Saturday, January 31, 2009

workout bubble

I'm pretty good at making excuses for not going to the gym. I was going to bail today, but at the last minute I went and did some weights. There was this strange dude there who was exercising in jeans, and he had put all the extra weights in the room on one machine. The weights were stacked so high, he couldn't even use the machine. But nobody ever says anything at the gym, it's like people are in a workout bubble that can't be popped.

Ian and I went to go see a guy about a thing, but couldn't get a hold of him. So we went to see Taken at Scotiabank Theatre. We met up with Ian's boss Edgar in the lobby.

The movie was fun, it's an action thriller. Liam Niessen's daughter is kidnapped to be sold into prostitution and he is ex-CIA, Big Mistake, Kidnappers! It's worth renting or watching on TV if it's on.

After the movie we said goodbye to Edgar and went to see our guy. Surprise, Surprise, Paul was with him. So we blazed and gave Paul a ride to a bar.

It was really cool to meet Edgar. I'm a big fan of his films and I hope he has a good time and a great shoot in Toronto.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Lu's Death Grip

I hung out with Granny Mo today. We met at Eatons and had breakfast, then we went to her doctors for an appointment she had. We had lunch at Swiss Chalet and then walked to the subway. Gmo went home and I went to visit Andre and Treya, and of course Baby Lu!

Baby Lu's Death Grip

I love my cousin Treya and her husband Andre is great. I always laugh like crazy with Treya, she is super funny. Tre's friends from work came over to look at the baby, we had pizza(Thanks Dre!).

That was a nice day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kevin Smith Film Fest at Bloor Cinema in Toronto

I received my Kevin Smith Film Fest Voucher today. They still have tickets for sale, so if you want to see some great Kevin Smith movies along with a Q&A from the Man himself, buy em now!

The first Kevin Smith film I ever saw in theatres was Chasing Amy at The Fox Theatre in the Beaches. My Granny Mo had a store just down the street. She sold art, and I hung out in the musty basement, reading the free papers and listening to Mix99 on the radio. The year was 1997.

I can't wait to see Clerks which I have never seen on the big screen before, and Mallrats is one of my favoutite movies of all time(I saw it at the Bloor with Kathleen like 8 years ago).

I went to the Gym again today. I watched the Budget Leak and did 20 minutes on the bike and then did some wieghts, just the upper body. Then strech it out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dirty Dancing Cream Soda

Got up and watched the Speech from the Throne. Stephen Harper is a lying fucking monster and we are all fucked.

Chloe sent me a birthday card from England. It plays the Superman theme, just like the one Mom got me. Chloe and Mom are so much alike.

I got to the gym. Finally. I kept it easy, 30 minutes on the bike and 10 jogging, then some stretches. I will do weights tomorrow.

I went bong shopping with Paul. He just moved out on his own, so of course he needs a bong. Even back when he lived at Moms house, all he had was a hobo water pipe made out of a water bottle. So he picked up a nice blue sky looking bong. We went back to his place, stopping at Honest Ed's, which sucked, all we could find were Jones Soda(They had Obama Orange Cola!). He made a great sandwich and fries for us. We watched some TNG(The one where Commander Riker is accused of Space Rape), played some N64 and hit his new bong. A great evening with my brother.
Paul with Dirty Dancing Cream Soda

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daniel Lanois live at Sam the Record Man

The best part about working at Sams was the In-store appearances. I finally uploaded a video I took of Daniel Lanois.

Daniel Lanois performs The Messenger live at the legendary Sam The Record Man in Toronto Ontario Canada June 17th 2005

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trailer Park Boys-Ricky Julian and Bubbles Veriety Show

The Trailer Park Boys hot-boxed Massey Hall trying to teach Toronto about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Ricky "hip-otized" some people on stage(RAVINE!) and the audience as well.

They had some audience participation, Ricky had some ladies roll joints, Julian had them mix him a drink blindfolded, Bubbles had the ladies go bobing for cat turds(not real of course).

Bubbles tried to get some guys to shred on the guitar.

Alex Liferson (of RUSH) came out and played Closer To The Heart with Bubbles. Ricky apologized to Alex once again for calling him a male prostitute.

The show ended with a special surprise, J-Roc, the coolest MC in Sunnyvale came out to perform his smash hit "You can't not be feeling this". Mike Clatenberg filmed it, apparently it will be the last scene of the new movie that will be out in the fall. They went through it twice, and we were so close to the front we must have gotten in there somewhere, so hopefully I will be in the new Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day movie!

