Tuesday, June 01, 2010

better than text

I normally don't blog from Moms house unless I have my laptop (any excuse I can find I guess). I decided to use Moms computer since someone called me out on the lazy carpet. This keyboard is black and sucks for a blind guy to see (yes, I type like that). I'm looking at a nice 42 inch display, but I still prefer my sweet Macintosh, this Windows 7 bullshit was not "my idea".

Yesterday Auntie Chrissy took Marc and I to see the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. We went to pick up Granny Mo at her condo, but never one for understanding a plan she had already taken the short bus ride over and was waiting for us in the parking lot. Now I have never been a big fan of the boy wizard (in fact I used to loathe the magical bastard), but I will take any excuse to hang out with such cool folks as Marc Gmo n' Crissy. It was a great time, the exhibit was interesting and made me want to watch the movies(but not read the books). I thought it was funny how the staff would refer to the props as "artifacts". The actual Science Centre stuff was quite cool, they had some crazy stuff from York University's Augmented Reality Lab. We went to a Chinese restaurant after. I was going to go home, but Auntie Chris convinced me to stay one more night so we could see a movie.

I stayed up really late watching Nurse Jackie and a new show called Gravity (it's about suicide, and it was enjoyable despite the freshness of the subject matter).

Marc and I hung out all day around the house, I played a little Spore. Marc made peroggies for dinner and then we went to the movies.

We went to the Courtney Commons AMC. Prince of Persia was fucking awesome. It should be called the Prince of Parkour. I'm going to try and find a copy of the Gamecube version of the game, I've wanted to play it for a while and even more so now. Auntie Chrissy stopped to get us McFlurrys on the way home. Marc and I both went for the mint Aero, not as good as I had hoped.

It's 3AM, time to pooch. I need to shave so bad, my face is itchy, going back to the city when I wake up.I can't wait to get back to the city and even more so, the gym.

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