Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hockey Night

I want to be blogging every day but I don't wan't it to be bullshit. I really don't want to record my lameness, but I have missed so many good posts over the last month. I met Kevin Smith, got an interview for my dream job, and applied to University, but haven't blogged about any of it. I guess I should catch up on my blog. Keep the peoples happy. I think I might have to go private though.

I could lie and say I went to the gym today but I didn't. The gym is so much easier with tunes. I have no idea where my ipod is, and this shitty internet connection makes it impossible to download new episodes of Howard Stern in any reasonable time frame.

I went to Paul's work to watch the game. He works with a redhead which I would find distracting, but he seems to manage. The Game was killer, I was expecting Canada to lose to Russia since they haven't beaten them in the Olympics in fifty years. So far these Olympics, Canada's men haven't impressed, but tonight they fucking rocked. It was so cool to kick so much ass. We won the Hockey game, then Gold and Silver in bobsled.

Paul and I went to the Free Times Cafe to see Will. He was really good, and playing to the typically tiny Free Times audience. I really love Will's style and writing. A great night.

Now I write, and tomorrow I write more, Bassquarter is sleeping on my bed that sexy cat. She just loves me cause I got a bag of treats in here somewhere.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

QuickTax puts bling in my pocket.

I did my taxes today and watched the Olympics. Canada's Ashleigh McIvor won Gold in women's snow cross (a sport I think we just invented). I should have gone to the gym, but the Tax Man stressed me out just enough to make a few excuses. At least it's out of the way now. I'm going to the gym tomorrow after breakfast. I bought breakfast supplies at Shoppers, so I'm good to go.

I used the online version of Quicktax, and since my taxes were so simple it was free (I'm so poor!). It was faster and easier to use than last year, so I'm happy with QuickTax, which will be called TurboTax next year in a bid to confuse future me. I have been preaching taking care of business and getting stressful crap out of the way, so I was glad to get it done quickly and painlessly.

I'm going to use my return to buy my Burning Man ticket for this year.

Watched the games. Olympic Hockey was cool, we won against ze Germans, Russia tommorow!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Southwest Airlines can go eat a bag of pre-chewed dicks

I don't know if your on Twitter (you should be), but if you are you must have heard about Kevin Smith being "too fat to fly" this weekend.

Kevin was ejected form a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Burbank after boarding because someone deemed his size a safety risk, even though he fit in his seat with armrests down and could buckle his seatbelt.

This has been an unmitigated public-relations disaster for Southwest (Remember they once booted a woman for a skirt deemed too short), Obviously the person who made the call had no idea Smith has more than a million followers on Twitter (it's actually 1.6 but let's assume some are compu-bots). Most people would shy away from publicly disclosing the incident, but Smith has made no secret of his weight issues in the past, and has described the entire event in detail on his wildly popular Smodcast(106#). Give it a listen.

A lot of media outlets have picked up the story but most are ignoring facts and going with the sensational angle"Silent Bob Too Fat To Fly".

I'm a skinny guy. I have never run into this problem, ever. But it hurts my heart to think of the humiliation someone could inflict on another because of their weight.

if you want to check out his Twitter:
@thatkevinsmith he is the king of tweets
or mine:
@socialdynamo Stalk me!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mj ultimatum

Valentines day is so tacky. All the plastic red heart garbage... and I don't have a lady so...

Paul and I had some Tim Hortons (Irish style) and took the bus over to Mom's place. A Sunday tradition, dinner and Simpsons. Mom made a great meal, and we all had a fantastic time together.

We watched some women's speed skating. Then the Simpsons went to Canada again! Marge and Homer were at the Olympics in Vancouver, which was so cool.

Paul stayed over and I took the bus back downtown, I need to help my cousin move tomorrow.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I got the Clap from the Wolfman

This title is an inside.

Went to see Wolfman with Ian. We did some TV shopping first. Got the hard sell at best Buy and left empty handed.

We went to Queensway Cineplex to see the movie and got there just before it got busy. We sat a row lower than normal so the Wolfman would loom over us.

It was ok. The effects were solid, Rick Baker is the shiznit. But it took an hour before any Wolfman showed up, and you really couldn't root for anyone.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Java Puke

Paul called me up to do lunch. We went to Java Hut, where I haven't been in a long while. We had lunch and a pitcher of Steam Whistle, and than decided to to one more pitcher. Paul asked if I could smell vomit, I though it might be cause I just burped in his direction, but then I smelt it too. It was a dude sitting near us, it wafted off him when he walked. We had to move. Who smells like vomit? I pondered perhaps he had a colostomy bag, but that would smell like shit and not puke, so it wasn't that. Maybe dude blew chunks and used his t-shirt as a bib. I'm gagging just thinking about it so I will stop here. 

A good time with Paul and an honest chat.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

SPEED (sucks more than I remembered)

Pop quiz hot shot, the local cinema is playing a movie you thought was awesome when you were a kid, now in crisp digital projection, what do you do? What do you do?

You go see Speed!
Speed [Blu-ray]
Wow, not as good as my pre-pubescent mind thought it was.

