Friday, September 16, 2011


Im drunk at the jays game, sitting with Kevin Flynn.

Jose Molina gave us a walk off win in the 9th.

Im going to grab a pulled pork poutine on my way to Ryerson for my last tiff11 midnight madness movie called Smuggler(from Japan).

Friday, September 09, 2011

A few minutes later at tiff bell lightbox

Im eating a quiznos sub i picked up on the way here Baseball and movies just steps from each other. The small sanwich was more costly than I expected. Im about to see a movie called Twiggy. (review to follow).

Breathing baseball

I thought about catching a bit of the game between movies and im glad i did.

So far the score is nil, but its so refreshing, a beer in my hand.
Jays are up. And down.
They just ran a moneyball trailer, its at tiff but i will wait to see it when it goes wide in two weeks.
When the jays strike out 7 batters we can get a slice of shitty pizza. Two more strikeouts.
Jays back up to bat. Lets get some action on the score board.
Mike macoy leads off the bottom of the third...
Hits, out at first. Lets go blue jays. I am live blogging from my phone
by the way. Scoreless going into the fourth inning. Camera man just sumed it up, both teams going nowhere.
Im going to have to head up to the lightbox soon. I have a movie in 45 minutes. leaving now 0-0 in the 5th. so glad I came out.
(Baltimore won 2-0)

Rushiing at tiff

This is my first rush line of 2011 and my first press & industry screening ever. As a volunteer I am able to use my vouchers to get into p&i screening if any empty seats are left. Im hoping to see drive, but i may have to settle for something else if its full.
Last night I saw two films (after working an 8 hour captains shift at the lightbox). From Up On Poppy Hill & xThe Raid. (reviews soon).

Thursday, September 08, 2011

bad more

I haven't blogged for most of Summer. Now that the summer is officially over, I should not let the trend continue. I was very busy, and I missed a lot of opportunities for great posts.

The Toronto International Film Festival begins today, I will be a Volunteer Captain at the tiff bell lightbox. Afterwards I have two movies to see, FROM UP ON POPPY HILL, and the first midnight madness film THE RAID. I will post reviews of EVERY film I see.