Thursday, November 09, 2017

Sam sign on the rise

The Sam the Record Man sign is going up on the city's Public Health building right at Yonge & Dundas square. It should be done in the next few weeks, hopefully. Storm is brewing and they say we get snow tonight.

the bottom part of half of the Sam the Record Man sign without the record.
I used to work at Sams. It was pretty sweet. When it closed and Ryerson University bought the property they lied about respecting the sign and left it out of plans for it's new building. I always hoped the city would do the right thing and find a place for it somewhere prominent.

for now, a subtle sign amongst some bright lights. 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Remembering and thinking forward

One year ago today I was in Nagasaki, Japan. The site of the second atomic bomb explosion. It was the day Trump won the US election. The rain was persistent and suited my mood. I walked the distance from the JR station to the park. I walked around the peace park and contemplated the future. I didn't go to the museum, because there were crowds of school children and I didn't feel like I could handle being around people. I felt so solitary and alone. I was drained by the experience and I wanted to take the train back to Tokyo that evening.
Statue of a woman and her child, Nagasaki Japan

The Women at home prayed for victory as their men departed for the battlefields.But then the blood of countless peoples was shed on the vast continents and the far away islands. Finally,in 1945 as the war escalated,it brought the tragedies of the Okinawa islands followed by the inhuman atomic bomb attacks over Hiroshima on the 6th and Nagasaki on the 9th of August. Ah!On that unforgettable day,in an instantaneous blast of indescribable heat,the bodies of tens of thousands of men and women, mothers and children were hideously torn and burnt to death. After more than forty years,the agony continues even yet.Danger signs of a second nuclear war permeate our very existence.The earth stands at the brink of total oblivion. We must not allow any more war!Nor the use of atomic weapons!Let us guard our precious green earth and preserve all life of every kind. We erect this relief,still hearing the bursting cries on that day of each of those women long silenced in death.Bringing together all the turmoil from the depths of their tortured hearts and minds,we pledge ourselves never to repeat that disaster. The Assembly to Build the Nagasaki Peace Monument the Mothers and Children 

Today was another boring day at work, but when I remembered where I was 1 year ago I got excited about the future and where I will be 1 year from now.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

2 lines

Another day at work. Nothing interesting to post about. 

I can't wait till payday. I'm sick of eating Kraft Dinner.

Monday, November 06, 2017


It's monday. I go to work. It's a normal day. I build a box, take product and scan it, then I put it in the box. It's easy.

I'm broke until payday and I needed food. I keep my laundry money in a little super mario coin bank, I shook it out hoping for "real money", it was about 10$. I bought apples and bread and perogies. I can make it till Thursday. 

I'm finishing off the last shot of Japanese whiskey that I brought back last year ago. No special occasion, just can't keep something that good for that long.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

dark out early

Work on a sunday is easy as the day seems go by quicker. Today was the end of daylight savings so it was dark when I finished. 

Some project ideas I have for this blog:

-Youtube posts: Showcase some video I have taken.

-100 Christmas trees: I take 100 pictures of 100 different Christmas trees. It's a big city, it should be fun.

-Postcards: revive my postcard blog and send out 5 postcards every week.

I'm going to make these things happen.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

three faces

I went to meet my brother Marc and his girlfriend April, they were hosting a mutual friend from Timmins, Travis. It was good to see the guy, it's probably been since high school. He's a good friend of Marc's and crashed at their place while in town on business.
on the walk to Marc's place.

My brother Paul is in town to move out the last of his stuff. We had a really good hug.

King st near Cherry St.

Cool art is graffiti proof
I like to stop and check these faces out when I go past.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

Yes, it's funny. Very funny. The funniest of any of the MCU movies so far, and of course it is!
Taika Waititi is the director and comedy is this New Zealanders bag. If you haven't seen What We Do In The Shadows, check it out on netflix.

This is the third Thor film, and it's the best of all 3, which doesn't say much, but it's still really great.

Standout performances from Jeff Goldblum as the clueless despot Grandmaster and the director himself as Korg is so damn funny.

I had predicted a cameo by the Guardians of the Galaxy but I was wrong and it didn't happen.

This was an action-comedy closer to Deadpool in its approach (without the hard R, you can take the kids).

trade and save

I wanted to go to a coffee shop and write but I got distracted by my brother in a chat message thread.
See my former roommate and still brother wanted me to pay him for the modem he ordered from our internet provider, even though he hadn't really paid for it. When I pointed out that I had made all the payments for the service and he legit owed me money, he was willing to call it a wash. It was a reminder of how petty he can be and how glad I am he's almost out of my life.

I went to EB Games to see about trading in some games I don't play anymore. I think I did pretty good, I pre-ordered Xenoblade 2 and paid for it outright (90$) as well as an 18$ credit which I will probably use on amiibo eventually.

I got rid of these games.