Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back from the Shack, Tabarnac

Ok, so the Shack was a lot more fun than I could have guessed. The Shack belongs to an old friend of my Dad's from high school, Dapila. Hanging out with Dad and Dap was so cool. The surroundings were absolutely beautiful. I will post some pictures when I get them from Dad. I really enjoyed my weekend, and I spoke french the whole time. I was worried I would sound like an idiot but as it turns out I'm totally fluent once I'm warmed up.

Now I get to return home, all the fascist Schwarzer Bloc are gone back to their parents basements.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shack in the Morning

So one more night at Dad's before an early morning trip out to Dapila's shack in the Quebec wilderness. My hopes are high that the atmosphere will be pleasant and and I will not run low on refreshments. It would be really nice to be home, but it's currently over-run with cops and anarchists. I'm looking forward to the frantic fast pace I will soon be facing, so it makes sense to charge the batteries beforehand. I will be back in Montreal on Sunday and then I'm taking a bus back to Toronto the next day.    


I took these photos on my way out of Toronto. There are no garbage cans and the fence is huge and intimidating.

I have been in Montreal for about a week. I was concerned about my sweet Toronto starting to look like a concentration camp.  The true purpose of my trip was my best friend Mike's bachelor party, which I did not report here because of it's secretive nature. I left Toronto a week early to avoid the entire G20 security bullshit and I'm glad I did. Friends who travelled on the weekend of the party were faced with enhanced security procedures. My American friends traveling from San Francisco were asked if they had ever appeared in front of a judge, one guy was searched at a bus station in Ottawa en route from Toronto. Not that I had anything in my bag that would cause me to fear search. Our summit, known as the G-String 12 was a great success, and began with the kidnapping of Mike in San Francisco. He was caught unaware of the trip, but had grown suspicious after noticing his missing passport that morning. I will not provide any details for the record, except to say paintball is awesome and that bestiality and zoophilia are not the same thing (Thanks Matt!).

I'm wishing I could be back in Toronto now. I'm not afraid of the G20 I just hate to be inconvenienced.  It was sad to see the guys all go home, and the trip seemed to die off after that, but here I am. Dad's place is cool, it's giving me a chance to write Mike and V's wedding. I miss the gym and I will only have a few days in Toronto before I have to go to San Francisco. Dad is taking me to his friend Dapila's shack somewhere in rural Quebec for some camping so I won't blog again till Monday. I plan on blogging every day in July I swear, it's a goal I've set along with some other writing tasks.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Toronto Underground Cinema is awesome! I went to check out Army of Darkness last night. It's one of my favourite movies, and it was great to get to see Toronto's newest and coolest Rep Cinema. I don't know how they got rid of the Chinatown smell, but it is well covered by buttery popcorn. The Programers are really into some cool stuff so they should have some interesting films and I will be hyping them a lot since I'm on the street team.

I booked a flight to San Francisco in July. Mike and Vanessa's wedding is only a month away. I got measured for a tux, I'm going to look pretty slick. I'm writing and performing the wedding ceremony, and starting to get a little nervous, which is a good sign. I work best under pressure. Im excited about the possibilities, Is a Schwarzenegger impression tasteful in a wedding ceremony? 

There is a lot of pressure here in Toronto. I'm getting out of Toronto, going to Montreal to visit Dad on Monday. I got a bus ticket on (It's never 1$,  Mine was 60$) but I do recommend it. They have internet and lots of places to plug-in.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Kevin Smith is the nicest guy ever.

I woke up early to go see Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier on the Dean Blundell show at The Egde 102.1. They did about an hour on the radio pimping the Live Smodcast in Brantford tomorrow. I showed up and waited about 25 minutes before Kevin and Scott walked up. They said hi, Kev remembered me from last time. The Interview was funny as hell, Kev dropped the f bomb at one point. You can get the whole thing by clicking here.  They were really nice and autographed a few things after the interview. Kev signed my Batman Widening Gyre #1 and they both personalized my Clerks DVD. I got a great picture with him and asked about releasing the Zack & Miri Make a Porno screenplay as a Pdf. He said he would post it, which is awesome cause I love to read his work as well as see it onscreen. It's so cool to meet your idol and he's a nice guy, Kevin is the nicest guy.

