Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pickles and Fred

Finally saw the Dark Knight on Imax with my Auntie Chris. I managed to catch it 3 times last summer but never on Imax. It looked phenomenal. I can't wait till someone does a full feature length Imax summer blockbuster.

I helped Chrissy pack up the rest of my brother Paul's shit he left here at my mom's house. I stayed over and watched TV and had some beers. My mom and Chrissy have two cats, and they have taken to pissing on the rug in the basement(the cats, not my mom and aunt). So it smells really sulfurous down here. You don't really notice it after a while, but it is fucking overpowering at first.

Auntie Chris went to work(she is a cop!) and I stayed here to wait for mom.

My mom got back from Timmins today, she went up to deal with some stress. I was glad to be here when she got back to Mississauga but she soon had to go to work. She offered me a ride home(tomorrow) so I guess I'm here for one more night.

I wish I had some bowls to smoke, since mom has super cable/internet and I'm home alone. I'm out of cash and the month isn't half over. I can't even afford a GO bus back to Toronto. At least I got these guys to keep me company:
Pickles and Fred, my top dogs from back in the day.

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