Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kevin Smith Film Fest at Bloor Cinema in Toronto Dogma/Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

The last night of the Kevin Smith fest at the Bloor Cinema was a blast! I sat down close to the front so I could ask Kev a question after Dogma. The guy in front of me stole my question(he heard me say it outside the day before). He asked about how Kevin smoked pot(answer: Joints, doesn't like the bong or Vaporizer, enjoys the smoke). So luckily I had a backup and asked him about Batman fucking Lois Lane(She would not go for it because she is "true blue").

I went up to the balcony for Jay & Silent Bob... Matt and Ian joined me for an absolute smokeout! We blazed a ton. The movie is hilarious and we laughed uproriously. Kevin did his final set of A's to Q's. An absolutly fantastic event, Kevin said he would do it again next year. He mentioned a possible different format, perhaps doing a running comentary durring the films.

So great to be able to attend such a kick ass event.

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