Monday, February 15, 2010

Southwest Airlines can go eat a bag of pre-chewed dicks

I don't know if your on Twitter (you should be), but if you are you must have heard about Kevin Smith being "too fat to fly" this weekend.

Kevin was ejected form a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Burbank after boarding because someone deemed his size a safety risk, even though he fit in his seat with armrests down and could buckle his seatbelt.

This has been an unmitigated public-relations disaster for Southwest (Remember they once booted a woman for a skirt deemed too short), Obviously the person who made the call had no idea Smith has more than a million followers on Twitter (it's actually 1.6 but let's assume some are compu-bots). Most people would shy away from publicly disclosing the incident, but Smith has made no secret of his weight issues in the past, and has described the entire event in detail on his wildly popular Smodcast(106#). Give it a listen.

A lot of media outlets have picked up the story but most are ignoring facts and going with the sensational angle"Silent Bob Too Fat To Fly".

I'm a skinny guy. I have never run into this problem, ever. But it hurts my heart to think of the humiliation someone could inflict on another because of their weight.

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