Friday, May 14, 2010

a friend wants pot, can't leave me alone

 Hey Dude, sorry I couldn't help you find marijuana today, but as I have mentioned repeatedly, I am not a drug dealer. I know you have been confused about this in the past, hence your repeated texts & phone calls. 
 Remember a few weeks ago when you thought I had blocked your number for asking for weed? I should only be so lucky, but your calls still connect.

 Yes, I did hang up on you today while you persisted to pester me about purchasing pot. Even after that, I'm sure you are still not clear why I would hang up on you. I am fully expecting to be harassed in the near future.
 Yes, friends do favours for friends, and I could find a guy to help you out. But I respect my guy too much to introduce you to him.
 I'm sure you will have no trouble finding someone. Drug Dealers are always looking for clients who only want a small amount, infrequently, while at the same time complaining about quality. They also love to talk about illegal activity on cellular telephones, so keep it up buddy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blogging for better health & mental wellness

I can still turn 2010 around as a shitty year for my blog. I have a backlog of posts to finish, recent events in my life have stalled my creativity. I hate lazy days, I want to be productive. I really think the blog helps with my mental state, they are connected. If I'm not blogging, something is wrong so ask questions. I swear I'm going to work harder, so please check back often and I think you will be surprised.

Going to see the Stormalongs tonight for the first time in a while. Nim sent me this video he did, which is awesome, but wont be around long since some of the guys have government jobs.

Iron Man 2

Ian and I had to see the sequel to Iron Man on opening weekend. It's what we do, and a great distraction from suicides and funerals.

I love the AMC24 at Yonge & Dundas Square. The Moviewatcher Rewards program is so much cooler than Cineplex's Scene Card. With the AMC Moviewatcher card you save money at the box office and get more rewards faster than Scene. I'm going to try and get a job at AMC.

The movie was Fanboy Popcorn at it's finest. Robert Downey Jr is excellent, Gweneth Paltrow is great and *ahem*, Scarlett Johanssen, so fine! Samuel L Jackson is badass as Nick Fury. Lot's of easter eggs for the geeky. I'm happy with the way these films are being handled. The anticipation for Thor(2011), and The Avengers(2012) is building!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Racicot, Lewis Alan 1962-2010

Lewis Alan Racicot died suddenly at the age of 47 in Toronto.
Born on June 7th, 1962 at St Mary's Hospital in Timmins, Lewis grew up in Schumacher, and graduated from École Secondaire Thériault. He earned a Masters degree in Library & Information Science from the University of Western Ontario. His career started at the Metro Toronto Reference Library, and later he became the Chief Information Officer at the University of West Indies in Jamaica. A brilliant linguist who spoke five languages, he traveled the world and loved to share his wisdom and knowledge with his family.  
Survived by his mother Maureen Morris, his sisters Bernadet, Rachèle & Christine Racicot, his stepfather Andrew Weishar, his stepmother Frances (Bertrand) Racicot, stepbrothers and sisters Catherine, Robert, David & Nancy, Gerald & Fran, Micheal & Lori Weishar, Marcel Bertrand, Margaret Adam, Elizabeth & Dale Charboneau, Angela & Devor Dicmik, numerous cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews including Chloé, Julien, Paul & Marc Chabot, along with Laura and Jeannine Proudfoot.
Predeceased by his beloved brother Paul Racicot, his stepbrother Andre Bertrand, and his father Gerald Racicot.

Services will be held at Rosar - Morrison Funeral Home in Toronto on Saturday, May 8, from 3:00pm - 6:00pm