Friday, May 14, 2010

a friend wants pot, can't leave me alone

 Hey Dude, sorry I couldn't help you find marijuana today, but as I have mentioned repeatedly, I am not a drug dealer. I know you have been confused about this in the past, hence your repeated texts & phone calls. 
 Remember a few weeks ago when you thought I had blocked your number for asking for weed? I should only be so lucky, but your calls still connect.

 Yes, I did hang up on you today while you persisted to pester me about purchasing pot. Even after that, I'm sure you are still not clear why I would hang up on you. I am fully expecting to be harassed in the near future.
 Yes, friends do favours for friends, and I could find a guy to help you out. But I respect my guy too much to introduce you to him.
 I'm sure you will have no trouble finding someone. Drug Dealers are always looking for clients who only want a small amount, infrequently, while at the same time complaining about quality. They also love to talk about illegal activity on cellular telephones, so keep it up buddy.

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