Friday, February 23, 2018

Me and granny at the movies.

I went to the movies with my grandma. I met her at broadview and helped her navigate to the theatre. We saw the shape of water. It's the 5th time I have seen it and it gets me every time. My brother Marc worked on it and it was cool to point out his credit to her as it crawled up the screen. We had some food afterwards at milestones. The burger was forgetable but looked good when it hit the table. I'm posting the photo because you Can see my grandma stealing my fries before trying her soup. We talked about the movie a lot. It was an awesome time.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

pre flight induljence

my coffee at work.

It's an easy day at work when you know you don't have to be there tomorrow. I sailed through the day, even though we were without a manager. We all know what we are doing and work well together.
look mom I'm flying

I'm writing this from the Maple Leaf Lounge at Pearson. I'm flying to Seattle to hang out with my friend San and his boys.

I scored the lounge passes on Kijiji for 15$ each. Normally people would resell them for 25, but since they expire at the end of February people are anxious to unload them. This is unquestionably some of the best 15$ I have ever spent. I've already had a Guinness, nachos, some awesome thai curry chicken soup (i might get more) and a few Crown Royal and Cokes.

I have wanted to watch Yoga Hosers for years, and it's finally on Canadian Netflix! Now, for some reason it's showing up on my phone and not my tablet. It looks like watching it on the flight is a bust. I queued up Mallrats, a classic and one of my all time favourites instead.

I have a stopover in Vancouver. Gotta get my pre-flight buzz on.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Perm Press

I went to the laundromat. As I watched my clothes tumble in the dryer and suddenly ten minutes had passed. I wasn't watching the clock, I was watching the clothes. I figured I should have the time to write if I have the time to watch my jeans dance with my t-shirts.

I returned empties to the Beer Store. I continue my boycott of the Beer Store, I won't buy stuff but I will take their money.

My new bed is so comfy. It's not conducive to writing. I need to get a desk for my "office" room.

I read an article in Rolling Stone, A Perfect Circle to release first new album in 14 years. I was working at Sam The Record Man the last time they put out a record. James Iha (of Smashing Pumpkins) is in the band and is also apparently in studio with said Pumpkins (Corgan, Chamberlain, Schroeder) but D'arcy is out. Billy Corgan needs a lady bass player.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Justice League

There is no Justice.

Otherwise I could see Batman and Superman team up and it wouldn't suck.

I grew up loving Superman. He was my hero. When I was a kid and we first got a VHS player one of our first tapes was Superman 3. I went to the movies with my dad to see Superman 4, it's a terrible movie but I remember my dad being into it. Now I contemplate that he was faking it because I loved Supes so much. If I had a kid would I have had to pretend I enjoyed Justice League? I don't and I didn't.

This movie's Batman is a shitty detective. He can't figure stuff out even with copious notes and digital files. He gives up on finding Cyborg (who glows red and was hiding in his father's well windowed apartment) and asks Wonder Woman to try to find him. She uses the Batcomputer. 

This movie feels like many elements forced together from multiple creative voices. Which it was. 

It's not all bad, there are a few choice moments, but they can all be seen from the comfort of your living room in a few months. The score is good, Danny Elfman is on his game.

I'm disappointed that my low expectations were met.

Friday, November 17, 2017

A Great Success

I had a dinner party! I invited Marc and April over for dinner knowing it would force me to get my place neat & tidy enough to entertain.

We had Japanese Curry with vegetables, rice and pork katsu. It's only my second time making the katsu but they were perfect. I got the curry down to a science, although I've never had this brand before. I have a library of curries from Japan that I've been working my way through since last year.

  I picked up these 3 tarts at Future Bakery in St Lawrence Market. I cut them up and served them for dessert. They were so delicious.

Afterwards we hung out for a bit, then April went home and Marc and I broke into the Trailer Park Boys Whiskey I've been holding onto for a while. We somehow got to working on the 1950's mod to my Back to the Future Lego Delorean and watched all of part 3. By the time the movie finished it was 4 in the morning. It was a great night.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Sam sign on the rise

The Sam the Record Man sign is going up on the city's Public Health building right at Yonge & Dundas square. It should be done in the next few weeks, hopefully. Storm is brewing and they say we get snow tonight.

the bottom part of half of the Sam the Record Man sign without the record.
I used to work at Sams. It was pretty sweet. When it closed and Ryerson University bought the property they lied about respecting the sign and left it out of plans for it's new building. I always hoped the city would do the right thing and find a place for it somewhere prominent.

for now, a subtle sign amongst some bright lights. 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Remembering and thinking forward

One year ago today I was in Nagasaki, Japan. The site of the second atomic bomb explosion. It was the day Trump won the US election. The rain was persistent and suited my mood. I walked the distance from the JR station to the park. I walked around the peace park and contemplated the future. I didn't go to the museum, because there were crowds of school children and I didn't feel like I could handle being around people. I felt so solitary and alone. I was drained by the experience and I wanted to take the train back to Tokyo that evening.
Statue of a woman and her child, Nagasaki Japan

The Women at home prayed for victory as their men departed for the battlefields.But then the blood of countless peoples was shed on the vast continents and the far away islands. Finally,in 1945 as the war escalated,it brought the tragedies of the Okinawa islands followed by the inhuman atomic bomb attacks over Hiroshima on the 6th and Nagasaki on the 9th of August. Ah!On that unforgettable day,in an instantaneous blast of indescribable heat,the bodies of tens of thousands of men and women, mothers and children were hideously torn and burnt to death. After more than forty years,the agony continues even yet.Danger signs of a second nuclear war permeate our very existence.The earth stands at the brink of total oblivion. We must not allow any more war!Nor the use of atomic weapons!Let us guard our precious green earth and preserve all life of every kind. We erect this relief,still hearing the bursting cries on that day of each of those women long silenced in death.Bringing together all the turmoil from the depths of their tortured hearts and minds,we pledge ourselves never to repeat that disaster. The Assembly to Build the Nagasaki Peace Monument the Mothers and Children 

Today was another boring day at work, but when I remembered where I was 1 year ago I got excited about the future and where I will be 1 year from now.