Monday, January 26, 2009

Dirty Dancing Cream Soda

Got up and watched the Speech from the Throne. Stephen Harper is a lying fucking monster and we are all fucked.

Chloe sent me a birthday card from England. It plays the Superman theme, just like the one Mom got me. Chloe and Mom are so much alike.

I got to the gym. Finally. I kept it easy, 30 minutes on the bike and 10 jogging, then some stretches. I will do weights tomorrow.

I went bong shopping with Paul. He just moved out on his own, so of course he needs a bong. Even back when he lived at Moms house, all he had was a hobo water pipe made out of a water bottle. So he picked up a nice blue sky looking bong. We went back to his place, stopping at Honest Ed's, which sucked, all we could find were Jones Soda(They had Obama Orange Cola!). He made a great sandwich and fries for us. We watched some TNG(The one where Commander Riker is accused of Space Rape), played some N64 and hit his new bong. A great evening with my brother.
Paul with Dirty Dancing Cream Soda

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