Afterwards i was so pumped I went to the gym and then checked out an early show at AMC. If you go before noon it's only 6 bucks. I saw Killers. Ashton Kucher and Katherine Heigl were so hot it was almost hard to look at, but in a good way. It was very funny, Catherine O'hera and Tom Seleck's Mustache gave great performances, and I must give a special shout out to Riggles. I wasn't expecting it to be so good, but it was. I fully indorse Killers.

So tomorrow Ian and I will be going to Brantford for the last game and then go see the live Smodcast for the second year. it's going to be so much fun I cant wait!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Me and Kevin Smith

I've finally uploaded the video of my interview with Kevin Smith from back in March. I don't know what took me so long. My camera is shitty and I wasn't prepared at all, I had to ask a dude nearby from Fazer Magazine to hold my camera. In the video, Kevin explains why all stoners should get a team together for the Walter Gretzky street hockey tournament (held this weekend in Brantford).

Kevin will be at the Edge tomorrow with Scott Mosier, I'm planning on going and taking a few pictures.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I am not Willie Nelson or Pee Wee Herman

I took the Go bus back into town so I can finally sleep in my bed again. I don't sleep well on the futon in Moms basement. I had two crazy dreams last night:

In the one dream I was Willie Nelson, at first I was watching the events unfold from a third person view but I wasn't in it I was just seeing it happen, but quickly it became first person and I was WILLIE NELSON! Sheriffs were going though my house and found a marijuana roach in the backyard. I think I was kind of shocked that was all they found, being Willie Nelson. 

The I woke up and went right back to sleep for the next dream:

I'm backstage at Pee Wee Herman's Broadway show, and I have agreed to be Pee-Wee's understudy, but I don't know my lines and just before going on I panic.

The new Scott Pillgrim trailer is out:

It's a better cut than the first trailer, more actioney.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

better than text

I normally don't blog from Moms house unless I have my laptop (any excuse I can find I guess). I decided to use Moms computer since someone called me out on the lazy carpet. This keyboard is black and sucks for a blind guy to see (yes, I type like that). I'm looking at a nice 42 inch display, but I still prefer my sweet Macintosh, this Windows 7 bullshit was not "my idea".

Yesterday Auntie Chrissy took Marc and I to see the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. We went to pick up Granny Mo at her condo, but never one for understanding a plan she had already taken the short bus ride over and was waiting for us in the parking lot. Now I have never been a big fan of the boy wizard (in fact I used to loathe the magical bastard), but I will take any excuse to hang out with such cool folks as Marc Gmo n' Crissy. It was a great time, the exhibit was interesting and made me want to watch the movies(but not read the books). I thought it was funny how the staff would refer to the props as "artifacts". The actual Science Centre stuff was quite cool, they had some crazy stuff from York University's Augmented Reality Lab. We went to a Chinese restaurant after. I was going to go home, but Auntie Chris convinced me to stay one more night so we could see a movie.

I stayed up really late watching Nurse Jackie and a new show called Gravity (it's about suicide, and it was enjoyable despite the freshness of the subject matter).

Marc and I hung out all day around the house, I played a little Spore. Marc made peroggies for dinner and then we went to the movies.

We went to the Courtney Commons AMC. Prince of Persia was fucking awesome. It should be called the Prince of Parkour. I'm going to try and find a copy of the Gamecube version of the game, I've wanted to play it for a while and even more so now. Auntie Chrissy stopped to get us McFlurrys on the way home. Marc and I both went for the mint Aero, not as good as I had hoped.

It's 3AM, time to pooch. I need to shave so bad, my face is itchy, going back to the city when I wake up.I can't wait to get back to the city and even more so, the gym.

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