/short-film project brings the former Hole/Pumpkins bassist back to the art school roots she abandoned for a 90's alt-rock roller-coaster. She is also no longer a slave to a label (Capitol) and though she is using EMI's distribution arm to get the records in stores, this project is as indie as it gets. I recommend buying the cd/dvd, cause the short film really is excellent. If you can afford the whole package, go for it, but at the very least pick up the album, cheapskate.

I managed to get on the list to the album release party through sheer vigilance and twitter.

It was being held just down Queen W. at the gallery beside the Great Hall.
I ran into Andrew and some other superfans and stuck with them most of the event. The conversation was quite heavy on talk of the Them Crooked Vultures show coming up. I'm a fan but didn't get tickets cause I can't afford em.

I tested the free beer theory by walking up to the bar, asking for a beer and getting one without having to pay. I walked back to my group and savored the taste of Steam Whistle for a moment before confirming to everyone it was gratis. That was nice cause I could now afford to buy the LP (and I did!). Melissa knows Andrew well and came to talk to our group. I had a feeling she wasn't going to play because she was dressed up so nice. She thanked us for our support, and autographed my LP. Melissa is the most accessible rock stars ever, she always has time for her fans.  

Melissa then gave a speech and then we watched the OOOM trailer and the music video. She did not play a set, but promised to return soon (she did just rock the Horseshoe last month).