Friday, February 12, 2010

Java Puke

Paul called me up to do lunch. We went to Java Hut, where I haven't been in a long while. We had lunch and a pitcher of Steam Whistle, and than decided to to one more pitcher. Paul asked if I could smell vomit, I though it might be cause I just burped in his direction, but then I smelt it too. It was a dude sitting near us, it wafted off him when he walked. We had to move. Who smells like vomit? I pondered perhaps he had a colostomy bag, but that would smell like shit and not puke, so it wasn't that. Maybe dude blew chunks and used his t-shirt as a bib. I'm gagging just thinking about it so I will stop here. 

A good time with Paul and an honest chat.

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