It was a great time at a great show, and It kind of brought the series to a true end (Still waiting on that movie tho).

Friday, January 23, 2009

Brad Pitt Porno

If The Curious Case of Benjamin Button were a porno it would be titled The Cum Covered Face of Benjamin Butthole. Ewwww.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Inaugural Balls

Finally George W. Bush is fucking gone, Hello President Obama.

no one has RSVP'd for either of my Presidential Inaugural Balls. Does no one wish to attend my two balls? I wanted to hold my Balls somewhere classy, but I'm not quite sure right now who will hold my Balls where.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Boy!

I turned 27 years old today. I had a great birthday. Deidra brought me to Sneaky Dees, I had eggs benny, so good.

Ian drove Matt, Adam, Deidra and I to my Moms house. Mom had a great party for me, with lasagna and a Superman Cake! Granny Mo was there, and Lewis and Auntie Chris.

I'm so pooched and full of food. My fridge is full of cake, I want to start my day early so I can go to the gym and then eat cake.

I was super popular on facebook today, everyone gave me lots of birthday love.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Drunken Whore Show

Burning Man is going to happen. Later this year. I talk to a lot of people who want to go, whish they could go, always thought they would go someday. I am telling you now, today is that day. This is the best heads up you are going to get. But you put it off, maybe next year.

But not me.

I'm there.

Black Rock City 2009

I am not a rich man. My life has been extraordinary because of the friends I have been blessed with. Mike lived across the street from me my whole life, and when I didn't know what to do he showed me how to be a man and what to do. We lived together here in Toronto, he moved away.

I went to visit Mike and met some crazy folk.

Mike, You introduced me to all these people. I am a better person because of it.

San(The Roomate) You are a smart Canadian. You have Mike's back at every turn(mad respect). You and me have a connection, every time I meet you I am lucky to explore it further.

Bill (Le Neighbor) My god what a bar! And a Gentleman scholar to run the whole show!

Matt(Upstairs, Le bro) Any time I have ever said, "Dude, we should go and do..." you have said YES! I have as much fun as I do because you are there too.

Kubi(Bowlus-Smokus-Fraturnitus) You know we pass out just a bit later than everyone else, so have that much more in common.

Linsey(da wife) You make my man San a happy/Sane dude, you make San Sane. Ha.
I love your enjoyment/smile and what you get out of life.

I would love to go to Burning Man with all of you. Please lets use
this group to discuss our future together!

This is a Drunken Whore Show, and it's on the road.

Man with a moustache

This is my Christmas gift to you. Instead of waiting in line to give money I don't have to Wal-Mart, I got you a Mustache. Have you ever gotten a mustache for Christmas before? I have never managed to get a gift for everyone, but I did this year, by growing a mustache.

I have never had a mustache before, ever. Nor do I plan on having one again(unless you ask real nice).

I know, I'm not a Cop or a Child Molester so why do I have a mustache? Nor am I a Queen W. Hipster/Douchebag, but being so close to Q, it's hard to avoid the acusitory fingers. Especially with Levesque saying "Hate the Mustache" on my facebook wall.

The plan was to shave it on New Years Day. But my mom liked it and wanted to see it grow Magnum Pi Styles.
So I let it grow, waiting till it got to Tom Selleck proportions. I will shave it after my birthday. I would look good in birthday pic with a mustache.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm outty Happy Hardcore!

God damn you Happy Hardcore. What a fucking asshole. He thinks I stole his fucking mustard. I did take his mustard, a fucking squirt, and I threw a dime at him, so we are fucking even.

He thinks because I took a squirt of mustard, I stole his beef burgers, even though he was the one who let the schizophrenic dude in the house who stole food. He thinks I may have stolen his burgers instead of his fucking schizophrenic friend.

So he want's to out asshole me, well I always guessed he could.

I'm out of this place tomorrow. I'm going to be 27 soon, I don't have time to bicker with some 30 something cocksucker. Tomorrow I give my notice and then I get my own place. I don't have time to play douche bag games with supposed "grown men".

Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Ride

I finally went to the CNIB to get my 2009 Metropass. Yeah, I get a TTC Metropass cause I'm legally blind. I can't drive, and I wouldn't ride a bike in the city, cause I would probably get hit by a bus, so I'm lucky I can ride on the bus.

I'm going to the gym tomorrow, it's about freaking time! I have to pay for the fucking thing every month, and I haven't been in forever. I've got to take it easy so I can keep going the next day and the day after, working up to where I used to be eventually.

