Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go see Zack & Miri Make a Porno

This weekend, take a date to the dirtiest date movie ever made.

Kevin Smith's hilarious new movie Zack & Miri Make a Porno is out this weekend. The story about two friends who get into Porn-making to pay the bills, is one of the funniest movies of the year.

San the Man

I went to my first bachelor party last night. My good friend San is getting married on Friday. We went to Mortons. It was amazing. All the food was crazy delicious. I could have bought groceries for two months for what it cost (I think Mikey has my back).

Afterward we went to a speakeasy. You had to give a password to get in. The room was behind a bookshelf, and somehow Bill managed to let a crackhead in when they went out for a smoke.

You would think a bachelor party with me, Mike, San and Matt and Kubi would end at the strip club, but San was very much against the idea. So we ended up back at the house, mixing the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Last Breakfast Croissant

Smashing Pumpkins Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View California 2008/10/26

After the party on Saturday I wasn't expecting anyone to come out with me to see the Pumpkins on Sunday. The Bridge School is a school for kids with disabilities and Neil Young has a concert every year to benefit them. With the Pumpkins playing and me being in town, of course I had to go, but if no one wanted to go with me I would have to take BART to CalTrain and then a cab to Shoreline. Matt was still in for going, even tho he had spun a set the night before that had raised the roof off Mikes party. We got there just in time. The Smashing Pumpkins were just starting their set. It was acoustic, with horns and strings added to the band to fill out the songs(these extra musicians will also be with the band for the 20th aniversary shows next week). Sunkissed was on the American Gothic EP but has never been played live before, 99 floors has not appeared since it's debut at the Fillmore residency(save once in Stockholm). Owata and A Song For a Son have never been heard before. Billy introduced Josh Groban who sang Disarm, then the band left the stage.

99 Floors
Owata(new song!)

Rose March
A Song For a Son(New Song! sounded great)

Disarm(With Josh Groban singing, he seemed to get lost at one point)

Shame Alert in the interest of full disclosure, we didn't stay for Neil Young, the atmosphere was a no go for smoking doobies(of which we had 5 rolled). Tons of small children with mommies and daddies. Plus we would have had to sit through Josh Groban and Jack Johnson, which would have sucked.

We grabbed In 'n Out and headed home.
I passed out on Matt's couch after me and he and Kubi burned our leftover doobs, and ate our double double animal styles.

I went to Sweet Chinito's on the way back to Mikes house. I scored the last croissant and had them load it with ham egg and swiss. Tasty way to start my day. Happy to be with friends in San Francisco.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey Hey, My My

So I'm back in San Francisco.

I would have blogged from the airport lounge but blogger was down. I got drunk instead.

I have been hanging out with my friends. San and I have been doing wedding stuff.

Last night Mike had a birthday party for some Russian girls. It was great. Matt was the dj and Bill was the bartender.

I had fun and ended up passing out on San's couch.

Today the Smashing Pumpkins will open for Neil Young at shoreline in Mountain View CA. I am so going! I don't have tickets yet, but they're still available. Kubi said he was down with going, but as for anyone else, who knows.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maxed Payne

Wen to see Max Payne last night with Paul and Ian. Paul and I had Hero Burgers and beers and blunts beforehand. Ian was with a bunch of people who worked on the movie with him.

Ian got a sweet credit: On Set Visual Effects Production Assistant

The movie was ok. It looked cool enough. This weekend it should do well up against W. Ian was betting 23M, we will see.

Ian started work on Scott Pilgram Vs. The World, so he has a production vehicle now, with a sun roof (stoner roof) and satellite radio. We are the fortunate ones.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I went to Timmins to see my Grandparents.

I took the night bus with Deidra, it was nice. I burned a j at the Tim Hortons stop and Dee slept most of the way. She was sick by the time we got to Timmins (which happens often when she travels). Her brother picked us up at the bus station.

Deidra's family is great. Her Mom and Dad are so nice, they let me stay in thier home, even though I don't date thier daughter anymore. When we were in High School, brother Lim and Dee were always fighting. But her brother has grown up to be a cool guy. We had fun hanging out with him.

I saw Ms Donnely, my favourite Drama teacher at the A&P. I had to say hello, but then felt like a loser when I didn't have anything impressive to tell her about myself. She was a great teacher who drove the Drama program at O'Gorman High, and she was the vissionary who cast me as Bud Frump in How To Succeed in Buisness Without Really Trying.

Deidra was sick ad so was I (Dogs and cats in every house, still hacking).

On Saturday night we went with Pat and Lindsey to thier friends house. It was a good time. Then we went to Corner Pockets to see Josh Mackay's band Bruce Boris. The show was being put on by my Hero, John Cayen. Brianna was there, who we hadn't seen in years, she lost wieght, like crazy. We went to her house for a party but didn't stay long (Dog and a Cat).

I refered to Craig Poirier as a Cultural Fuckabout (One who fucks with the Culture).

We got some Poutine after a night of drinking. I ran into Megan Peltier who I went to high school with.

