Friday, February 27, 2009

Pontypool Changes Everything

A disc jockey begins hearing reports of extreme violence from the people of the small Ontario town of Pontypool. Ottaritoo Pontytown. Towntario Pontytool.

A wicked flick by one of my favourite Directors Bruce MacDonald, Pontypool opens next week March 6th in Toronto. I saw it last year at TIFF and it is really cool. If you have facebook check out this Pontypool group.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins Board

I made this banner with Photoshop Elements, which my Granny Mo got me for my birthday. I know it's simple, but I've never used the program before, so I will get better and keep posting the results.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ben Folds Kool Haus 02/17/08

I went to see Ben Folds at the Kool Haus with Deidra. She got me a ticket for my birthday, we both love Ben.

It was a good show. He played lots of the new songs an the fake new songs.

Steve Nishina is a fucking sex criminal

This is a tape of songs recorded in Colin's basement back in the day. It was me, Colin, Josh and Jagger. I remember

Steve Nishina is a Fucking Sex Criminal

Monday, February 16, 2009

back from mom's house

Wow, I can't wait to see this!

I read the script last night. It rocks!

It's Family Day, a made up holiday that only benefits provincial employees.

Last night I watched the Simpsons at my mom's house. She got a pizza for me and Paul and it was tasty. The Simpsons had a new intro for the first time in 20 years, and is now broadcast in High Definition. It looked great on mom's sweet TV. It was so detailed, the show looks so great. I hope they go a few years like this.

We watched Freddy VS Jason to cap off our marathon, so bad!

Came home on the go bus with Paul today. I spent almost a week at moms. I'm glad I can finally sleep in my own bed. Looking forward to getting my shit together tomorrow and seeing Ben Folds with Deidra.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


At mom's with Paul

I just got high so I could sit down and read Inglorious Bastards, and just know I see that I will never write a screenplay high.

I need to quit smoking weed during the day if I'm ever gonna do anything.

Now I'm gonna read.

Next week is the bong hiatus.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The cat pee burns me eye

I'm hanging out at my moms house. The basement smells like cat piss, I said it wasn't bad cause you get used it. I was wrong, it burns!

Pickles and Fred

Finally saw the Dark Knight on Imax with my Auntie Chris. I managed to catch it 3 times last summer but never on Imax. It looked phenomenal. I can't wait till someone does a full feature length Imax summer blockbuster.

I helped Chrissy pack up the rest of my brother Paul's shit he left here at my mom's house. I stayed over and watched TV and had some beers. My mom and Chrissy have two cats, and they have taken to pissing on the rug in the basement(the cats, not my mom and aunt). So it smells really sulfurous down here. You don't really notice it after a while, but it is fucking overpowering at first.

Auntie Chris went to work(she is a cop!) and I stayed here to wait for mom.

My mom got back from Timmins today, she went up to deal with some stress. I was glad to be here when she got back to Mississauga but she soon had to go to work. She offered me a ride home(tomorrow) so I guess I'm here for one more night.

I wish I had some bowls to smoke, since mom has super cable/internet and I'm home alone. I'm out of cash and the month isn't half over. I can't even afford a GO bus back to Toronto. At least I got these guys to keep me company:
Pickles and Fred, my top dogs from back in the day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kevin Smith Film Fest at Bloor Cinema in Toronto Dogma/Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

The last night of the Kevin Smith fest at the Bloor Cinema was a blast! I sat down close to the front so I could ask Kev a question after Dogma. The guy in front of me stole my question(he heard me say it outside the day before). He asked about how Kevin smoked pot(answer: Joints, doesn't like the bong or Vaporizer, enjoys the smoke). So luckily I had a backup and asked him about Batman fucking Lois Lane(She would not go for it because she is "true blue").

I went up to the balcony for Jay & Silent Bob... Matt and Ian joined me for an absolute smokeout! We blazed a ton. The movie is hilarious and we laughed uproriously. Kevin did his final set of A's to Q's. An absolutly fantastic event, Kevin said he would do it again next year. He mentioned a possible different format, perhaps doing a running comentary durring the films.

So great to be able to attend such a kick ass event.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Kevin Smith Film Fest at Bloor Cinema in Toronto MALLRATS/Chasing Amy

Back to the Bloor for more Kevin Smith!

Mallrats is one of my favourite movies, I love seeing it on the big screen. People cheer at all the great lines, it's so much fun to watch.

Ian missed Mallrats, but was right up in line for Chasing Amy. Instead of getting seats on the main level, we wnet up to the balcony and smoked a few bowls. Someone asked me for papers and then burned a J with us once it was rolled. People were hitting the bong, crazy!

Kevin did more Q&A's, finnaly somone asked him a good question about writing Batman books. Everyone else kept asking about nothing, just ramblings about film school and fawning praise.

So tomorrow night, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is going to be a smokeout!

Kevin Smith Film Fest at Bloor Cinema in Toronto CLERKS/CLERKS 2

Saw Clerks and Clerks 2 with Ian at the Bloor last night. It was weird to see a print of clerks, faded in parts with jumpcuts, the clerks X dvd is so clean.

Kevin did a Q&A after each flick. The Bloor Cinema is great. They served Mill Street Beer, beer at the movies. Like being in fucking Europe. So cool.

We sat at the isle in the seventh row and I had like 4 beers.

Kevin Smith at Roy Thompson Hall 02/07/09

Kevin came back to Roy Thompson Hall on Saturday night for a second Q&A. Once again Kev hit the ground running right at 7, to get the most in before the 10pm cut off(since most of his Q&A's can hit the 5-6hour mark, the 3 hour limit kinda sucked). He had to bring the crowd up to speed, so he did re-tell some stories from the previous night. This was all a set up so he could talk about his new Jesus, Wayne Gretzky. Number 99 was worshiped and idolized in most of Kevin's replies.

The questions people ask Kevin are ofter nothing more than rambling non sequiturs.

It's fucking annoying.

But it was a good show, and I'm glad I went to both.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Kevin Smith at Roy Thompson Hall 02/06/09

I just got back from the first night Q&A. It was a great show. Edgar Wright introduced Kevin. Kevin talked about his new found love of weed and how the munchies contributed to his recent weight gain. He said he had been getting high and watching Hockey, a Peoples History. He now sees that Wayne Gretzky is Jesus. Jason Mewes soon came out and told the crowd he is now married, and then introduced his new wife(smoking hot). Kevin pimped the Film Fest at the Bloor Cinema, which I cant wait for!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins F.O.L.

You can download the new FREE Smashing Pumpkins song F.O.L. by clicking here. Billy Corgan said the band would be experimenting with alternate forms of distribution, and true to his word, F.O.L. premiered during a Hyundai commercial in front of the Superbowl.

The Pumpkins last new song G.L.O.W. was released exclusively for Guitar Hero 3.