Monday, February 09, 2009

Kevin Smith Film Fest at Bloor Cinema in Toronto MALLRATS/Chasing Amy

Back to the Bloor for more Kevin Smith!

Mallrats is one of my favourite movies, I love seeing it on the big screen. People cheer at all the great lines, it's so much fun to watch.

Ian missed Mallrats, but was right up in line for Chasing Amy. Instead of getting seats on the main level, we wnet up to the balcony and smoked a few bowls. Someone asked me for papers and then burned a J with us once it was rolled. People were hitting the bong, crazy!

Kevin did more Q&A's, finnaly somone asked him a good question about writing Batman books. Everyone else kept asking about nothing, just ramblings about film school and fawning praise.

So tomorrow night, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is going to be a smokeout!

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