Thursday, October 24, 2013

Peaches spins Lee's Right Round

Peaches treats the Lee's Palace audience to some champagne
I have added another notch to my Peaches belt.

Last week my Google cellphone suggested that I might be interested in the fact that Peaches was playing at Lee's Palace. Some might say that it's creepy for my phone to know me so well, but I'm willing to have a robot scour my search queries and perhaps this very blog to learn about my love of Peaches and warn me of an upcoming show.

Peaches is the kinda that you wanna
What a show! I have seen her almost a dozen times and her performance has constantly evolved. In the beginning she sang to music played off her minidisc recorder. Now she is a full-fledged DJ and raps to her own tracks mixed in with other bumping filler. If she has a signature DJ move, it's adjusting knobs with her ass to the audience like this picture below.

It was a short set, but she hit most of her career points, the crowed responded the loudest to Kick-It (probably recognizing it from that Sumo Subaru commercial) For the encore Peaches climbed into a giant penis costume and proceeded to pull a white-semen scarf from the tip like a naughty magician.
Peaches in her Vest of Many Titties

Monday, July 29, 2013

Koji and Nami visit Toronto

Koji and his wife Nami were in Toronto for a wedding and I got to spend so much time with my buddy from Tokyo.

We went to one of Koji's favourite places in Toronto, the Steam Whistle Brewery. The last tour of the day was sold out so we decided to just hang out and have a beer. I told the staff of Koji's fondness for the brand and the distance he had travelled and the next thing we knew we were on the catwalk pulling the whistle.

Here are some pictures with captions:

Paul And Koji having a beer at the Black Bull on Queen W
Me, Marc and Koji on the patio of the AirB&B  
another sweet view of Toronto from Koji's temporary pad
Marc, myself, Koji and Nami outside the Steam Whistle Roundhouse.
We had a beer with this Ojiisan.
Nami and Koji have a sample of Steam Whistle

I forgot this guys name, but he took us through the brewery
 just so Koji and Nami could pull the whistle, he rocks.
Nami and Koji in beautiful Mississauga
Koji finds a piece of home, the TakaraTomy factory is
in his neighbourhood of Tateishi. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I fly therefore I blog

So... this could be my first post of the year on this here blog. I have been far to busy to be bogging, lame excuse, I know.

Let me bring you up to speed; I live in my moms basement in Mississauga and I'm unemployed. That being said I just returned from a month in Japan, and I'm right now on a flight to Seattle (via Vancouver).

I was just getting over my Japanese timezone jet lag when my presence was requested by my good friend San in Seattle. We are going deep sea fishing off Vancouver Island for Canada Day.

Since San paid for and booked my flight, I'm traveling on Westjet. It's my first time flying with them, and they do a great job, although they zoomed past me so quick without a second glance I didn't get to make my sandwich purchase (I was more intent on getting a rye & coke on the second pass... great success). I think I would regret the overpriced sandwich anyways,  so it looks like stop over airport lunch for me.

My airline of choice is of course the oft loathed Air Canada. I love them and have accrued a sizable mileage collection, along with 3rd tier upgrade status that I plan on using to get my ass to Burning Man in August.

I'm typing this by thumbs on my brand new Galaxy Note 2, a costly but necessary expense since my Note 1 was carelessly misplaced (by me) in Japan.

We should be in Vancouver within the hour. Amazing how short a 5 hour flight feels when you just finished a 12 hour one a few days prior. I have a 2 hour stop at YVR then a quick hop to SeaTac.

Friends are so important to me, and the chance to spend time with them fills my heart with joy. I am so lucky. I love my life.