Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Toronto Underground Cinema is awesome! I went to check out Army of Darkness last night. It's one of my favourite movies, and it was great to get to see Toronto's newest and coolest Rep Cinema. I don't know how they got rid of the Chinatown smell, but it is well covered by buttery popcorn. The Programers are really into some cool stuff so they should have some interesting films and I will be hyping them a lot since I'm on the street team.

I booked a flight to San Francisco in July. Mike and Vanessa's wedding is only a month away. I got measured for a tux, I'm going to look pretty slick. I'm writing and performing the wedding ceremony, and starting to get a little nervous, which is a good sign. I work best under pressure. Im excited about the possibilities, Is a Schwarzenegger impression tasteful in a wedding ceremony? 

There is a lot of pressure here in Toronto. I'm getting out of Toronto, going to Montreal to visit Dad on Monday. I got a bus ticket on (It's never 1$,  Mine was 60$) but I do recommend it. They have internet and lots of places to plug-in.

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