Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Adam Giambrone has to leave some of the smoking hot Toronto ladies for the rest of us or he wont get my vote

So I decided not to run for mayor of Toronto, and I'm feeling good about my decision after reading about TTC Chair Adam Giambrone's mayoral race speed-bump. The dude cheated on his live-in girlfriend, which is foul, but there are a bunch of other way bigger douchebags running for mayor who I'm sure have done far worse things for pussy. If every candidate had to disclose his sexual history we probably wouldn't vote for any of em. What upsets me most about Mr. Giambrone's actions is how he removed two smoking hot ladies from the Toronto bar scene, that's greedy. A handsome guy with a good job should chill out with his lady and let us unemployed dudes get a shot.

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