Friday, January 16, 2009

Man with a moustache

This is my Christmas gift to you. Instead of waiting in line to give money I don't have to Wal-Mart, I got you a Mustache. Have you ever gotten a mustache for Christmas before? I have never managed to get a gift for everyone, but I did this year, by growing a mustache.

I have never had a mustache before, ever. Nor do I plan on having one again(unless you ask real nice).

I know, I'm not a Cop or a Child Molester so why do I have a mustache? Nor am I a Queen W. Hipster/Douchebag, but being so close to Q, it's hard to avoid the acusitory fingers. Especially with Levesque saying "Hate the Mustache" on my facebook wall.

The plan was to shave it on New Years Day. But my mom liked it and wanted to see it grow Magnum Pi Styles.
So I let it grow, waiting till it got to Tom Selleck proportions. I will shave it after my birthday. I would look good in birthday pic with a mustache.

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