Seeing Terminator 2 a few days ago made Speed look like Speed 2: Cruise Control. It just can't hold up, the dialogue is terrible and delivered with Keanau's patented "I am acting" style.  And why is the airport a good place for the bomb bus? It doesn't make sense, other than to crash it into a plane, the inevitable conclusion. Oh yeah, I hate Sandra Bullock too.

Fun times with Paul.

Adam Giambrone has to leave some of the smoking hot Toronto ladies for the rest of us or he wont get my vote

So I decided not to run for mayor of Toronto, and I'm feeling good about my decision after reading about TTC Chair Adam Giambrone's mayoral race speed-bump. The dude cheated on his live-in girlfriend, which is foul, but there are a bunch of other way bigger douchebags running for mayor who I'm sure have done far worse things for pussy. If every candidate had to disclose his sexual history we probably wouldn't vote for any of em. What upsets me most about Mr. Giambrone's actions is how he removed two smoking hot ladies from the Toronto bar scene, that's greedy. A handsome guy with a good job should chill out with his lady and let us unemployed dudes get a shot.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Terminator 2:Judgement Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Skynet Edition) [Blu-ray]

What a shitty time of year for movies. Once you've seen all the December Blockbusters and caught up on all the Oscar nominated fare in January, February is just blah (Until Cop Out February 26th!). Dear John finally knocked Avatar from the top spot this weekend, but romantic shmaltz won't get me to the movies. Cineplex Odeon seems to have caught on and is running a "digital film festival" to put some asses back in seats and sell some popcorn. I think Cineplex is testing it's customers to see if they will pay to see older movies in digital projection.

Some people don't enjoy the theatrical experience, preferring to watch stuff at home. I love to see things up on the big screen, a TV just can't compare, probably because of my visual impairment.

The Bloor is a great place to see something you may have loved on VHS back in the day but may have never seen on the silver screen. Toronto has a few great repertory Cinemas, but Cineplex's foray into the Rep market should be seen as serious challenge. The rep cinemas are still using traditional film projectors, and how "good" the picture looks depends on the quality of the "print". Cineplex uses digital projectors and Terminator 2 looked better tonight than it would have 19 years ago (strange but true). Cineplex has the rep cinemas beat in terms of older special effects heavy movies. I saw Die Hard at the Bloor in December and I'm sure it will look better at the Cineplex presentation (But Die Hard is a Christmas movie so who wants to watch it in February?).

It was so fucking cool to see Terminator 2 with a crowd. Of course this movie still rocks. It looked so tight in digital. Edward Furlong delivers a classic performance and Linda Hamilton is fit like nobody's business. Best of all, the groundbreaking special effects still hold up almost 20 years later.

A word on Cameron's dialog, yeah, it's a little hammy, but so what? People love it. Also,
Will James Cameron even notice a residuals cheque for T2 under the pile of all that Avatar money?

The digital film fest concept is a good one. They have a few more movies I want to check out. I have wanted to see Speed again for a while now, and I was going to rent it, but now I can go see it on Tuesday night! Ghostbusters on Thursday should be cool as hell too, and of course no self respecting geek would miss Wrath of Kahn.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Cop Our Red Band Trailer!

Cop Out press is heating up, here is the redband trailer:

Kevin did press for the movie with Canadian media yesterday. I made a play to get into the press screening, but Kev had no idea where/when it was. Oh well, I will have to wait. I'm looking forward to February 26 when I can finally see it.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kevin Smith & Walter Gretzky announce World Record ball hockey attempt

Kevin Smith is here in Toronto for his 5th Q&A in as many years at Roy Thompson Hall this Saturday. It's going to be great, he's sure to lay the podium down. He spent the whole day today doing press for the 4th annual Walter Gretzky Ball Hockey Tournament. This years event will be even bigger than last, attempting to break the world record for ball hockey, Kevin also promised a second live Smodcast event (If your saying what's a smodcast? click here).

Kevin fell in love with Wayne Gretzky after Zack and Miri Make a Porno underperformed at the box office. He would get baked and watch Hockey a Peoples History and felt better about the world. He devoted both nights at Roy Thompson to talking about Gretzkyism (Worship of Wayne as Jesus). When he stumbled upon the website for Wayne's dad Walter's charity ball hockey tournament he had to get involved. I went and it was awesome, a day of ball hockey and a night of live smodcast.

I got a few minutes with Kev, at 4:20. I want to upload it but Rogers sucks so fucking much, they are slowing my internets. I will have to got to the library tomorrow, or maybe a coffee shop, but you have to see it.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno [Blu-ray]

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Crazy Heart at AMC Forum

Saw Crazy Heart with dad where the Montreal Canadiens once played. The AMC Forum is not to far from his place and we wanted to check out it's Oscar nominated performances.

The guy working the concession was so baked, he had to have just blazed, cause he was moving too slow even for me!

The movie was nice, even if you don't love country music, the acting is great. Jeff Bridges is excellent, and you can't help but be reminded of Lebowski when he walks into a bowling alley in the beginning of the film, but that quickly ends and you are totally sold on his character, a drunken never-was traveling from shitty gig to gig. Like The Wrestler of country music but with a little redemption.  Maggie Gyllenhall was fantastic and so smokin' hot, give her the Oscar!

The Wrestler [Blu-ray]The Big Lebowski - 10th Anniversary Edition