I want to be really fit at Burning Man this year.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Boots

Lot's of snow came down last night. It turned into some nasty slushy crap. My boots have a crack in the bottom that means soaker city wherever there is snow. They sucked in Timmins and with this shitty slush they are even worse in Toronto.

I met up with Granny Mo at the Eaton Centre. Marc Chloe and my cousin Laura showed up and we went for lunch at Milestones. It was tasty, and good to see Chloe, she goes back to England tomorrow.

After lunch, Grammy wanted to get me some good boots. We all went on a search through the mall. I had a little freakout session because of all the people. Marc found a pair of Doc Martins that looked cool, and Grandma got em for me.

Grams went home, Chloe and Laura went to see Four Christmases, Marc and I passed on the movie and went to my place to hang out. I had forgotten my bag at Milestones so I walked over there after saying goodbye to Marc and Chlo. Thankfully it was still there.

No more wet feet, I'm walking in my new boots tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I went to see the new David Fincher pic Ben Button with Deidra. It was really good(I love Fincher's other work, like Panic Room). The effects are great and the story flows well even at its long length(3hrs!). Deidra got bummed out by the drama. Even with my Pepere's recent death, I didn't let this movie get too close.

It really made me think about life and death and what we do with our short time.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Chilling with BQ

I feel like I'm finally recovering from this cough I've had since Timmins. I didn't get my day started as soon as I would have liked. I got to Kensington eventually for food: bacon, bread, broccoli and bananas. The B food group I guess. I went to watch the World Junior Gold medal hockey game with my brother Marc. Canada kicked ass against Sweeden, 5-1. Ikea just could not handle it.

I'm hanging out with my local house kitty, Bassquarter. She is so cute she makes me bite my tounge.

Tomorow I have to go to the CNIB for my Metropass.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Magaggie Box Set

It was the last day for the boxing week sale at Best Buy, so of course they jacked thier prices! I saw Simpsons DVDs in the flyer for both Future Shop and Best Buy going for 14.99$(usualy 45.99$). I usually pick one up around this time of year, cause they are a good price. 14.99$ is a great price, but Best Buy had already jacked up thier price to 24.99$! The same thing happened to me last year. Luckly the guy at the store price matched with Future Shop(but could not explain why they had changed the price before the end of the sale).

So now I have Simpsons season 8. these boxes are great. I love the comentary tracks and being able to watch my favourite episodes whenever I want. I bought some food today too. Can't just buy DVDs. No more spending for me. Got to save up for the future.

I love The Simpsons. It has been on TV for most of my life. in the third grade I had all the Simpsons trivia memorized from the backs of their trading cards, and I had not even seen an episode of the show. Here in Canada it was on Global TV, but it was a cable channel at the time. We didn't have cable! But then Global became a channel you could get with an antenna, and I was watching the Simpsons. I loved it and have to this day.

To the point where I will get into heated debates with Family Guy fans(Although Family Guy fans are not much for debating).

Half an hour till my lasagnia is ready. I'm hungry now!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bassquarter The Kitty

This is Bassquarter, she is our house kitty. There is a crazy homeless lady who feeds the pigeons in the ally beside my house, and back in the day she would ask "Can I have a bassquarter?"(now she just says "quarter", but I still tell her to fuck off.)

My landlord Sandy brought this kitty over from across the street. She belonged to a tenant who moved out, and Sandy brought her over to take care of the mice situation. Happy-Hardcore was supposed to be feeding her, and I guess he was but it was shit. So the kitty looked sick, and it's meow was really fucked up. I think he was forgetting to feed her a lot too, cause she was meowing all the time. So Deidra decided to start feeding it, which I guess was a good idea(but she doesn't have to keep feeding it). So now I feed her. We call her Bassquarter, although everyone in the house has a different name for her.
Sometimes she hangs out in my room. She likes to fuck around in the drawers under my bed. I give her treats which she will hunt for like crazy if she gets confused and thinks there might be more than there actually are.
She does not enjoy having pot smoke blown in her face, and also hates catnip. She runs away from the minty smell of catnip, although she usually gets enough of a whiff to go kitty bonkers.
She is too cute, I bite my tongue she is so cute.
She doesn't hold still for photos, and she had some kind of cut on her nose in these photos.
She licks herself a lot, I guess keeping clean is important for kitty. She seems to spend a lot more time on her asshole that is really necessary.