The whole point of the trip was to see my Grandparents. I saw My Pepere Gerry and Frances, and Memere and Pepere Chabot. I love my grandparents, they are getting older. Pepere Gerry is doing better, but he is still dealing with Lung cancer. Pepere Chabot had some cancer removed from his nose and he also had a pacemaker/defribrelator put in. I hope they stay in good health, I hope to visit again soon, maybe Christmas.

Canadian Errection ends in Flaccidity

The election is over, nothing has really changed. Harper still has a minority, Grits lost seats, Jack's NDP scored 7 extra seats, Bloc Q lost won, and Greens didn't score a seat.

Elizebth May had balls, going up against Fucko Peter McKay. She lost, but she got the message out about her Green Party. I think as young Canadians become voting age, the Green Party will make serious gains. Canada needs proportional representation.

I'm proud of Jack Layton, he ran a good campaign, with an actual platform that works for real Canadians. He and his wife Olivia Chow were both reelected, as was Charlie Angus in Timmins/James Bay. The New Democratic Party will be a strong voice in the Parlament. Once again, Canada needs proportional representation!

Olivia Chow is great for Trinity/Spadina. I always see her around in Kensington, she really cares about the area and understands its diversity and uniqness.

Harper, the man who promised us fixed elections, broke that promise when his poll numbers were high against Stephane Dion. Harper's Riech-wing (regressive) Reform Alliance Conservative Party refuses to work with the rest of the House to move forward, only looking back to place blame on "past governments". Who's fault is it now Harper?

CTV played dirty pool in an interview last week, asking Dion:

"If you were prime minister now, what would you have already done in this crisis that Mr. Harper hasn't done?"

That's a fucking terrible question to ask. The tense is confusing even for someone who speaks English as a first language, so French speaking Dion was understandably confused.

So he had trouble answering the question, and after CTV said they would not air the outtakes, they went ahead and put it on the record anyway.

Then last night I flipped to CTV to see if Daily Show was on (it was preempted for election coverage). They were hounding Dion on his way to give his speech, asking if he would resign as leader and he pretty much told them to fuck-off:

“The last one I want to speak first (to) is CTV — you understand that?”

CTV comes off as a bunch of douche bags. Canada's Fox News!
I'm not a Liberal, I just think our politics don't need to be played so fucking dirty.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dj, spin that wheel

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I went to watch the Sams sign spin one last time at Nuit Blanche. I had a somber moment in front of the store. Morpheus asked me for porn here, I got my sister into a John Mayer singning here, a girl was murderd across the street on boxing day while I worked. This store was something special. Anyone who ever shopped there noticed they were somewhere special. Working there was the coolest thing I could ever put on my resume. I was a Record Man!

I'm going to Timmins tonight. Taking the bus with Deidra. I could catch a ride with my mom when she drives there on Saturday, but I really want to maximize my weekend. I got Grandparents to visit after all. I will catch a ride back to Toronto with Deidra's dad on Monday, in time to vote on Tuesday!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sams Sign lights up one last time

This weekend is Nuit Blanche her in Toronto, lots of crazy art all over town(I wonder how it will stack up to Burning Man).

I cut this from somewhere on the internet:

TORONTO, Oct. 1 /CNW/ - In celebration of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche at Ryerson University, on October 4 Ryerson will light the iconic Sam the Record Man Sign one last time on Yonge St. The sign will remain illuminated until sunrise on October 5.

Ryerson acquired the property at the corner of Yonge and Gould Streets, the location of the former Sam the Record Man, earlier this year. Planning is underway for a state-of-the-art Ryerson University Student Learning Centre that will be constructed on the site.

Ryerson is committed to preserving the legacy of Sam the Record Man and the iconic sign for the city and people of Toronto. On October 6 removal of the famous sign will begin. Following the construction of the new Student Learning Centre, the sign will be remounted and displayed in a new permanent home on the Ryerson campus.

Where: Outside the former site of Sam the Record Man, 347 Yonge Street, Toronto

When: Saturday, October 4 at 8:00 p.m.

Who: Sheldon Levy, President, Ryerson University
Kyle Rae, City Councillor, Ward 27
Muhammad Ali Jabbar, President, Ryerson Students' Union

Sam the Record Man Sign Background

The original neon record sign (located at 347 Yonge Street) was constructed in 1969-70 by the Markle Brothers. A second neon record sign (located at 349 Yonge Street to the north of the original sign) was constructed in 1987 by Claude Neon Inc. Each spinning record is 7.5 meters wide and 8 meters high and consists of 120 individual tubes of white neon. There are over 800 lights on the sign.

On Monday, October 6 removal of the famous sign will begin, taking approximately three weeks. The work will progress in stages starting with an assessment and inventory of the sign and all of its components, followed by disassembly and storage.

Lord Grunge & Grape-a-don to rap/rock Fillmore!

I saw these guys open for Wesley Willis back when I first moved to Toronto at the El Mocombo about 7 years ago. They left a lasting impression. I have seen them twice since, but they have not been to Toronto in a couple of years. I check their website every once in a while, and they have just announced a tour, once again avoiding Toronto.

Just my luck I happen to be in San Francisco for San & Linsey's wedding spooktacular at the end of this month, while Grand Buffet plays a show at the Fillmore on the 27th! I'm tottaly going to that show. I fucking love Grand Buffet!