Coughing fit

I went out with Deidra last night to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We went to the Varsity VIP but it was sold out. So we went out for a beer instead. We stopped in at Game Centre just before they closed. They are awesome, and I hoped I would find a good deal on a used Wii game. They had animal Crossing Wii for 37.50$. I bought it right away(It's a crazy price!), along with the Wii Speak accescory. Animal Crossing is an awesome game, kind of like the Sims, but silly. You can move your charecter from the DS version of the game to the Wii, so now I can't play until I find the cartrige. My room is still a mess, and cleaning it has been a thorn in my side for quite some time. There is just so much pot to be smoked and Maury to watch, who has time to clean a room. But if I am to play my new video game I must find my old one, so cleaning my room is the only course of action.

Mike went back to California today, I miss just chilling with him. Didn't really get a chance to hang out with him in Timmins.

My lungs are fucking pooched from all the second hand cigarette smoke I've inhaled in the past week so I will be staying away from the gym till I recover.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Spirit/The Day The Earth Stood Still -Double Feature!!!

So I don't really believe in downloading movies from the internet. I have issues about watching crap bootlegs of movies meant to be seen on the big screen.

But yet I have no qualms about sneaking into a movie after just having seen something else. It's the only way I can get the theatrical experience I so crave. With so many movies to see this year I will probably be sneaking into a few more theatres to save 13.50$.

Tonight I used my points to see The Spirit and afterwords I walked into The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The Spirit, written and directed by Frank Miller, based on the comic book created by Will Eisner in the 1940's. It follows in the graphic novel adaptive style developed by Robert Rodriguez for Miller's Sin City. Miller's storyboards are directly translated to the screen, giving us moving comic book panels. This is modern film noir at it's best. The dialog is classically cheesy at times but it totally worked. Eva Mendes is so fucking sexy in this movie it is unbelievable.

The Day The Earth Stood Still is a remake of the 1951 classic(Which I have never seen).
Whoa! Keanu is Klaatu! This movie was ok, not worth paying to see(glad I didn't). The only good part was Jennifer Connelly, who has had my heart since Career Opportunities and of course Fast Times so I was glad to see her(still nowhere near the sexiness of Eva Mendes, don't believe me?, check her out but it's not safe for work).

Uncensored Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Commercial - Click here for the most popular videos

Happy New Year!

Last year was great. I started the year in Tahoe, hanging with my best friends, Mike and Matt and San and Kubi. I went to visit my hometown of Timmins the for most times in years, visiting my Pepere and getting loaded on scotch was the best and I will treasure the memory forever. I saw a ton of concerts, Smashing Pumpkins at Massey Hall and Radiohead at Golden Gate Park were the most rocking shows of the year for me. Burning Man was incredible and changed my life for sure. San and Linsey's wedding was beautiful. Christmas was great and then we lost Pepere on Boxing Day. A sad way to end the year for sure.

We drove back from Timmins yesterday, stopping so I could pick up a Perogie Lasagnia at Toffenello's Fresh Pasta before we left. They were sold out so I bought 2 regular lasagnias and we hit the road.

My brother Paul forgetting or not caring that our Grandpa has just died of lung cancer, smoked in the car, along with Mike W.(who had quit) and V(who doesn't ever want to quit). Fucking Smokers are curtious enough to roll thier windows down so I dont have to inhale thier poison(it doesn't work, and I cough and freeze). I apreciated the ride, but was an outsider because of my loathing of the cancer stix.

Mike W. made a wrong turn and we figured it out when we crossed into Quebec.

When we finally got to Toronto, Paul and I went to see a guy about a thing. We got some pot, and I stayed at my guy's house. We had one of the lasagnias I brought and watched Lakeview Terrace(The one where Samuel L Jackson gets angry). It was terrible. We had many Volcano hits, got really baked then I went home, Happy New Year. 2008 is over.

As for this New Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Nine;

I plan on doing a lot more blogging. It would be good to have at least one post per day, which is do-able as I am a busy guy with stories to tell.

I need to take my screenwriting seriously. I have opertunities on the horizon, and I need to be ready.

I will be going to Burning Man again this year, it will be hard. But it will hapen. I have a familly and a home there.

I miss my friend Koji. He taught me so much and I trully beleive I have more to learn from him and the country of Japan. That is why I plan on moving there by the end of this year. This will take a lot of work and palnning, but I think this is the next step in my life.

It would be nice to have a girfriend, but I will be very busy, so I doubt I will activly persue this goal.

George W. Bush will be fucking off in just over two weeks, which is fantastic.